WWE RAW RESULTS: One Female Superstar Is Ready to Rumble (January, 2nd 2017)




This Past Monday, WWE kicked off a new year of Televised action, beginning of course with Monday Night RAW. With a New Year comes a New Challenger for Charlotte Flairs WWE Women’s Title, which was made a decider on this very show, plus appearances from Lana, Alicia Fox and of course Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie, sometime after sorting out one of RAWs main matches, would be confronted in the back by Bayley over the authority figure removing Bayleys past win over Charlotte through high demand. Stephanie would belittle Bayley on how she didn’t even request her on their brand, shutting her down just like the various did with Daniel Bryan with every chance he got to climb to the top. Bayley doesn’t hold back against her female boss lady however, telling her that while she wasn’t born into the business, not even with a famous last name, shes just Bayley and that works fine for her. Stephanie hears through Bayleys declaration then announces Bayley will compete for a spot at the Royal Rumble, a spot that will allow for her to challenge for Charlotte’s Women’s Championship. But there’s an ever so venomous twist, because Bayleys opponent on that evening will be…..Nia Jax.

Charlotte comes out to eye up her potential opponents from the commentary desk. With her presence acknowledged, out comes the popular Bayley and the recently volatile enemy of Sasha Banks, Nia Jax. Jax’s own presence doesn’t come without a recap of her attacking Banks briefly two weeks ago. The bell rings and Nia overthrows Bayleys efforts to begin with, sending her down with a backbreaker. She crushes a regrouping Bayley in a corner, whipping her into the same corner after to take another assault. She unleashes a running hip attack in an opposite corner to further down Bayley, dragging her into the center of the ring for her first pin attempt, and getting a near fall as Bayley fights out. Nia takes much offense to this, furious as she headbutts consistently at Bayley. She ragdolls Bayley while keeping a hold applied, and Bayley tries breaking loose with elbows. Before she can head over to the ropes, Nia clutches her, attempting to run her into an earlier corner but a counter leads to Nia crashing into that corner head first. Nia tries to regroup from this, charging towards Bayley who settles in another corner. Bayley bounds out of the corner and Nia crashes between the turnbuckles, with her shoulder connecting with the ring post. Nia, however, still stands and she turns back to face Bayley, attempting another assault in another corner, only to be shortly knocked back by Bayleys kicks.

Bayley has clambered the second turnbuckle when Nia sweeps her off, then taking her away from the ropes and leaving her in the center in position for a connecting elbow drop. Nia delivers her second, completing her sequence with her lethal leg drop, but as she ascends to the top turnbuckle to possibly deliver the final touch, shes interrupted by the entrance music of a familiar foe. Emerging from the back is Sasha Banks, eyes on Jax. As Nia appears stunned at Banks arrival, Bayley capitalizes with a Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes to Nia. A Single pin after gets Bayley her contendership spot as she pins Nia to win the match.

Away from that debacle, the unfortunate pain delivered to Enzo in the past few weeks means Big Cass had to deal with Rusev and his new Tag Buddy Jinder Mahal on his own, with Lana onlooking of course. The Heels went over Cass, to the happiness of Lana as the Bulgarian Brute maintains his well known dominance.

Also Alicia Fox got all business as she supported Cedric Alexander from ringside, intervening in Tony Nese’s attempt to assist Alexanders opponent, Drew Gulak. While Fox gets all crazy with Tony at ringside, giving him a verbal what for for his interference, its enough to distract Alexander, thus he loses his singles match to Drew.

(Rusev and Jinder Mahal w/ Lana vs Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore; 2 on 1 Handicap Match)

(Noam Dar, Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox Backstage Segment)

(Cedric Alexander w/ Alicia Fox vs Drew Gulak feat Tony Nese)

(Bayley and Stephanie McMahon Backstage Segment; Nia Jax vs Bayley; Number One Contenders Match; Sasha Banks Returns)

(Emmalina Promo)

(Rusev, Jinder Mahal and Lana on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall i wasn’t happy or optimistic with RAW once the women’s match had been announced. While it seems genius to try out the Daniel Bryan formula on Bayley by having the upper authority bully and belittle her so she can overthrow them in her eventual one crowning moment, it had to be at the expense of another superstar outside of Dana Brooke, that being Nia. Maybe they booked it that Nia was too cocky, in over her head that the surprise of Sasha Banks appearing got to her as to be so distracted as to take Bayleys finishing move from up high, but i cant help but feel that they did exactly what should be unwanted for Nia booking wise. Sure she rag-dolled Bayley through much of the match, getting the duplicate treatment in the end through Bayley, but Bayley has gone over Nia now when Nia has needed her momentum the most, from here to NXT. Shes singlehandedly lost a monster heel streak to someone she didn’t need to lose it to, even if that means unleashing her rage next week on Banks to look truly dominant then, but what if Nia then loses to Sasha? Like Dana, Nia will end up being another talent crushed of their credibility by a brand favorite. While next week may reverse ones thoughts, seeing Nia thrown about by Bayleys finisher is something not normally seen executed on a monster heel, after all no one ever booked for Kong to be distracted and either German Suplexed or rolled up? RAW has proven this week sadly what fans expected, that other talents will suffer in the midst of the impending Bayley/Charlotte feud all the way to Mania, and this week creative just dropped the ball on protecting Nia. They’ve hurt Dana enough, they had Alicia never beat Bayley, and what if Nia loses to Sasha? Bayley vs Nia could have gone to no contest or DQ to force Foley to overrule in the weeks to come to give Bayley her championship match, or even Dana vs Bayley going to no result by Charlotte attacking so Bayley is awarded her match in a pattern similar to how Sasha and Becky got their WrestleMania Triple Threat. To Put things short, RAW could have been booked differently this week, and after the incredible match Nia had in Osaka, that loss and match length overall did her no favor, even if she looked strong through most, especially when some viewers don’t even get to see NXT.

– Catherine


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