WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Bex’s Own Trickery Comes Back to Bite Her (January, 3rd 2017)




Welcome All to the First Smackdown Write Up of 2017, and Smackdown was set to kick off in a big way with all the fallout from the Wild Card Finals that closed off 2016 for the Blue Brand. After being cost her most recent shot at Bliss’s Smackdown Women’s Championship by a Woman donning her own La Luchadora get up, Becky takes on the mysterious assailant this week one on one, plus Nikki Bella calls out a newly vicious and conceited Natalya and Carmella and James Ellsworth look to measure their ability to co-exist as a new unit.

We first start off women’s wise with the newest developments between James Ellsworth and Carmella as the recent signee to the WWE appears before Carmella backstage. Ellsworth is grateful for Carmella’s kindness, but struggles to put it across at first. He then wishes Carmella good luck for her match later, and gifts her one of his T Shirts to rep during her singles match. Carmella doesn’t appear grateful, but takes the T Shirt and thanks him anyways, then suggesting he walks her to the ring. Hes stunned by the offer but takes it on anyway, heading with Carmella to the match.

But we don’t get that first, as instead Becky Lynch, the former Smackdown Women’s Champion, will battle the mysterious figure behind the recent La Luchadora as payback for the assailants actions last week, as the newest foe decided to cost Lynch her shot at the title. La Luchadora decides to go for the offense first to start off their match, but an angry Lynch blocks it, but as she tries to retaliate herself, she gets pie faced by the La Luchadora. Becky charges after La Luchadora as she dashes off, catching her by the pants and forearming her in the back. She takes La Luchadora to the match, aiming a number of forearms at her once done so, forcing her away from the ropes to continue her pounding strikes. Becky smashes the face of La Luchadora against corner turnbuckles consecutively, though the opposer soon throws off the continuation of this assault with a blow to the midsection. La Luchadora goes for the next attack but is caught in the arms of Becky, who connects with the Exploder suplex. Becky stomps away at La Luchadora in another corner, eventually restrained by the ref. Both the ref and Becky soon see that La Luchadora has clambered under the ring, returning by climbing out from the other side to blindside Becky and make a comeback.

La Luchadora brings Becky down with an STO, going for the very familiar looking Twisted Bliss but missing, caught in the former champions disarmer and soon tapping. Becky wins the match but doesn’t spend too long in celebrating, going after the masked opposer and stripping her of her mask to reveal Alexa Bliss. Clearly that isn’t the true La Luchadora if last week has anything to say about it, and it proves so when another masked assailant shows up at the opposite side of the ring, attempting to go after Lynch. However Lynch becomes the recipient of a 2 on 1 beat-down by the true La Luchadora and Bliss, who stand over her after completing their assault.

And of course Smackdown cant go without the continuation of Renee’s debut angle. Maryse is shown storming around the backstage area, sometime after slapping her husbands contender, Dean Ambrose, across the face. She discovers Miss Ambrose, Renee, in the back and shows her exactly how hard her earlier slap was, delivering it to the Lunatic Fringe Girlfriends face and warning her to never touch her husband again.

The Second women’s match of the evening happens later, featuring NXTs developing star Aliyah and Carmella, who is being managed by Ellsworth who perches himself at ringside to view the women’s superstar in action. Both women are already in the ring when we get to the broadcast, and both kick off the match with a lock up as some slight chants for Aliyah break out. Carmella instantly reverses into a side headlock, but Aliyah matches up to Carmella with her own similar reversal. Carmella makes a landing on both feet amid a snapmare from Aliyah, and the taunting that follows barely impresses Aliyah, unlike Ellsworth. Aliyah trips Carmella to the mat, floating into a pin attempt, which gets her a one count. Aliyah seizes Carmella by the waist, having her grip soon broken when Carmella utilizes the ropes. Carmella dashes over and sweeps Aliyah to the mat by her hair, striking with some vicious forearms afterward. Carmella tries to capitalize a moment later with a pin attempt, resulting in a near fall.

Carmella continues the run of momentum as she places her foot against a corner turnbuckle, sending Aliyah head first into it. Carmella returns to showboating before connecting in the corner with the Bronco Buster on Aliyah, finalizing that sequence with another pin attempt, only resulting in another near fall. Carmella snapmares Aliyah, cinching her into a side headlock right after. Aliyah starts her comeback as she throws elbows at Carmella’s midsection, and after a jawbreaker, she uses her athleticism to duck an oncoming attack from Carmella, clotheslining her to the mat before executing a northern lights suplex. Aliyah looks to pin Carmella there, but just like with Carmella before, its another near fall. Aliyah attacks Carmella in the corner, floating to the apron as she does so, perfectly in the view of Ellsworth. Aliyah takes herself to the second rope to ready her upcoming move and not so shockingly Ellsworth is ready to assist his fallen Carmella, taking Aliyahs leg. Aliyah turns and yells smack at Ellsworth in light of his intervention, and once Aliyah takes her eye off Ellsworth, shes super-kicked by Carmella. Carmella locks the Code of Silence and is awarded the submission victory. Carmella wins the match.

