LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: One Last Chance for the Formerly Top Woman of Lucha Underground (December, 21st 2016)




Hello Wrestling Fans. Im Back after a Christmas Break (with work commitments on top) and its time to get updated on the recent showdowns in wrestling in the past week and beyond, beginning with the pre christmas edition of Lucha Underground. After being granted her shot at the Lucha Underground Championship she lost to Johnny Mundo, Sexy Star looks to bring the gold home this past week, but not just in any sort of warfare, but in one to match Dario’s level of enjoyable violence, as Star seals herself with the recent adversary inside a steel cage, forbidding any member of the Worldwide Underground from entering to assist their villainous captain. Plus thats not all…

First we see Fenix and Aerostar seek out their fellow Trios Champion Drago backstage after he was captured by the debuting Pindar and Vibora, the remaining soldiers from Kobra Moon’s clan. The Two Gold wielding Luchadors are confronted by Kobra, demanding an explanation from the sinister Luchadora as to where Drago is. Kobra proclaims Drago has come home, but Aerostar is convinced Drago would never return to the side of Kobra. However Kobra states that vow made was broken, and now the intimidating force of Pindar and Vibora are set to break the two. The Two Reptilian Comrades battle Aerostar and Fenix with some additional assistance from Kobra, eventually left laying as they face the numbers game, and Kobras recent momentum.

The Mack drops by to meet with his friend Sexy Star, also coming off a big win himself as he became the newest contender to the Lucha Underground title, which will be held at the end of the night by either Star herself or the defending champion Johnny Mundo. Despite holding her own contendership, Star continues to play up her respect for Mack, congratulating and praising him. Shes furthermore excited to face him as her first challenger, confident of course that she will beat Johnny and they continue to mess around as friends do in the back, with that same creepy spider that left her infuriated a week before scuttling around to the notice of neither.

And before we get to Stars huge match, we have yet another development as Jeremiah is confronted by an appearing Catrina as the scandal between them continues to deepen. Jeremiah has retrieved a mysterious item from Dario’s office of some familiarity to him and to Catrina, and while Catrina is unimpressed with Jeremiah, she seems to enjoy the idea made a reality for Jeremiah as he gets to face Mil Muertes next week. To Add, Jeremiah is confident that he will have Catrina all to himself once hes through with the man formerly known as Pasquale Mendoza.

Now at last to our MAIN EVENT of the evening which features the match hyped over the weeks, Sexy Star taking on Defending Champion Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship. Again, as stated no member of Worldwide Underground is allowed to be present for the affair, but to make things fair for the opposing side also, the loss for Star here means no more chances at the Lucha Underground title. Entering first into the lethal structure that is the steel cage is a courageous Sexy Star, then the defending champion Johnny Mundo, appropriately with his new self sung entrance theme “Welcome to Slam Town”. The Cage is then locked, encasing the WWE Alumni inside with the former Lucha Underground Champion. The Match has begun.

After some opening aggravation between the two, Star charges towards Mundo to deliver the official opening offense, taken down quickly by a knee to the midsection. He plants Star by the cage side, taking a chop from the retaliating challenger, who fires hard kicks to Mundo towards a corner. Star then rams Mundo’s body into the opposite side of the cage after another chop, but Mundo is soon back on both feet and both come to a stare-down before Mundo tries to showcase his superiority level, in the form of his biceps. Star flexes her own, outdoing Mundo who doesn’t take kindly. He keeps his composure however and locks up with Star in a test of strength, though Mundo soon overpowers with his athleticism, managing to prize Star in an armbar. Star counters into a take-down, also capturing Mundo in a side headlock. Due to Mundo’s position, he also falls victim to three one count pin attempts. When Star returns to a vertical base, another show of athleticism leads to Mundo attempting to bail by quickly heading up the cage side. Star seizes his foot, yanking him downwards back into the ring and in turn, Mundo’s jaw connects with the top rope. Star takes advantage of a fallen Mundo by kicking him around the ring, additionally choking him against the bottom rope before also attempting to bolt from the cage. Mundo gets to his feet, heading after Sexy Star, making a leap of faith and managing to grab the foot of Star, stalling her fast paced attempt to bail from the cage. He manages to bring Star back down to the ring, smothering her against the cage side then ramming her head into it in front of the chanting believers. Mundo continues forward with his momentum, choking Star against the cage side once again. Shoulder tackles ram Star against the cage side back first, but she recovers in time to evade a dive in the direction of the cage. Star stomps down on Mundo then begins to ascend the cage once again, with Mundo following, leading to a chase to another side of the apron. Mundo stumbles but recovers, prizing the leg of Star and trying again to force her to the mat, though Star turns herself around and executes a hurricanrana off the ropes. The High octane move isn’t complete without a running dropkick from Star to Mundo, but rather than cover the champion, she has eyes set on heading up the cage again. Again Mundo is back up to only just seize her by the foot, leading to them both grappling on the same rope of which they balance on. Star overtakes with chops before a boot leads to Mundo crashing into the ropes, center of the lower body hitting also.

