Cattie’s Catch Up: The Dollhouse vs Gail Kim and The Beautiful People (January, 5th 2016)


Welcome All to the First Cattie’s Catch Up of 2017, and tonight features TNAs return to Television after a few weeks of Hardy Related Material replaced their usual on air in ring competition. Still affiliated with POP TV but under new management, including Jeff Jarrett and Zeb Colter on the creative side, tonight sees new material for TNA, feuds ongoing and possible returns. This time last year marked TNAs debut show under affiliation with POP TV after their deal with Destination America fell through, and the Knockouts feud that closed the year prior would take center stage as feuding forces the Dollhouse and the Beautiful People collided.

Of course 2016 opened with record breaking Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell departing from the company, leaving the Dollhouse without an official member, and without their original leader for the first Knockouts Match of 2016. Angelina Loves Pregnancy also left the Beautiful People with a partner to seek as Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky took up the idea of working alongside then Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. The Babyfaces gained the victory, souring the Dollhouse even more, who struck in a post match assault, intended to be broken up by an appearing Awesome Kong. Kong, who had been the first major target of the Dollhouse upon their alignment, then stunned many as she instead targeted the Beautiful People and Gail Kim, aligning herself with Jade, Marti and Rebel to return the once dominant faction to a four piece.

– Catherine


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