Your Monday Post #142: Allie vs Laurel Van Ness on TNA IMPACT (December, 8th 2016)


Welcome All to the First Edition of Your Monday Post for 2017. This weeks edition has a primary focus on matches i think will be a focal point in this new year, and with 2017 here, there’s more than one division in Women’s Wrestling to focus on, one being the TNA Knockouts. A Division currently made up of Gail Kim, Jade, Raquel, Marti Belle, Laurel Van Ness, Brandi Rhodes, Madison Rayne, Rebel, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Rosemary, Sienna and Allie is sure to be expanded with some new signees this year, but 2016 has also been a focal point in building a woman who fell victim to a short title reign amongst fellow Knockouts, Allie.

Having her 1st Knockouts Title reign at the hands of her Power Hungry Boss and then Knockouts Leader Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Allie has since stepped up against Maria and her own possible replacement, Laurel Van Ness. Shes enlisted quietly the help of off screen husband Braxton Sutter to Polish her Wrestling Skills (though already is a several year in ring veteran) and went against Maria’s Belief heading into late 2016 that she wasn’t a wrestler by stepping up to the Knockouts Recent addition outside of Brandi Rhodes, that being Laurel. The Match serves as the 2nd match of the year between the two, a chemistry filled affair that eventually ended in Allie getting her needed victory and ascension up the ranks. Heading into 2017, Allie has Braxton at her side, no more Maria to listen to and a rivalry with her soon to close with Mrs Bennett possibly not renewing her contract at the end of the month, a Knockouts Champion in Rosemary she has a very long history outside of the company with and a continuing rival in Laurel that could lead to some lengthy, explosive and promising affairs between the two. Closing off this post, i do believe Allie, Laurel and Rosemary engaging in matches will bring about their own limelight and set the bar for the Knockouts Division that was only so acclaimed back in the day through the mega angle between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.

– Catherine


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