TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Allie Looks to Clear Off Her Enemies to Ring In a New Year (January, 5th 2017)




Hello Wrestling Fans and welcome to the TNA IMPACT Report. Sadly Us here in England are left with an app to watch all TNA related content from this year onward after TNA lost their TV deal here in the popular visiting grounds, but with a new year comes new releases (sadly) but (positively) new ownership and hopeful new feuds. Now Owned by Anthem Entertainment, with a new creative team in Zeb Colter/Dutch, Jeff Jarrett and others, TNA rallys on with a new load of episodes featuring their staying talent, and staying to pick a fight with her building adversary from 2016 Maria Kanellis-Bennett is Allie.

Allie is in the back with Maria who seemingly still controls her (or does she bully her and Allie still accepts it?). Maria replays Allies victory over Laurel Van Ness from last month, and after some choice words, she instructs Allie gets her gear ready for something special for later.

Maria returns to Television later to welcome in 2017 alongside former Knockouts Champ Sienna and a leather clad Laurel Van Ness. After ringing in the new year, Maria boasts over how its been exactly a year since herself and Mike Bennett stepped foot into TNA, becoming the supposed Miracle that saved the company. While shes looking forward to what TNA holds for them in 2017, there’s one teensy-tiny problem to square up to, therefore she calls down Allie. Allie does as instructed, walking into 2017, and into the ring, with still the support of the TNA audience in Orlando. Maria praises the courage of Allie for walking down to the ring, before revealing it was sarcasm as nothing about her “stupid ass” impresses her. Maria vents about how Allie has messed up her life, including the time she messed up her knockouts title reign and reign overall as the leader of the Knockouts. She puts herself over to the chagrin of Allie, while reminding the disgruntled former champ she still owns her. She asks Allie if she wants a fight, pointing over to the notable ref Earl Hebner and her muscle Sienna, noting their noticeable presences before demanding an answer out of Allie. Allie snaps, snatching the mic from the hands of Maria and telling the former Knockouts Leader to bring it on. Allie vs Sienna is now underway.

Sienna gets in the face of her former comrade to kick off the match, before Allie retaliates by driving Sienna into a corner of the ring. Allie hammers at Sienna with forearms before being pushed away by the former Knockouts Presidents Muscle. Allie takes a boot to the face as well as some forearms after by Sienna as Laurel and Maria look on in happiness. Sienna goes for a pin on Allie early on and gets a near fall. A Furious Sienna kicks at Allie before attacking her in a corner. Sienna whips Allie to an opposite corner, strong enough for Allie to crash right down to the mat. Sienna looks to attack Allie in the same corner, but spends too much time taunting and misses when Allie recovers. Allie clotheslines Sienna against that corner, dragging her into the opposite corner and working on as Braxton runs down to play the motivator. After a basement dropkick, Allie goes to pin Sienna, who kicks out. Sienna reverses Allies follow up attempt to suplex, and Braxton tries to motivate Allie to retaliate but Laurel interrupts him at ringside. Sienna Fallaway Slams Allie and cockily covers Allie, getting another near fall.

Sienna continues her run of momentum, including by sidewalk slamming Allie. However the offense isnt enough to take out Allie, as the former apprentice of Maria kicks out at two once more. Allie capitalizes over a missed leg drop with a roll up but like Sienna before, gets a near fall. As Allie tries to take control, Laurel fraternizes with Braxton from ringside, allowing Sienna to strike back in the ring. Sienna gets another near fall as a result. Sienna continues to make a mockery of Allie as Braxton and the Orlando Attendees get behind Allie, who snaps after Sienna spits in her face. She slaps Sienna across the face, squaring up to her with clotheslines then nailing a kick into the midsection. Allie struggles to take Sienna out of a corner, only doing so after stomping on the foot of Sienna. Sienna reverses but Allie capitalizes by clambering onto the turnbuckles, kicking Sienna before she can attack and sending her to the mat with a big crossbody. Allie slams Sienna to the mat but then takes note of Laurel getting steamy with Braxton at ringside. Allie appears confused over Braxton and Laurels actions, completely taken out following the distraction by Sienna’s finishing silencer. As Braxton looks on, appearing very gutted, Sienna pins Allie to win the match.

Our Knockouts Champ Rosemary also makes an appearance alongside the Decay. Following a victory over the Helms Dynasty, the fellow heels are ambushed by the recently introduced union of the DCC, that being Kingston, James Storm and Bram. While Rosemary may have to deal with tending to her hurt minions of Darkness, it should be noted that she has a title defense for the following day, on the One Night Only PPV, against Sienna.

(Allie and Maria Backstage Segment)

(Sienna vs Allie feat Braxton Sutter)

(The Helms Dynasty w/ Shane Helms vs Crazy Steve and Abyss w/ Rosemary feat the DCC)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall the first impact of 2017 is being storied perfectly, following up on Allie’s year ending momentum with it being quashed by the Lady Squad, more appropriately by Sienna who needs some wins after her momentum as a performer and as Knockouts Champion was ended so quickly. The Loss for Allie creatively can lead to a comeback that completely ends her feud with the group, maybe with the assist of fellow Knockouts (stay tuned for spoilers later this week) and once Allie gets her needed match and hopeful win over Maria, she can close her own several month angle and progress to someone who she has a storied indy rivalry with, someone who should still hopefully be Knockouts Champion by then, Rosemary. One thing i can confirm from tonight’s impact and from spoilers is that don’t expect Allie and Braxton to fall apart from here.

– Catherine


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