WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Heat Is On As Former Friends Brawl and Rivals Face Up to History (January, 10th 2017)




Welcome Wrestling Fans to this weeks Smackdown Report, highlighting continuing development in the blue brands women’s division with some exciting history to be made. Yes im currently writing this at 04.08am on my Birthday but to heck with it…its been an action packed week of wrestling and i couldnt wait anymore to give my pleasing thoughts on this weeks show. But what exactly happened between the dueling competitors of the women’s division? Well…

First of all we get to see the woman who has played a part in Miz’s year long evolution on the Smackdown Brand, Maryse, as herself and her husband confront Dean Ambrose a week after he captured the Intercontinental Title from the Self Professed Most Must See Superstar. Miz tries to strike out of revenge at his opponent from the week before, but hoisting up Ambrose after his ambush soon proves a deadly mistake, as Ambrose cowers, leading to Maryse very much accidentally slapping her husband in the face.

Next to the scenario revolving around a real life nemesis of Maryse’s, Nikki Bella and her current rival Natalya. As Learned last week, the Longest Reigning Divas Champion would be booked for this weeks show in a match against the Queen of Harts, but was ambushed backstage beforehand. Natalya strides to the match with the upper advantage considering Nikki may be hurt from the sneak attack, but this doesn’t stop the Fearless One, as she courageously steps from the back for an absolute showdown with Neidhart, though this action backfires in the end as Nikki faces up to the lethal finishing Sharpshooter Submission, and this wasn’t even a match, but an absolute scuffle that lead to no bell being rung.

Next in discussion is the scenario between Carmella and James Ellsworth. Ellsworth has escorted Carmella to the ring once more this week, with the NXT Alumni Clashing with SHINE Wrestlings own Thunderkitty, billed here as CJ Lunde. Carmella tries to dominate early on, turning a lock up reversal into a number of hammerlock attempts finalized with a vicious toss. When CJ tries to find some momentum, Carmella appears beyond unimpressed, shoving her back down to the mat. Carmella then takes her eyes off the opponent to taunt, proving near costly as CJ rolls up Carmella to get her first near fall of the match. Carmella retaliates by super-kicking CJ, running her into her boot against the corner turnbuckle afterward, then rekindling her mean streak as she stomps down on CJ in the same corner. She gives James a quick wave before connecting with a bronco buster in the corner to CJ, only enough to get the heel competitor a one count.

Carmella continues on with the known viciousness as she tackles CJ in an opposite corner of the ring. Carmella goes for the follow up assault but takes an elbow to the face from CJ, then missing a corner elbow when CJ slips from the corner, capitalizing on the space between the two and Carmella’s regrouping time to charge towards her and give her another elbow. CJ whips Carmella into the earlier corner, connecting with her third running back elbow. Carmella reverses CJs follow up whip, and as CJ runs the ropes, James is back to utilizing his role as the assist by taking the foot of the heels opposition. As CJ appears unimpressed at this antic, Carmella sends CJ down with a vicious chop, but to her dismay, it only gets her a near fall. CJ tries to make another comeback with blows to the midsection and a forearm that sends Carmella right to the ropes, going for a forearm smash but soon noticing Carmella bolting. Carmella heads back to the ring as quick, getting the refs attention while James temporarily grabs the foot of CJ, dragging her back outside to cause another distraction. By time CJ is back in the ring, Carmella is back up and she sets CJ up in the Code of Silence for the single submission victory. Carmella wins the match.

Carmella celebrates more over the victory backstage with James. James envisions a kiss between the pairing before finding that “All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”. To Thank Ellsworth for the assists/support, Carmella declares that the two are going to go on a shopping trip. The Makeover of James Ellsworth to the Prince of Maryland Anyone?

And of course Smackdown cant go without its continuing outlook on the women’s title picture, and while neither challenger nor champion are competing, the two have a huge match ahead of them. Alexa walks in on Becky Lynch discussing with the GM of Smackdown, Daniel Bryan, over last weeks appearing La Luchadora. Alexa insists she was out there to find out about the La Luchadora herself but Becky went out of her way to ruin it. It may be clear that Bryan doesn’t believe the such words thus in order to put an end to the ongoing issues and to seal the mysterious La Luchadora in a moment of high stakes, Bryan books the two next week in a Women’s Championship Match, enclosed within a steel cage, the first time for both Bliss and Becky.

