WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Tis the Season for Sneakiness, Slaps and Confessions (December, 20th 2016)




Following up from a post PPV RAW, the Blue Brand were set to light the fuse on various feuds heading into their final Smackdown of the year, dubbed the “Wild Card Finals”. Next weeks said show will see Alexa Bliss defend the Smackdown Women’s Title one more time against Becky Lynch, but this week the “Wicked Witch” of the WWE is set to battle inside the squared circle, no thanks to an expose from SDs General Manager Daniel Bryan. That Plus additional explosive details you might not want to miss!!

First things First. The Proclaimed Most Must See Superstar, Smackdowns Intercontinental Champion The Miz is set to defend the title against Apollo Crews, with the One and Only Maryse again supporting at ringside. Following a successful title defense over the NXT Alumni, Renee steps into the ring to interview the victorious one, before proceeding to question him on his Obsession with Dean Ambrose. Miz turns the tables on this very quickly, turning it onto Renee, the real life Girlfriend of the former Shield Member, as he says everyone should be wondering about her obsession over Dean instead, considering shes sleeping with him. The Smackdown Correspondent is left humiliated, but delivers Miz his own to remember, engaging in her first official storyline by slapping Miz in the face then leaving.

Moving from one heated encounter to another, we progress next to the issues between Natalya and Nikki Bella. Natalya is in the ring and summons out Nikki Bella to speak further on the accusation made by Carmella that she attacked the Fearless Competitor at Survivor Series. Nikki does emerge from the back, but before Nattie can even explain, entering into the situation uninvited is Carmella. Carmella is hanging around to simply ponder how Natalya can weasel her way out of the ongoing situation this time, and furthermore accuses her of covering the act. Carmella turns her attention to Nikki and reveals that Natalya confided in Carmella about how The Bella’s are cared about now because they weren’t cared about when trying to be successful on their own. Nikki asks Natalya if such words were said, and Natalya admits to the wrongdoing, seeing as how it was meant to remain private, between herself and Carmella. She chases after the labelled “Staten Island Snitch”, catching up with her on the stage and launching her into the christmas tree. Carmella stumbles about, eventually leaving the scene and Natalya turns herself back round to face Nikki, confessing all. She admits to Nikki that she sidelined her at Survivor Series, calling her a “Bitch” also. She confesses also to always despising Nikki, while reminding all that she is wrestling royalty, while Nikki is not. To Add, she knows well of Nikki’s accolade as the longest reigning Divas Champion, but herself and Brie only earned the credentials through their beauty. She rips into the Bella’s having their red carpets, magazine covers and own spinoff show, one that Natalya believes she could have had herself, then telling Nikki that she didn’t get into the WWE due to personality, forwarding the insult that her cat (apparently) has more charisma than Nikki. She admits that Nikki is beautiful on the inside, and on the outside, but in her reality Nikki is nothing, and thats the soul reason why John will never get hitched to her. Proud of her array of insults, Natalya leaves a bewildered Nikki to take it all in.

Moving forward to Daniel Bryan’s expose now, as he speaks to Smackdowns Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss in the backstage area. Alexa acts hurt as she steps up to Bryan, believing that she was called to see him, and Bryan acknowledges this, asking over her condition. Alexa sells herself as being hurt, but Daniel clearly sees past it, announcing that next week Alexa will defend her title again against Becky Lynch. Alexa questions Daniel on whether he has any care for her as to put the “injured” champion in such a position, but Daniel had actually concluded a phone call with the trainers before Alexa stepped into the office, and hes found out that Alexa’s definitely able to compete. He remembers that last week Alexa had tried to avoid competition, but it isn’t so the case for this week, as hes booked her to work a match tonight, and if she even tries to step away, she will have the title taken from her. Alexa is far from impressed at this, warning the GM of Smackdown that whatever happens to her opponent tonight will be on him.

