WWE RAW RESULTS: Feuding Forces Meet On Monday Night (January, 9th 2017)




Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report, focusing on the developing dramas between various women’s superstars on the brand for the second week of 2017. Several heated encounters has us a match in the works, some on the night and maybe some on a later date. What entirely am i on about? Lets see shall we…

Bayley and Sasha, two of the Four Horsewomen are seen first conversing backstage. Sasha is ready to witness the victory of Bayley at Royal Rumble, but warns her of what will come right after, the renewal of Banks and Bayley. This suggestion is soon broken by the presence of the current RAW Womens Title holder, Charlotte, who, after making a reference relating to the recently aired Golden Globes, goes right to the real conversation point, questioning Sasha on whether she truly cares about Bayley, finding it even more laughable at the thought of Sasha trying to teach Bayley how to defeat her, considering Sasha hasn’t done it herself on PPV. Charlotte reminds the babyface pair that no one has defeated her on PPV for the championship, and despite Bayleys belief it will change, neither will she. Sasha references the number of times she has overcome Charlotte to actually win the title, but Charlotte retaliates by reminding the longtime rival how many times she has won it back. The bickering is closed with the presence of Nia Jax, who ambushes Bayley and Sasha, then going for Charlotte just before she can believe they can work as a cohesive unit.

The Cohesion between Jax and Charlotte is about to be put to the test as an angry Sasha Banks as well as Bayley hit the office of Stephanie McMahon, and Banks asks that she and Bayley face the heels next week. Stephanie, despite knowing Sasha isnt at 100% at the time is unimpressed, getting into a tense staredown with Sasha along the way, but grants the two regardless their match with Charlotte and Nia Jax, only with the vicious twist that it will be tonight.

Bayley and Sasha enter separately for the tag team match, as do Nia and the RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte, who mysteriously doesn’t have Dana Brooke by her side (Again!!??). Sasha convinces Bayley shes ready to go, engaging with Charlotte once the bell rings, only to be easily taken to the mat by the champion. Charlotte tries to wrap her early in the figure four, kicked to the ropes by Banks who then rolls through and throws a number of fists at her. Sasha lobs Charlotte into Nia, barely moving her, and Nia enters illegally, restrained by the ref. A Verbal spat ensues between the two tag teams as we go to the one commercial break of the match.

Returning from commercial, its Charlotte facing her longtime nemesis Sasha, throwing a forearm at her before driving her face first into the corner turnbuckle, or at least attempting as Sasha blocks with her foot. Charlotte’s head then meets the turnbuckle per Sasha’s reversal, and Sasha tries to capitalize by setting up the champ between the ropes. Sasha tries to execute double knees, missing Charlotte as she flees to the apron, and Sasha’s noted bad leg faces more exposure after the landing. Sasha limps over to Bayley, making the tag to the contender to the women’s title, who goes right after her future opponent. Bayley hits forearms, taking Charlotte down in the center of the ring and giving her a few fists after. Bayley continues the momentum with the rolling back elbow and low clothesline combo, then setting up Charlotte on the second rope, snapping her body against it. Bayley then shoulder tackles Charlotte against a corner, missing the running elbow when Charlotte recovers in time to evade. Charlotte then drives Bayley viciously to the mat with a huge big boot, trying to capitalize with her first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on her contender.

An Angry Charlotte smacks the head of Bayley against the mat, then seizing her and taking her into her own corner for Nia to tag in. Charlotte assists with leading Bayley into the arms of Nia, and the more powerful assist drives Bayley head first into an opposite corners top turnbuckle. Nia splashes Bayley against the same corner, sending her back in with a headbutt before tossing her near to the heel corner and very far away from Banks. Charlotte tags in, and after Nia hoists Bayley up to face Charlotte, Charlotte throws chops at the defenseless Bayley. The hard chops of Charlotte only get her a near fall on Bayley, as the opposer kicks out at two. Charlotte then resorts to a headlock, keeping Bayley locked in her grasp and prizing her as far away from Banks as she can. Charlotte takes Bayley back to her corner after getting a one count, allowing for Nia to come back in. Charlotte whips Bayley over to Nia, who scoops her up, driving her back down to the mat as she connects with a slam. Nia clubs Sasha off the apron, smiling at sending away the presence of the foe for the time being then returning to her corner to tag back in Charlotte. Charlotte is back to using the flair chops against Bayley, suplexing her to follow. Bayley floats out of a possible slam attempt, seizing Charlotte in a waistlock. Charlotte pushes herself to the ropes, reaching to Nia and making the noticed tag. Bayley only finds that Nia is legal when the cover on Charlotte is disallowed, and Bayley finds her energy blown out when driven to the mat by Nia, whose follow up leg drop gets her the victory over Bayley. Charlotte and Nia win the match.

The Angle proceeding into this weeks 205 Live sees Alicia Fox confront the Love Rival Noam Dar Backstage. Noam envisions that hes in for a slap, but its quite the opposite as Alicia smooches his face off. Noam finds himself confused when Alicia then tells him that Cedric was right, that he couldnt handle a real woman like her.

And Emmalinas Debut appears to be even further and further away from reality as we get another sensual promo from the NXT Alumni this week, and Soon written for the 1320th time.

(Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte and Nia Jax Backstage Segment; Bayley, Sasha Banks and Stephanie McMahon Backstage Segment)

(Nia Jax and Charlotte vs Bayley and Sasha Banks)

(Alicia Fox and Noam Dar Backstage Segment)

(Emmalina Promo)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall this week did its job in following up the babyface momentum of last week with the heels revenge for this week. Overall, when i saw the match being set up, i was in worry of Nia losing again, especially after last week saw her streak effortlessly and cruelly crushed by WWEs chosen excelling babyface. While its questionable why the number one contender would take the fall, Nia needed the win to make up for last week as she still should be the monster despite the loss, the dominant force people should expect her to be, feared by any superstar, even by a courageous underdog. I Feel Sasha was protected here to play up the injury angle so shes actually ready for Nia when they meet, and i wouldn’t be surprised if its at the Rumble, but any wins Sasha takes here may be needed now (at the expense of Nia sadly) if the teased feud with Stephanie McMahon is beginning to blossom, unless they book for Sasha to actually win of course. However if the match was to happen, its likely Sasha would lose and her fury at that result would result in the later heel turn on Bayley at the Grandest Stage of Them All if the fellow babyfaces match is also penciled in. While WWE have a clear picture for various women, believably, there is some cause for concern as to how to rebuild Nia if she loses again, as she took just as many losses in NXT too.

– Catherine


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