Cattie’s Catch Up: Jade vs Rosemary in a Six Sides of Steel Match for the Knockouts Championship (December, 1st 2016)


Welcome One and All to the Most Recent edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. This week reflects one last time on a moment that went down in the Knockouts Division during 2016, and appropriately for the last post relating to 2016, the focus goes wholly on the Knockouts Main Eventing early on in December as Jade battled the Decays Manager and Villainess Rosemary for the Knockouts Championship.

The Title previously held by now inducted TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim was vacated due to an unexpected injury inflicted to the veteran, and thus opened a chance for her possible second coming, her proclaimed chosen One Jade to take back the championship she never got an official singles rematch for against Sienna after losing it at Slammiversary. Also chasing the title and Jade was Rosemary, who laid out Gail then went on to ruthlessly attack Jade with her Decay Comrades Abyss and Crazy Steve, and after weeks of mind games followed, Rosemary officially declared herself an entrant into a structure with just as evil intentions as herself, Six Sides of Steel. This set up for Jade and Rosemary to battle within the cage in the Main Event of IMPACT for the Vacant Title, with the former champion Gail Kim looking on in hopes of the chosen one obtaining victory, only to eventually fall to Rosemary, who now opens 2017 not only as the vicious Demon Assassin that shes known to be, but as Knockouts Champion.

– Catherine


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