WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Is It The Wicked Witch? Is It The Lasskicker? No. Its La Luchadora (December, 27th 2016)




This Past Tuesday, the WWE hosted their final Smackdown episode of the year, particularly dubbed the “Wildcard Finals” as the blue brand closed 2016 with several high octane matches, including championship title defenses. Amongst these title defenses, we had Alexa Bliss face off against Becky Lynch one more time with her Smackdown Women’s Championship on the line.

But before we jump to that match, we get another look in on the newly developing alignment between recent signee James Ellsworth and Carmella. Dasha is interviewing a still wounded Ellsworth backstage, noting that the newest member of the Smackdown Roster has overcome many obstacles before questioning him on whether the judgments of many get him down. Ellsworth notes how he looks different to the typical WWE Superstar, and that may get him down, and as Dasha asks how his recovery is going, Carmella steps in to interrupt the female interviewer for a second week running. She slams Dasha for seeking to further make fun of him by sticking her nose in Ellsworths business by getting a look in at his recovery, and unlike Dasha and the many trolls in the world, she appears to find Ellsworth “uniquely attractive” and welcomes him into her arm to lead him away.

The Women’s Title match soon follows this, and while the champion is weirdly entering first, a surely heated match is definitely about to be underway. Entering second is Bliss’s contender, Becky Lynch, and with entrances closed, the match for Bliss’s Women’s Title is officially underway, with introductions out of the way as well of course. The Crowd is divided between the two as they lock up, with Becky taking over fairly quickly with a single arm drag. Coming off a stalemate, Becky tries to lock up with Alexa for a second time, though Alexa ducks this and forces Becky into a waistlock. Becky takes over and targets the legs of Alexa, though the defending champion soon finds a lease by reaching the ropes. Alexa shakes it off, locking up with Becky again and capturing her in a hammerlock. Alexa manages a reversal after sneakily stomping on the foot of Becky, though the former champ rolls through into her own reversal, in the form of another hammerlock before reverting to a side headlock. Alexa is back with another reversal, matching up Becky with her own side headlock, though Becky’s reversal overtakes, sending Alexa to the mat. Alexa sends Becky in the direction of the ropes, leading to Becky bouncing back and taking down Alexa with a running elbow. Alexa sits on Becky to counter a sunset flip, also getting her first near fall on the former champ, who counters with her own pin attempt with a mirrored result. More near falls come between the two, ended when Becky raises herself off the mat to counter Alexa’s last attempt.

Becky scores a back kick to the face of Alexa, keeping in position before whirling over to Alexa into her own unique cross armbreaker set up. She only gets it so far in as Alexa attempts to force down the shoulders of Becky, getting a near fall while the hold remains close to applied. Becky rolls into a possible disarmer attempt that Alexa counters to get yet another near fall. A Furious Alexa prizes Becky and STO’s her to the mat, following with some vicious forearms to the challengers back. Alexa rolls Becky away from the ropes and gets a one count, leading her to the middle rope after, stretching her against the top rope in a choke. Alexa continuously stomps on the back of Becky’s neck despite the known referee count, doing it on a double occasion. Alexa covers Becky right after, getting a near fall. Alexa clubs at Becky continuously as she attempts to knock her off her feet, preventing her from returning to a vertical base. A Lateral press gets her another one count on the challenger.

Becky begins to make a comeback with her clotheslines and leg lariat combo, going for a baseball slide dropkick as Alexa stumbles around ringside, but Alexa soon has the feet of Becky, leading the former champ outside and angrily brawling with her against the ringside floor. The Two continuously scrap with a tumultuous ending for Becky as Alexa drives her head first into the nearest ring post. Alexa climbs back into the ring and the ref count may have begun anew as Becky remains down on the ringside floor. Becky may have a short rest as we come to a commercial break…

…But is back in the ring once we return, in the hands of the dominating champion, Bliss. The Champ utilizes the ropes to choke Becky, furthermore damaging her challenger with double knees to the back of Becky’s neck. She uses the ropes to force Becky toward the center, leading to another pin attempt by Alexa on Becky, resulting in another near fall. Alexa stands on Becky’s hair as another choke is applied before missing the insult to injury per Becky moving to safety. Becky starts her retaliation with uppercuts and and clotheslines, followed up with the leg lariat and an attempted flying firearm into the corner that Alexa evades by escaping. Alexa misses her own corner assault, becoming the target then of Becky’s springboard sidekick. Becky counters Alexa’s attempt to escape a possible exploder suplex, hooking the right arm moments later and executing a familiar finisher of Pentagon Jrs. Right after the lethal maneuver, Becky lobs Alexa over to the ropes, with the champ hanging aimlessly on them. Becky takes her back to the ring, eyeing the turnbuckles nearby and ascending them. However Alexa ambushes Becks on the way up, going for a possible snapmare that Becky diverts by kicking Alexa away. Becky executes her dropkick off the top rope, only enough again to get a near fall.