Later, Alexa steps out for her second singles match since her title victory. Alexa is facing a woman dressed in Luchadora gear, billed under the name of La Luchadora. The Masked Luchadora is showing the athleticism of one early on by rolling under the opening attempted offense of Bliss, escaping a waist-lock from the champ after and taking her to the mat for her first pin attempt, getting a one count. Alexa shoves at the Luchadora, missing her offense and hitting the ropes, falling backwards over the Luchadoras back, and again the fellow female competitor tries to capitalize with the second pin attempt, with another one count result. A Third pin attempt from the Luchadora gets her a near fall on Bliss, who is amazed, as well as unimpressed, with the opposers run of momentum. Alexa charges towards her, missing a running forearm and being caught in a waist-lock that soon turns into a snapmare. The Luchadora locks a bodyscissor, rolling Bliss around the ring with it still intact. The Luchadora aims a kick at the midsection of Bliss, heading to the ropes but along the way, she meets a running forearm from Bliss. Alexa pounds on the back of the opponent then goes for her own pin attempt, only getting a one count. Alexa forces the Luchadora to the ropes, choking her against the second rope with her knee as she tries to further the new found momentum, following up with double knees to the back before using the ropes to knock the Luchadora back. Alexa again tries to pin her, and it leads to a one count once again. A Furious Alexa smacks the head of the Luchadora against the corners top turnbuckle, before the Luchadora fights back with a back elbow to knock the charging Alexa out of the corner. The Luchadora descends off the turnbuckles into an armbar, reverted into a very familiar looking finishing submission, the Disarmer. Alexa taps and the mystery opponent wins the match, leaping around at ringside as she celebrates this big victory before revealing herself to be a very sneaky Becky Lynch.

Carmella returned for the last women’s related segment of the night as she tended to a battered and bandaged James Ellsworth backstage. The recent company signee who became a victim to a vicious AJ styles earlier in the show was being interviewed by Dasha, but Carmella didn’t take kindly to Dasha taking up the task despite his beaten up state, helping him away from the interviewer.

(Apollo Crews vs The Miz w/ Maryse; Intercontinental Championship Match feat Renee Young)

(Natalya, Nikki Bella and Carmella Segment)

(Alexa Bliss and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment; Alexa Bliss vs La Luchadora)

(Carmella and James Ellsworth Backstage Segment)

(Renee Young on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Renee/Miz: Never ever did i see Renee getting involved in a wrestling related storyline nor even one featuring Dean Ambrose. Though their relationship is now becoming less privatized through the Total Divas show, i didn’t expect it to translate on TV but rather for Renee to continue in her current role. While its unknown whether Renee will be wrestling, even if its a one off like Lana earlier in the year, i can see her in some sort of altercation with Maryse as the two forces have females now on each side, and im really excited to see how Dean and Renee engage on TV, as it also presents something fresh and different for the Lunatic Fringe, whose character is continuously stated to be stale, and while many may not be hyped by romance angles, it introduces a fighting side to Renee and a persona outside of her general WWE TV duties, while introducing a vulnerable side to Ambrose if they take the direction of him protecting Renee from the WWE’s “It” Couple.

Natalya/Nikki/Carmella: While Nattie still isn’t a strong promo worker for me, it was inevitable for her to be the revealed choice to attack Nikki, as much as many of us wanted a swerve, and she did bring more intensity than in her usual promos that helped sell the kick-start of this sure to be engaging feud. However, while one cant deny how much chemistry Nikki and Nattie have in the ring, it also cant be denied that Natalya will again be an enhancement for her fellow talent and their stepping stone, as Nikki possibly walks into WrestleMania as a contender for the Women’s Title. This Segment also proved to be the last of Carmella’s possible enhancement as her goal was achieved of exposing Nattie, and while her segment with Ellsworth worries me considering she has evolved so much in the ring as to suddenly be placed back in a managerial role, and that Ellsworth may become more over as a heel than her because of it, it can be speculated that this might be an Eve Torres heel type role, where Carmella chooses to be the vindictive valet in it for herself.

Alexa/Becky: Smackdown has flourished in its creativity on many angles this week, including the ongoing developments between Alexa Bliss and a challenger looking for redemption, Becky Lynch. I Cant remember the last time a female competitor dressed up as someone else to fully disguise themselves from their own adversaries, nor even as a Luchadora, and while Alexa could have stripped Becky of her mask in an ultimate heel move during the match to reveal an angry, badass Becky, no one can take away the fun, loving side of Smackdowns still top babyface female as to not only win under the guise to cement her contendership status, but to win and celebrate in the way the Lovable Becky Lynch does. Props to Smackdowns Creative team on how they set up this match, as Becky winning the match established the contendership status that Alexa now double fears.

– Catherine


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