WWE RAW RESULTS: Bayley Wont Be Boxing Up Gold Just Yet (December, 26th 2016)




There was only a short break for the in ring performers of the WWE this week as WWE returned to Television for another week of action only 24 Hours clear of Christmas Day, and with 2016 closing, will the new year hand a stepping up horsewoman some gold by vanquishing a newly crowned champions own reign? Bayley is 3 – 0 over RAWs reigning Champion Charlotte, but not if a very crafty heel, that being the champ, has anything to say about it….

Plus More. Nia Jax returns to the scene a week after finding herself a new enemy to decimate, Sasha Banks. The NXT Alumni faces Scarlett Bourdeaux, a former Knockouts Knockdown competitor playing Sasha’s Fangirl this week. The Silvery Blonde has her own input on stepping up against Nia as shes interviewed at ringside by Charly beforehand, and shes gutted that a woman who appeared to have inspired her to get in the ring wasn’t there to watch such a match, Sasha. Clearly the fear is there, but Scarlett steps into the ring anyway, as Nia shares a look of disgust at Scarletts Pro Sasha attire. In Fact Nia shows exactly what she thinks of Scarlett seconds into the bell ringing, kicking her straight into a corner. She headbutts a defenseless Scarlett against the same corner, then tossing her with ease to another side of the ring. Scarlett gets back on her feet, but doesn’t get to engage at all, clobbered by Nia in the opposite corner. Nia nails a running hip attack to Scarlett then prizes her out of the corner and takes her out with the Samoan drop. Nia pins Scarlett and wins the match, telling the fallen opposer to get herself a better role model, delivering the extra damage with a singular leg drop before heading to the back.

Moving to the main title picture next, and Charlotte, after confusingly being pictured with Stephanie McMahon earlier in the show, appears before Bayley after WWEs Resident Hugger plays up her recent pinfall victories over the RAW Women’s Champion. Charlotte declares the previous victory Bayley gained over her has been erased, noting how Charlotte did not have her shoulders down during the ending pin attempt last week. However she is gracious enough to see if Bayley can try prove herself one more time, but with a twist as shes got someone to play the role of referee for another singles match between them…..Dana Brooke.

When the bell rings, Brooke is on duty and Charlotte and Bayley engage in their first lock up. Charlotte tries to power Bayley into a corner, unable to do so per Bayleys reversal. Bayley breaks off per the demand of Dana Brooke, and as they engage in a slight stare-down, Charlotte strikes Bayley with a back elbow. Bayley is planted against a corner turnbuckle head first by Charlotte, and the champion only carries on the offense with chops in the corner to Bayley. Dana is even having her own enjoyment as she counts every single one. However, she soon plays witness to her companion being stomped down on as Bayley delivers lethal kicks in the same corner to Charlotte. Dana forces herself in between Charlotte and Bayley, forcing Bayley away and Bayley is barely happy with this, laying out Dana with the finishing Belly to Belly Suplex. An Official referee is then brought in to resume the general role, just as Bayley begins to showcase her momentum against Charlotte. A Running low clothesline to Charlotte gets Bayley a one count.

Charlotte knees Bayley, taking her to a corner after, driving her head into the corners top turnbuckle. However as she continues to plant the head of Bayley against the turnbuckles, Bayley fires up and gives Charlotte some revenge by duplicating her corner offense, thus Charlotte’s face meets the turnbuckle head on. Bayley heads to the top turnbuckle next and connects with a crossbody to Charlotte, though the move is only enough to get Bayley a near fall. Bayley brings her momentous offense to Charlotte in another corner, though Charlotte stalls a suplex attempt. Charlotte retaliates with a backbreaker, followed with her planting the head of Bayley against the second turnbuckle. This gets the Champ a near fall on Bayley. Bayley emerges out of nowhere with the finishing Belly to Belly but before it looks like she may have the Champions number a fourth time, Dana has recovered from being near decimated herself by Bayley, pulling the ref from the ring. Dana reminds the fallen ref whose truly in charge, before being chased by a more frustrated Bayley. When the Two Ladies return to the ring to scrap, Charlotte rushes back in and rolls up Bayley, with the protege accordingly fast counting to award Charlotte a victory. Charlotte wins the match.

Emmalinas recent package has somewhat of an upgrade this week in the form of a voice-over. The soon to return Aussie says the WWE Universe have been good in waiting, and again, it was much worth it. It doesn’t state how much shorter is left before the NXT Alumni re-emerges, but it still says soon like late October..

(Nia Jax vs Scarlett Bourdeaux)

(Bayley, Charlotte and Dana Brooke Segment; Bayley vs Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke as Special Guest Referee)

(Emmalina Promo)

Thoughts On:
Nia/Scarlett: Though she didn’t get any offense in, its nice to see WWE acknowledge the identity of Scarlett Bourdeaux and use her on RAW. While WWE have served up another traditional squash for Nia to remind all of her imposing strength, its also understandable as to why Sasha didn’t show for this weeks ep, currently selling Nia’s attack from last week as well as the injury sustained from her Roadblock encounter with Charlotte. Its only a matter of time before Sasha retaliates, but hopefully they don’t draw out viewers by having Nia do the same thing all the way to the RAW before the Rumble.

Charlotte/Bayley: While it was great to utilize the ongoing bond between Dana and Charlotte (though sadly erasing the tension they had in turn) to keep Charlotte strong for this particular week, i cant help but feel that the current angle has become predictable already, and we aren’t even a month in. Its Likely Dana will face the repercussions of abusing her authority as a referee by facing (and losing AGAIN) to Bayley despite Stephanie favoring the heels this week, or a match will just be booked anyway where Dana takes the fall to protect Charlotte. Either way, all the way till Rumble, its heel to face momentum per week and unless WWE swerve with a triple threat including Dana (which they wont as WWE have erased the issues between Dana and Charlotte and most likely wont ever address that again) then Bayley is set to lose two championship bouts in some way heading into Mania. The Losses will do their job in drawing sympathy from the audience towards Bayley considering she spent some of her time developing in NXT not as the victorious one, but if the angle is rinsed and repeated, and even close to what Sasha and Charlotte was in terms of repeating confrontations and featuring the same people in favor while other talents become the enhancements to them then i do wonder what fans will be pleading before around Mania time.

– Catherine


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