WWE TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS RESULTS: Bayley Brings the Holiday Spirit (December, 14th 2016)




Like any other year, WWE paid respect to the troops with another Tribute to the Troops Special on the recently closed year of 2016. Like the many years that have gone, this years special also gives a look in featuring the particular women of the WWE, offering up this year a singles match. But between who? Speculate no further.

Actually….wait just a little longer as we first see Lilian Garcia make a small return to the WWE to open up with the US National Anthem, and of course fabulous effort was put in by the former WWE ring announcer and songstress.

Moving forward to the competitors of the WWE now, and Charlotte and Dana Brooke drop in on Bayley playfully meddling with Charlie the Dog from the Today Show. When Dana makes an insult, Bayley retorts back that while she and Charlotte don’t have much in common, one thing that they do have in common is that they both like to hang with dogs, looking directly at Dana as she says so. A Far from impressed Dana warns Bayley that her bite is worse than her bark, challenging her to a match for later in the show. Bayley is happy to accept and when the heels step away, she tells Charlie shes going to win this for him tonight.

Bayley enters to grace the attendee troops for the one women’s match of the show, followed by the entrance of Dana Brooke, who is accompanied by Charlotte. Charlotte does not hold the championship per this being taped before Roadblock. With entrances complete, the bell is rung and both women begin with a lock up. Dana uses her strength to force Bayley to a corner, pounding the back of both shoulders against the corner post as she does so. Dana takes Bayley down with a running shoulder block, and after some kicks, she connects with a standing Twisted Bliss to get the first near fall of the match. Dana resorts to a stretch hold to continue her quick run of momentum over Bayley, and when Bayley uses kicks to break off, Dana is quick to seize her again. Bayley ducks under a clothesline attempt by Dana, crashing into Dana as she runs the ropes and hammering her with fists. Bayley runs Dana back first into an opposite corner, hitting with some shoulder tackles, and finalizing her sequence with a running back elbow. Bayley goes for her finishing move but Charlotte takes Dana by the foot to prevent her crashing to the mat and taking it full force, dragging her outside.

Dana trips Bayley as she tries to drag her back into the ring, additionally slamming her face against the apron. Dana taunts in the midst of some pro Sasha Banks chants, and turns away from Bayley, who connects with a surprise dropkick between the ropes. Charlotte motivates Dana to get to her feet, but Bayley takes herself outside and brings Dana to her feet herself, making short eye contact with Charlotte. Bayley lobs Dana into Charlotte, sending Charlotte down, and furthermore brings Dana back to the ring, ducking the heels attempted offense and upon countering her next attempt, she hits the Belly to Belly Suplex to Dana. Bayley pins Dana and wins the match.

(Bayley, Charlotte and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment; Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte vs Bayley)

Thoughts On This Match:
Way Too Short and the attribute of an olden days Divas Match in terms of a heel dominating and a babyface making a comeback within a 3 to 4 minute space BUT one cant take away the progression of the years, from Santa’s Little Helpers Matches or Battle Royals to Legit Female Competition. Overall Tribute to the Troops is a show in favor of the babyfaces match wise much of the time so the story made sense here, as much as it hurts to see Dana continually take up the enhancement role. Many Know Dana and Bayley can put on a solid effort with a little more time, but again the end result makes sense.

– Catherine


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