WWE NXT RESULTS: Even Melbourne Cant Save Their Femme Fatale from Being Eclipsed (January, 4th 2017)




Welcome All to the newest NXT Report. Airing some days ago was NXTs visit to Melbourne, Australia and like in Osaka, Japan, an expected house show was instead a serve up for televised material. Therefore the Land Down Unders own Billie Kay was featured in a fresh triple threat vs Liv Morgan and a continuously dominant Ember Moon.

Entering first to perform in front of the Australian City is Liv Morgan, followed by an introduction for the woman being welcomed home, Billie Kay, then the entrance of the woman yet to be beaten in singles competition, Ember Moon. Of Course Billie was also beaten by Ember in her Takeover debut, as was Liv by Billie last week in tag team competition in Osaka.

When the bell rings, the Pro Aussie crowd are chanting in support of Billie, who comes between a respectful handshake between Liv and Ember. The Babyfaces attempt to gang up on Kay in revenge, but she soon bolts from the ring. While the home performer regroups at ringside, Liv and Ember lock up back in the squared circle, and Liv is quick to try and seize momentum with a side headlock applied on Ember. Ember sends Liv over to the ropes, but Liv bounces back with a running elbow to send down Ember. Liv is tilted to the other side of the ring by both of Embers legs before she can further the assault, and a rebounding Ember also sends off a returning Billie too. Billie is on the escape again and as Ember tries to return all her attention to the ring, shes dropkicked by Liv, who has taken advantage of Billie entering the ring beforehand. Liv nails a spinning headscissor take-down on Ember, then proceeds to go after Billie, getting a near fall. A Unique pinning sequence which sends Billie around the ring during each fall then takes place, but neither attempt pins Billie. Ember strikes the back of Liv to break it up, but before she can regain momentum, Liv knocks Ember with a forearm. Liv also delivers a forearm to Billie, then driving the heel as well as Ember head first to the mat via her running bulldog. Liv looks to capitalize on that round of momentum with another unique affair, going back and forth on pin attempts on the two opponents, not managing to pin either once more.

Back on her feet, Liv lobs Billie into Ember then flies over Billies shoulders, crashing onto Ember. Liv goes for another pin attempt, a singular on Ember but its broken up by the count of one per Billie’s interference. Billie throws Liv to the outside ground, getting a pop from her home country audience, but before she can deal with her remaining opposition in the ring, that being Ember, the babyface rolls up Billie from out of nowhere, getting a one count. A Number of reversals between the two leads to Billie nailing Eat Defeat (Gail Kim’s Finisher) to Ember, but the strong comeback from Billie is only enough for a near fall. The Crowd engage in their own “10! 10! 10!” chant, getting the Stupid Idiot treatment from Billie, who channels her own inner Chris Jericho before returning to deal with Ember. Billie headbutts Ember toward a corner, kicking her in that same corner before resorting to choking her with her boot. Billie forearms Ember to keep her down, then kicks Liv a number of times as the smaller babyface rolls back into the ring. As Liv ends up back out, Ember rolls up Billie in another pin attempt that Billie escapes from. Billie clotheslines Ember, receiving some home crowd support as they redo the Takeover London singalong with Bayley with Billie instead, though she tries to waiver it off with all her heelness. Billie suplexes Ember, taken down moments later by a returning Liv’s running dropkick. Liv tries to pin Billie there, getting a near fall.

Billie knees Liv in the midsection, then attempting to throw her back onto the outside floor, only this time Liv manages to hold the ropes and remain on the apron. Liv forearms Billie, then gets superkicked by Ember in a move intended for Billie. A Discus forearm from Billie then sends Ember to the mat, and the Aussie tries to capitalize with her next pin attempt, and another near fall follows. Furious over the result, Billie forearms away at a defenseless Ember, trying to throw off more support from the Pro Aussie crowd before going for her next pin attempt, another Ember kicks out of. Ember and Billie engage in a forearm sequence, and after one of Embers is enough to shake Billie for a bit, Ember goes for her next assault, but Billie recovers in time to yank the second rope, with Ember crashing down to the ringside floor. Liv, having climbed back in the ring on the other side, charges toward Billie, who hauls her over the top rope, leading to Liv joining Ember on the floor. Billie rolls Liv and Ember back into the ring a short time later, getting a near fall on both as she tries to cover both fallen competitors.

Billie hauls both Liv and Ember to their feet, hitting both with a single chop before running the ropes. However as Billie comes back, shes taken down by a double team move from Ember and Liv. Liv and Ember exchange forearms, and after Ember ducks a clothesline from Liv, she heads to the second rope, leaping off it and nailing a diving crossbody to Liv for a near fall, per Billie breaking it up with a last minute leap in. Billie tries to follow up with a big boot that Ember ducks from, nailing a superkick in retaliation, followed with a high knee and another kick, firing up after finalizing that sequence with a underhook/chickenwing suplex. Ember handsprings over to Billie, clotheslining her in a corner before moving Billie away from it. Ember brings herself to the top rope, setting up the Eclipse, but Liv’s forearm stops her in her tracks. Liv struggles to suplex Ember, instead seized by Billie onto her shoulders and brought downward via her powerbomb. Ember then takes advantage of Billies standing position to hit the Eclipse and after Billies stunning second sell, Ember pins Billie and wins the Triple Threat.

(Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay vs Ember Moon)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Very strong combo to throw into this match in my opinion. Its no secret WWE have certain characters lose in front of their home audiences, but there’s no way Ember was losing from the get go. Liv and Ember have shown some building chemistry in this match which is a factor for watching in case of future clashes (watch this space) and Billie overall got to flourish with her persona and got to show the extent of her move-set only shown at various times during her time in WWE, looking back at her first Takeover Match vs Ember where she utilized the Eat Defeat and Widows Peak. Just knowing this and seeing her indy work makes me excited for Billie eventually appearing again on PPV because it shows Billie is full of surprises, not to mention her persona of which i previously referenced was really fun in this match because it was like she was being heel but also trying to remind the audience that they aren’t meant to cheer a heel. Liv also continues to take strides and risks as one of NXTs most athletic competitors, so while it appears she isn’t main roster ready, if the rumors are true, i wouldn’t be surprised if Liv’s quick improvements have something to do with it. Liv can continue to learn and expand her craft in NXT however, so lets all eye up her match with Ember in a few weeks. Either way, in terms of who needs to continually ascend while being kept out of storyline, Ember was the right person to win here. Shes confusingly being kept away from the title picture, being built up only through other encounters, so if NXT can actually put her up against a driving force or home talent rather than against squash competitors that make her matches more predictable in terms of length than outcome, then the crowd can hopefully keep interest.

– Catherine


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