Following sometime on from that, Nikki Bella does what she says she would, say what she will to Natalya’s face. She meets Natalya in the ring to talk her cruel hearted accusations and insults, but while Natalya may despise the former champion Bella, she cant bring herself to do the same. She expands on that by saying she doesn’t despise her, but rather feels bad for her, because the “facts” remain far from as her career doesn’t come down to a factor of beauty or on who shes bedding, but rather that her and Brie have worked much of their lives to get to their accolades, to make their name and brand something. However, Natalya hasn’t done so, living more so off the family legacy with her entrance music and finishing moves that represent that particular brethren. Natalya says she isn’t surprised by Nikki’s comeback retaliation, calling it sick and selfish. She even believes Nikki has been planning this spat for weeks, per Bret Harts moment of praise for Nikki on Twitter. But maybe it doesn’t shake Natalya so much, and maybe she doesn’t care, because she believes shes better than what her famous uncle ever was, putting herself as the hardest worker there, while everything Nikki has is because of her image. Natalya delivers the last verbal blow by declaring that Beauty fades, and when Nikki does, John will leave her and the Fearless Bella will “die alone”, implementing Nikki’s real life fear explored on Total Divas. Having enough of the Cena related jabs, Nikki delivers a forearm smash to the face of Natalya, sold perfectly as Nattie lies on the mat out. In fact, she has to be checked up on after the closure of this heated moment.

Lastly Maryse is back for the main event of this show as the Miz defends his intercontinental title against Dean Ambrose. The former Divas Champ ends up ejected, and can no longer aid the multi time champ who faces up to losing the title once again as Ambrose pins Miz to win the match.

(James Ellsworth and Carmella Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss feat La Luchadora)

(Renee Young and Maryse Backstage Segment)

(Carmella w/ James Ellsworth vs Aliyah)

(Natalya and Nikki Bella Segment)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dean Ambrose; Intercontinental Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Alexa: Originally i thought Smackdown was going to open for the women with the La Luchadora reveal to bring a heated start to 2017 for Becky with a fresh angle but the match with Alexa was smartly executed. Upon revealing Bliss as La Luchadora this week, it implements she isn’t the true La Luchadora since the dressed up individual aided Bliss a week prior, so capitalizing on using the true La Luchadora to expand on the story than Alexa just escaping while leaving us irking for more in terms of who is behind the Luchadora’s identity was a rather smart call. Plus is there a legit alignment or did Alexa just need someone to get ahead this week and prove how strong she is despite tapping out in a short match. For this storyline alone, Smackdown is the show to see.

Aliyah/Carmella: Surprised at seeing an NXT Talent on Smackdown this week though it should be expected with the WWE Crew in Florida for this weeks Televised shows. Aliyah was obviously playing an enhancement role like Billie Kay was against Dana some months ago as the outside enhancement roles have been a crucial part of WWEs process in recent months, even if it is sadly replacing talent in need of utilizing. Aliyah didn’t look weak in any way, getting offense in and showcasing resilience, and the match told the story of Carmella utilizing her recent co worker to get ahead, Ellsworth. I Still don’t dig the partnership but its clear at current time that Carmella is using Ellsworth to shoot up the ranks so considering both are heels, where does this take them once the angles over? Or as Ive speculated before, will Ellsworth be the reason why Carmella may win the women’s championship?

Natalya/Nikki: Not the strongest segment and i find it hard to get behind this feud at the moment because while they are trying to push boundaries with this feud via personal jabs, there seems to be a missing factor, that being heat. I’m not sure if its the outside of kayfabe friendship well documented between them or something else, maybe its Natalya needing to up her aggression to a level where shes legit hated by the audience, or that Natalya never gets to go the extra mile as a heel in the ring with spots that capitalize on the storied heat, but there’s no doubt the two are trying their hardest to accelerate their angle, especially since they are taking chances by being on the brand that is expanding on many of their women’s characters in the short time given. Knowing Nikki and Nattie’s chemistry, a mega match would do them some good, and hopefully next week, when that happens, we get to see Nattie get aggressive to an all new level, something that was sort of missed out on in Nattie’s first feud back as a heel against Becky.

– Catherine

2 Responses to “WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Bex’s Own Trickery Comes Back to Bite Her (January, 3rd 2017)”
  1. SD was great as always! So many segments for the women, and of course, the La Luchadora continuation was epic!

    • Definitely. Creatively wise its the A Show right now. Just hoping they dont drag out the La Luchadora reveal all the way to Pre Royal Rumble. This weeks Smackdown was based on intrigue storyline wise, and sure they can drag out that air of mystery for a little but not for too long like with Emmalinas promos. Hopefully the reveal comes well before the PPV 🙂

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