TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY LIVE RESULTS: The Demon Assassin Silences the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Opposer (January, 6th 2017)




Hello All and welcome to the first TNA One Night Only report of 2017. This particular PPV followed up the first semi-live edition of IMPACT of 2017, and booked for the show Knockouts wise was a Knockouts Championship showdown as Rosemary, crowned in December as the newest Knockouts Champion after surviving a brutal affair with Jade inside Six Sides of Steel, defends the championship against her newest contender and also former Knockouts Champion, 1/3 of the Lady Squad Sienna.

But before we get to that heel v heel clash, former partners collide for a second time this week as Grand Champion Moose faces “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. The Former X Division Champion was looking to win the no holds barred non title affair via his wife’s shenanigans, but ultimately it failed as Maria ended up on the end of a spear from Bennett intended for Moose initially. With the Miracles wife out of the picture, Moose capitalized and went over Bennett to culminate their match.

We Move forward to the Knockouts Title match next, but not happening straight away as welcoming herself back into the IMPACT Zone to start 2017 is TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim. Kim is out to address what she couldn’t last year per Rosemary attacking her and Jade. She clarifies shes not hanging up her boots, but rather is taking longer to heal up from her revealed injury, thus isn’t medically cleared to compete. Regardless, she knows she will be back and warns Rosemary she will be coming for the Knockouts Title. However the defenseless Gail is confronted by the Gold wielding Rosemary within moments of sending the warning, mocking her over her surgery. She questions whether instead of her body being affected, that it could be her soul, reminding her that the Decay misted her and poisoned her from within. Rosemary adds that her fate belongs to them and that she will never wrestle again, and Gail, having heard enough of this, grabs Rosemary. She tries to fight despite not being medically cleared but officials are down within moments to separate her from the champion. Gail is cleared off and Rosemary demands Sienna to the ring.

Out comes Sienna, the Number One Contender, and she retains her fearlessness by brawling immediately with Rosemary on the ramp, with the bell being rung. Rosemary takes over in the brawl within seconds with a huge clothesline delivered to Sienna, rolling the Lady Squad member back into the ring. Rosemary paces about at ringside, eventually climbing to the apron and ending up on the receiving end of a retaliating Sienna’s own clothesline. Rosemary crashes to the floor and Sienna takes herself to the outside, lifting Rosemary into her arms and ramming her back first into the apron. Sienna delivers a single stomp to Rosemary before taking her back into the ring, continuing her stomps with the addition of some knees to keep Rosemary down. Sienna whips Rosemary to a corner, splashing her against it before attempting to capitalize with the first pin attempt, getting a near fall.

Sienna connects with an elbow in the center of the ring, executing more as she leads Rosemary into a corner. Rosemary stumbles into another corner, regrouping in enough time to block Sienna’s oncoming attack, then seizing Sienna in a tilted headscissor. However Rosemary is hurting herself, and Sienna tries to take advantage of this as she rolls out to attack the lower back of Rosemary. She then rams Rosemary’s face into a nearby set up steel chair, taking her back into the ring a short time later, scraping her elbow against Rosemary’s already hurt back. Sienna reverts to an armbar, then tying the same arm around Rosemary’s throat for a choke-hold. Sienna breaks off the hold, delivering a single kick to Rosemary’s back then launching her face first into a corner turnbuckle. Sienna continues targeting the back of Rosemary with some corner shoulder tackles, then sending her out to set up her next assault from off the turnbuckles, which doesn’t connect when Rosemary quickly rolls out of harms way. Rosemary snaps, sending forearms right at Sienna before running right into Sienna’s Samoan Drop. Sienna covers Rosemary again, resulting in another near fall.

Sienna nails a backbreaker to further the new found momentum, followed by a running boot. However, Rosemary’s courage kicks in and Sienna finds herself stunned as the Demon Assassin rises off the mat. She dodges Sienna’s oncoming assault, clobbering her in the corner with a clothesline, and another follows before she diverts Sienna’s own countering clothesline, connecting with a high kick to the side of Sienna’s face. Rosemary nails a running forearm to Sienna back in the earlier corner, going for an exploder suplex that Sienna blocks by pushing away Rosemary. Rosemary ducks a clothesline, hauls herself to the middle turnbuckle and sends down Sienna with a diving elbow. Rosemary has a suplex attempt countered by Sienna, who executes her own. Sienna looks to capitalize one more time, but its another near fall result. Sienna tries to follow up with one more pin attempt, but again cant keep down Rosemary.

Sienna looks to finish the Demon Assassin, connecting with the Silencer, but to the former champs dismay, the impact has lead to Rosemary rolling onto the outside. Sienna hoists Rosemary back into the ring, eyeing up the title before returning there herself. Sienna is left furious when the next pin attempt again doesn’t submit Rosemary, and she tries to drag Rosemary from the ropes before senior official Earl Hebner gets involved. She tries to get a grip on Rosemary again, but struggles to do so and Hebner’s second intervention leaves her furious. She shoves Hebner away, turning back to Rosemary and becoming the target of the Mist. Sienna is left screaming, blinded by the utilized mist, and Rosemary capitalizes with the F5, otherwise known here as the Red Wedding, to pin Sienna and retain the Knockouts Title.

(Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Moose; Non Title No Holds Barred Match)

(Rosemary & Gail Kim Segment; Sienna vs Rosemary; Knockouts Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
While the spoilers along with the factor that Rosemary hasn’t been champion for long made the result ever so obvious, the overall effort in the match and how it went down took away all that. The Match was hard hitting, lengthy, showcased each Knockout to a great extent and allowed both to fight to the fullest without the need of their respective stables (though of course i cant see Maria and Laurel trying to fraternize with the Decay anyway). Rosemary holding the title and being portrayed like an important champion gives a true feel that shes leading a new generation of Knockouts, similar to how Jade was being portrayed as Rosemary’s challenger last month despite holding no title, making one wish she had been treated that way while as champion. Plus Rosemary working with a just as experienced veteran means both brought out the best in each other, solidifying the knowledge that TNA has some top in ring workers outside of Gail Kim in their division. Plus while the pre match segment may tease at Gail being a 7x Champion due to never beating Rosemary one on one, it could offer possible teases of a heel turn in reference to the Mist being “Poison”. Does Gail get envious at Jade being driven to continually chase the title that she almost becomes a doppelganger of Shines Su Yung? Who Knows but i truly hope that TNA capitalize on Rosemary’s reign and on the Knockouts they currently have, Allie included, and with returning veterans being added to the mix, there’s plenty room for growth for the lesser experienced.

– Catherine


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