Before Becks can plan out the next onslaught, out comes someone dressed exactly the same as she was the week before, in the same La Luchadora get up. Though its unknown who is behind the costume and attire, they clearly see fit to assist Bliss as they unravel a nearby turnbuckle while Bliss and Becky continue to go at it. Becky sees it fit to try and end things despite the presence of the unknown La Luchadora by prizing Alexa in the disarmer, only to have a possible submission victory cancelled when Alexa forces her foot onto the rope. Alexa’s arm appears to be broken, but rather snapped into place intelligently by the champ while Becky takes a nasty beating into the exposed corner by an assisting La Luchadora. Alexa swipes Becky right after her head connects with the exposed turnbuckle, hitting her signature DDT and pinning the challenger. Alexa wins the match and retains her title. Alexa steps away from the ring, interviewed on the stage on who this mysterious La Luchadora could be, in which she insists jokingly that it could be either Nia Jax or Sasha Banks.

Back to the other situations involving the women, Dasha’s continuing interview duties were of little care to the A Lister Miz and Maryse, who specifically requested Renee to speak to them in front of their horde of security, a week after Miz was humiliatingly smacked in the face by Renee after having her relationship with Dean Ambrose brought to WWE Television. Renee eventually appears before the couple, only to have the door answered by Maryse who threatens her if she even attempts to slap Miz again. Miz calms Maryse, dismissing also the members of security before declaring 2017 to be his year as he forces Renee to execute her interviewing duty. However before Miz can even do the additional boasting, dressed in Security Gear and appearing behind him is Dean Ambrose, beating him down and getting retribution not only for last weeks attack, but for Renee.

And Lastly we see Nikki Bella in the back to talk about Natalya’s confession from the week before. Despite the betrayal of Natalya, Nikki insists that shes not ashamed of who she is, and the more success she gains, the more others try to bring her down. Nikki reminds Dasha that she had earned her title of being Divas Champion back in the day by hard work, and furthermore she came back from a career threatening injury, a factor that had nothing in relation to her looks. Nikki declares she came back due to her determination, and she isn’t afraid to admit that shes a part of two hit reality shows, and most importantly she is in love with Cena. She warns Dasha that whatever she needs to say to Natalya will be said to her face.

(Carmella and James Ellsworth Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss; Womens Championship Rematch feat La Luchadora)

(The Miz, Maryse, Renee Young and Dean Ambrose Backstage Segment)

(Nikki Bella Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Miz/Maryse/Dean/Renee: While there was no interaction specifically between Ambrose and Renee this week, WWE are definitely planting the seeds for an eventual partnership, especially with Maryse’s threats towards Renee, there’s no way this isn’t going the Lana & Dolph vs Rusev and Summer Rae rout (though that match never happened). Like i said the week before, Dean is now involved in something new and adds vulnerability to his character, and if current momentum says anything, then its intriguing and frightening to wonder what sort of revenge Maryse and Miz have set up for the first Smackdown of 2017.

Becky/Alexa: On Most occasions, Alexa has found various ways to keep her championship, and being the heel champion, it was only logical for Alexa to have another way to keep the championship by retaining dirty this week. While Revealing who this La Luchadora is could have been done this week, i do feel the true La Luchadoras identity belongs to someone who wasn’t in attendance this week, thus using an indy replacement for the time being (reportedly Deonna). I Do feel Deonna played the role this week while WWE want us not to think out the persons identity beyond the mask by making us think its the same person every week, but i dont think they are going to drag out the reveal at all, because not only does Smackdown bring a quality and freshness that RAW lacks, but they also made many of their matches and angles feel important on the last show of 2016, and are surely going to open up with a bang in 2017 with a sure reveal of the La Luchadora reveal, which is reportedly set to be a Fresh Heel Mickie James, who was only heel once in WWE. Lets see if the rumors are true in just a short few days.

– Catherine

2 Responses to “WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Is It The Wicked Witch? Is It The Lasskicker? No. Its La Luchadora (December, 27th 2016)”
  1. Honestly, this La Luchadora angle is a bit better than the Who Attacked Nikki? storyline! This whole thing has me excited, mainly because it could and/or will result in Mickie James being revealed as the villainess in the La Luchadora outfit. Deonna certainly looked bad-ass in the outfit on SD! I hope that the reveal comes tomorrow; I can’t wait!

    • Right Now it definitely is. I Agree. It sounds like its going to be Mickie even though reporters arent always legit and for all we know WWE could be having Mickie as a Part of Mania to try and make a match as intense as her match w/ Stratus. Could be Becky vs Mickie at WM or Alexa vs Nikki vs Mickie vs Becky.
      To Think we all thought Becky was turning heel weeks ago but as they say “Strike while hot” so its only logic to do the reveal tomorrow than drag it out all the way to Pre Rumble.

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