TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: The Veteran and the BroMan Missus Meet Again (November, 19th 2016)




Welcome to another TNA Xplosion report as i look to finalize my TNA Xplosion reports from the closed year over the course of this week. This weeks report highlights a rematch from earlier in 2016 as a newly heel Raquel takes on Knockouts Veteran, Now Commentator and Creative Team Member Madison Rayne.

Raquel enters first for the one Knockouts Match of the night, newly heel to adapt to her vain selfie taking gimmick. As she struts about the ring with phone in hand, out comes her veteran opponent, 5x Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Rayne enters the ring, and Raquel, having finalized a selfie with the referee, drags Madison in for one, and the veteran is surely unimpressed. She places her phone at the side of the ring to be taken away for the action to start, but hasn’t even removed her sunnies when the bell rings, and Madison already strikes, rolling up a surprised Raquel from behind and getting a near fall on Raquel, who clearly wasn’t ready for the preemptive strike.

Raquel regroups, locking up with Madison, who is quickly in control with a side headlock applied to the Brazilian Knockout. She takes Raquel to the mat with the hold remaining applied, but within moments Raquel reverses into a headscissor. Madison breaks loose and retains her grip over Raquel again, reapplying the side headlock. Raquel reverses and takes down Madison, only for Madison to mimic the earlier reversal from Raquel by matching her up with a headscissor. Raquel breaks free, slapping Madison across the face after doing so. Madison is furious, charging after Raquel who quickly seeks solace in the ropes, demanding Madison back, thus the ref restrains her. When Raquel releases herself from the ropes, she takes offense from Madison immediately. Madison whips Raquel to an opposite side of the ring, hitting her with a kick as she makes her way back. She then gets some revenge from earlier as a hard slap sends Raquel to the mat. Raquel rolls out to regroup and to check up on her face as we go to a commercial break.

Returning from commercial, Raquel has begun her ascent back to the ring, knocking off a striking Madison with a shoulder tackle between the ropes before driving her head first into a nearby turnbuckle. Raquel climbs back in the ring and sends down Madison with a big clothesline, mocking her before snapmaring her back into the center, leaving her in position to take some kicks, one to the lower back and one to the side of her jaw. Raquel tries to capitalize on her momentous offense with a pin attempt, but only gets a near fall. A Cocky Raquel tries to pin her again, leading to another near fall. Raquel continues to make work of Madison, utilizing the corner turnbuckles, where Madison’s face meets a couple of times. She boots Madison against the lower turnbuckle, attempting to take a selfie with the hurt opponent, and doing so, getting a fair few laughs out of it. Madison gets back to her feet as Raquel showboats with the pic, booting Raquel in the midsection and knocking the phone out of her hand. She hits Raquel with a forearm, though Raquel retaliates with a knee into Madison’s midsection. Raquel sends Madison into the middle rope, connecting with a hip attack to Madison as she hangs on the ropes. She stretches Madison against the ropes then brings her back to the center for her next pin attempt, with another near fall result for Raquel on Madison. Like before, Raquel tries for a follow up pin, but still cant keep Madison out.

After giving Madison a literal spanking, Raquel suplexes Madison to the mat to continue her run of momentum. Raquel ropes Madison into a Side Russian Leg Sweep, coming rather close to three but again getting a near fall. Raquel is far from unimpressed at the result as she continues the cocky secondary pinfall attempts, leading to another near fall result. Raquel debates the result with the referee, and when she turns, she blocks Madison’s attempt to kick her, met with Madison’s retaliating inziguiri, which hits her in the jaw. Madison begins to fire up as she connects with clotheslines and a dropkick, completing that sequence with a northern lights suplex which gets her a near fall. Raquel is whipped into a corner by Madison, though she escapes in time to avoid the corner assault by Madison. Raquel has her next attack reversed by Madison into a pin attempt, again resulting in a near fall. Raquel goes for a clothesline, missing and taking the Rayne-Check from Madison. Madison pins Raquel and wins the match.

(Raquel vs Madison Rayne)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another solid outing between the two that pits a developing Raquel with a veteran like Madison Rayne, and like the past effort, Madison has helped bring out the best in Raquel, while the length of the match itself has also helped exploit Raquel’s expanded move-set, while exploiting a new test gimmick as well, which she plays fairly well. While Xplosion can be a test for new Knockouts and their gimmicks, i do feel Raquel would have been better staying as a babyface. Maybe its a test or maybe its a Gimmick to stay in the near future, but with Raquel working matches with veterans on these shows as well as on SHINE, the continuous improvements are bound to show in 2017.

– Catherine


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