LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Manipulation and Forthcoming Betrayal in the Temple (January, 4th 2017)




Hello All and again apologies for the lateness with this past weeks Lucha Underground Report. The Action continues in the Boyle Heights Temple prior to the Promotions Mid Season Finale as Sexy Star is granted her singles clash with Mariposa in a heated rivalry renewed, plus Trickery is up the sleeve for the Vivacious Catrina and Kobra Moon.

In the opening segment, Mil is in much disbelief at the return of Prince Puma. Catrina appears before her furious comrade, confirming that Pumas return was through the work of Vampiro and his power, and for Mil to get to Puma, he has to get through Vampiro. This motivates Mil clearly to reach to his target, and with work done, Catrina heads off, only to encounter Jeremiah who claims he beat Mil last week, the man she loves. However a Smirking Catrina reveals to Jeremiah that it isn’t Mil who she loves, leaving him (and probably the whole audience shocked).

So now we get to our opening contest, which is Mariposa facing Sexy Star. Mariposa is already perched in the ring for the opening clash, while former Lucha Underground Champion Sexy Star gets a full entrance. Star steps in obviously wanting Mariposa before the bell, adamant she had been sending her the creepy faux spiders over the weeks. When the bell rings, Star does exactly that, taking Mariposa to the mat and beating down on her with forearms, with Mariposa returning the favor after a reversal. Star reverses, firing the forearms back at Mariposa before proceeding to toss her around the ring. Mariposa returns to a vertical base, missing a running elbow and taking Stars hurricanrana. Mariposa spills to the outside, additionally taking Stars senton. The fight continues once both are up on the outside, with the two Luchadoras exchanging blows up until Mariposa whips Star shoulder first into the office side. Mariposa drags Star near to the ring, smacking her face against the ring apron then rolling back to the ring to avoid a count-out before heading back out to continue on with the offense, only to take a kick to the midsection. Star fires the Flair-esque chops at Mariposa, though she misses a discus clothesline and gets caught in the arms of Mariposa, who, with Star caught, continuously swings her shoulder first into the side of the commentary table.

Back in the ring, a cockier Mariposa sets up her finishing Butterfly Effect, but Star breaks loose, shoving Mariposa to a corner, setting herself up in the opposite one. Mariposa charges, taking a kick to the jaw from Star, who chops at her before arm dragging her to the other side of the ring. Star connects with a running shoulder block then leaps off the second turnbuckle to deliver an aerial arm drag. Mariposa whips Star, seizing her in the near center to deliver her next move but taking blows to the midsection before she can attempt. Star hip tosses Mariposa and covers a short time later, getting a near fall on her fellow Luchadora. Star tries to pin Mariposa again, but its just a mirrored result. Star kicks and forearms at Mariposa, despite showing how roughened up her shoulder is. Mariposa remains standing despite the scissor like slaps and forearms she takes from her foe, eventually ending Stars flurry of momentum with a samoan drop. Mariposa looks to capitalize, covering Star, but like with Star before, its a near fall. Mariposa reverts to a modified death-lock after her follow up pin attempt also falls flat.

With the death-lock still applied, Mariposa uses a free leg to kick at Star, attempting to derail Stars attempt to clamber to the rope. However, Star, with her left arm, seizes the rope, forcing Mariposa to break the modified submission. Mariposa channels her inner Charlotte next, going for a top rope moonsault but missing when Star rolls out of the way. Star makes her comeback with a basement dropkick, elevating herself onto Mariposa but being turned over. After some chops, Mariposa sets up a vertical suplex off the turnbuckles, but Star holds on firmly, eventually pushing Mariposa off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Star connects with the diving double stomp to the midsection off the turnbuckles to pin Mariposa and win the match.

A Hurt Star heads right to the back after the match, leaving her supposed pursuer defeated in the squared circle, Mariposa. Marty appears from the back, appearing to comfort Mariposa on another loss, but instead he chokeslams his sister to the mat, leaving her laying. Mariposas face turn is complete.

The Reptilian Tribe, Vibora, Kobra and Pindar are set to do battle against a just as eerie set of tribal warriors in Paul Londons rabbit tribe also, but instead of competing alongside her fearsome forces, Kobra summons her chained up Drago to compete alongside Vibora and Pindar. With Drago aiding them, the Reptilian Tribe would pick up the win, ambushed after the match by 2/3 of the Reigning Trios Champions Fenix and Aerostar, who after clearing out the Big Man Vibora and Pindar, would try bring Drago to his senses.

And lastly, Mil and Catrina would reappear following a brutal main event between the Mack and the Promotions Champion Johnny Mundo, but rather than set sights on the main gold, Mil turned his attention right to Vampiro at the commentary table, attacking him.

(Mil Muertes, Catrina and Jeremiah Crane Segment)

(Mariposa vs Sexy Star feat Marty the Moth)

(The Rabbit Tribe vs Drago, Pindar and Vibora w/ Kobra Moon feat Fenix and Aerostar)

Thoughts On:
Catrina/Mil/Crane: Talk About a Mass Plot Twist from Catrina. Sure she is manipulative and may be playing with the mind of Jeremiah, but if true, Catrina has stood behind Mil since LU even started, since saving him from the deadly earthquake. Plus the known lack of spoilers mean we arent even sure whose going to be coming into Lucha Underground for the remainder of the season, so if it isnt a current roster member then who could it be? When will they be inserting themselves into the sure to reemerge Catrina/Ivelisse angle, if even a part of it? This, on top of whats sure to go down soon between Ivelisse and the traitorous Jeremiah makes for an intriguing remainder of the season.

Mariposa/Sexy Star: Another good match between the two, heated from the start to portray the heat that was a part of their previous rivalry renewed for the night. The question is, coming out of the result, is whether Mariposa was Stars Pursuer? and more so why did Marty turn on Mariposa? That now gives the two former companions an angle, and it was well timed in my opinion, considering Mariposa has been cheered in recent clashes, or as Matt or Vampiro would say, has been earning the respect of the Believers. I Truly believe Mariposa will take on a new look to now distance herself from her brothers tribe.

– Catherine


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