Star crawls onto the turned back of Mundo to help herself further up the cage but again Mundo views Star nearing the exit way and has her by the foot. Mundo takes Star back into the ring, connecting not far from its center with a backbreaker, and the top heel covers Star, getting a near fall. A Furious Mundo is back with more offense to try keep Star down but again its only enough for a near fall. Mundo seizes her into a Fireman’s carry position, utilizing the cage side to ram her head first into. He drops a shaken Sexy Star with much ease after forcing her head into numerous cage sides, easily gaining heat. As if Star hadnt taken enough damage, shes down again via Johnny’s spin kick, and now Mundo is scaling the cage side, attempting to make his way out. Star lunges at Mundo from behind, forcing him off the turnbuckles and connecting with a sit out powerbomb. However the huge maneuver by Star only gets her a near fall on the champ, and Star is back with much ferocity with the Single leg drop, shades of Nia Jax, though she again cant take out the champ as Mundo kicks out again at two. Star heads up the cage again, this time averting the offense by Mundo and sending him down to the ring. Nothing stands in the way of Star taking the title, but rather than bound away from the cage, she dives off it onto Mundo, connecting with a diving crossbody. Once again the huge offense from Star has only done enough as Mundo kicks out again to keep the title still in his hands. Mundo attacks Star on the hamstring to avert one more attempt for Star to make it out of the cage, eventually joining her atop it. Both exchange forearms before Mundo begins to scale the outside of the cage, looking to reach the floor to retain officially, but Star drags him back inside. Star scolds Mundo with her offense before being sent to the mat, mask ripped from her face by Mundo in turn. As Star looks to seize back the prized possession, Mundo climbs away and eventually makes his successful escape. Mundo wins the match and retains the Lucha Underground Championship. While Mundo may appear happy over his feat, hes struck from behind atop the temples stairway by his future challenger, the Mack to close the show.

In an ending vignette, Kobra meets with the captor Drago. She asks if Drago is ready to refer to her as his queen, but he again turns down the offer. While Pindar has gone away to serve up a meal, most likely Drago’s comrades, Kobra appears to do something to relight the fire of Drago, maybe even turning her to his side as she cackles away.

Thoughts On This Match:
This Match truly delivered just as i hoped it would. Not only does it continually showcase the resolve that some have come to recognize from Sexy Star, but it truly capitalizes on Mundo as the Heel Champion, backing up his cockiness in the ring with a cruel flurry of offense and equally cruel tactics to back it up. Knowing Star can be portrayed as limitless, i did like the booking of the ending, as it wasn’t about rather using a move to KO Star completely, but about using her pride against her, as removing a mask surrounded by years of cultural prestige is an ultimate heel move not used much in the big promotions to capitalize upon, as its the biggest form of disrespect to a Luchador or Luchadora, somewhat stripping them of their pride and image in turn. Now because of Stars loss, no more title shots are to be given to her, but shes sure to get revenge on Mundo in some way for that well thought ending, most likely in the culmination of his match with the Mack, unless she becomes so furious she unintentionally costs Mack the match. However, what if Lucha Underground go along the lines of Star never wanting to show her face because of that ending, and once she regains confidence, that constantly appearing spider which appears to provoke Star often, becomes another factor in reigniting Stars fear as to make her vulnerable? What if this is the work of Taya? Taya is under the title (despite not recently being referred to as such) of the Baddest Bitch in LU, and maybe she doesn’t want any female performers outshining her because of that, therefore seeps into exposing vulnerability in any competitive babyfaces? That and the stories ongoing between Drago and Kobras tribe minions and the encounters between Catrina and a seemingly traitorous Jeremiah make for intriguing television.

– Catherine


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