LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Famous B Seeks Out, Sexy Star Seeks Her Pursuer (December, 28th 2016)




The Last Lucha Underground of 2016 aired this Past Wednesday, and while it does not serve us any in ring action for the Luchadoras, plenty are present. Sexy Star continues to be targeted by a mystery foe, Catrina looks to force her hugely powerful comrade Mil Muertes to destroy her recent pursuer Jeremiah, and Beautiful Brenda and Famous B are back to trying to make someone Famous.

We firstly see Jeremiah and Mil Muertes kicking off this weeks episode, taking on one another in a match Jeremiah courageously requested. Catrina is on hand to manage Mil and some minutes into the match, she signals for Mil to end Jeremiah, but no such request happens as a revived Prince Puma emerges from somewhere, attacking Mil. The newest enforcer and student to Vampiro finalizes his attack on the Man of a Thousand Deaths, the Man who beat him previously and bows towards a smiling Vampiro after doing his work.

Sexy Star is approached in the backstage area by a Fan of Johnny Mundo (because the look didn’t signal it enough?) and while he believes Star shouldn’t feel bad as to lose to the Lucha Underground Champion, he has respect for her for being the first female Lucha Underground Champion. He has a gift for her that was apparently laying around somewhere, and after leaving the scene, Star examines it, eventually opening it to reveal the same faux spider that spooked her before. Disgruntled at its appearance again, she later storms over to Dario and demands a match with Mariposa, believing shes to blame.

And Lastly, Famous B looks to extend his clan alongside Beautiful Brenda as the pairing approaches Texano before his final showdown with Cage. B compliments Texano but the one thing missing off the talents package is the fact he isn’t famous. Texano takes offense but B wants to explain further. B states that he has the package, the talent, but he isn’t connecting with the audience, and thats why they cheer his rival Cage over him. They may cheer him, but in his eyes, the audience don’t care for nor are invested in Texano, but he can fix that. He doesn’t need to call the signature 4-2-3-GET-FAME for he already wishes to assist him, asking him to allow him to be with him for the main event fight against Cage. When Texano gets aggressive, B feels he may have been too pushy, but tells him to think about it before he and Brenda strut away.

(Sexy Star Backstage Segment)

(Sexy Star and Dario Cueto Backstage Segment)

(Famous B, Beautiful Brenda and Texano Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Ep:
So Much development this week. With Puma back under a darker persona as pre-suspected, and him and Jeremiah targeting Mil, can Catrina keep Mils power strong enough to handle both adversaries? Puma is definitely back stronger, and while Mil ultimately handled Jeremiah with ease throughout their match, one cant take away Jeremiahs resilience nor that hes cunning. Something is sure to go down also next week with Star and Mariposa, and while it rekindles their rivalry to allow them to put on another good show, im sure there’s some sort of reveal oncoming as to who Stars Pursuer really is. Is it someone from a past tribe? It is Taya? Is it a Past Romantic Interest? Is it Mariposa and Moth playing mind games to exploit a weakness in Star to make her easier to beat? Lastly, the story for B, Brenda and Texano seems intriguing and puts extra focus on Texano as he hasn’t had much exposure as of late outside of his Series with Cage. Its 50/50 on whether Texano changes his image to reach out to the audience and to be under B’s wing, but if not, then B’s next feud and Wagners is already in stone. If Texano feuds with B, which could be expected, i hope Brenda gets more involved in the matches, heck even interacts with Texano to trick him like Jeremiah has clearly done with Ivelisse, because at the moment shes the least exposed female roster member and needs a storyline rather than just stand around cheering on B and Wagner over the weeks.

– Catherine


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