(Dean Ambrose, The Miz and Maryse Segment)

(Nikki Bella and Natalya Segment)

(Carmella w/ James Ellsworth vs CJ Lunde/Thunderkitty)

(Carmella and James Ellsworth Backstage Segment)

(Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Nikki/Natalya: Theres no doubt WWE are upping the ante on this feud from the past week onwards by actually creating more vicious physicality between the two, and the factor of Nikki being a perfect seller along with her being able to help give Natalya heat means this feud is on the up. This helps capitalize on the personal jabs that opened the feud, that hopefully weren’t going to be repeated every week, and while it still feels weird to see Natalya take Jabs at someone you see having a non kayfabe bestie history with, this is Kayfabe in itself, and the feud in the past few weeks has introduced an all new aggression in Natalya that RAW could have given her by not fading out the angle with Lynch.

Carmella/Thunderkitty: This Match was the weakest moment in the women’s showcases for the brand this week, mainly because in the time of a supposed “Revolution” for the female performers of the WWE, JBL, despite being a heel therefore being nasty is his job, may have gone too far on his jabs towards Thunderkitty for not having the image of your typical women’s superstar. A Revolution proposes equality also in WWEs (supposed) mind therefore the women should be treated the same regardless of looks, after all while Nikki Storm has been criticized by some for not having the typical women’s superstar look, it doesn’t take away that shes a phenomenal performer? The Match wasn’t the most appealing to watch either, but JBLs commentary really was the worst thing, and the worst time considering it was during this particular match.

Alexa/Becky: I Can see why the two were kept out of competition this week, in the case of keeping them fit and ready and 100% for probably the biggest match in boths careers. Sure both fighting for the NXT Women’s Championship may have been a thought provoking, stressful and anxious process, but the two are now clashing in a steel cage for the first time ever in Smackdown History. Not only that but the reasoning for the match is there, not to just shove it on the two but because of Becky being outwitted constantly by some sort of shenanigan, most recently the reoccurring La Luchadora, and the several foot structure is the one way to keep this mystery character out, or maybe we might think? Its an anxious time as well for the fans because Alexa has proved to be the complete package upon her heel turn, having all the characteristics literally shine on the main roster and more with championship in hand, so losing next week may prove what some have said, that shes just a placeholder and with a character and package like Alexa’s, it really is a risky concept. Either Becky wins and is ambushed by Mickie (whether in the La Luchadora Outfit or not) once the cage is raised or something happens to allow some sort of evil presence into the structure during the match. Daniel also implied that the La Luchadoras are banned from either entering the cage or from intervention entirely, but “anything like that” may imply that everyone else is kept out too. Is Becky winning cleanly? Is Alexa winning cleanly? This Match is so nerve wracking, but i cant wait to watch it in full.

– Catherine

2 Responses to “WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Heat Is On As Former Friends Brawl and Rivals Face Up to History (January, 10th 2017)”
  1. This has me nervous! I’m thinking like you that Becky wins and then once the cage is raised, the evil Mickie attacks Becky in the La Luchadora outfit and makes her big reveal in the aftermath. I’m so eager for tomorrow’s SD!

    • Im Still thinking the same too. I Like both Alexa and Becky too, so im stuck with the same thought, that that will be the official outcome. It worries me for Alexa as well as shes been the full package and deserves better than to be a transitional/placeholder champion. I Literally wont know where Alexa goes creative wise if she loses tomorrow night.

      Unless a Load of La Luchadoras show up anyway and start climbing the cage to distract the ref, Alexa does something heelish to Becky (eye take maybe?) and either escapes the cage once the ref is back focused or pins her to retain, the cage is heightened once Alexas left and Becky is attacked by the one La Luchadora remaining, Mickie or Just Mickie in her own guise?

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