WWE NXT RESULTS: Nikki Crosses into the Path of the Iconic Duo and the Champion (January, 11th 2017)




Welcome All to a report on an drama filled episode of NXT, most definitely for the women of the developmental system anyway. A Normal Match up featuring Billie Kay and Peyton Royce going up against Macey Evans (Macey Estrella) and Crazy Mary Dobson doesn’t come without its fair share of additional action, as two women having the boastful pairing on their radar take action…

Its learned that Billie and Peyton had ambushed Asuka in the parking lot before the NXT Show, and having been showed to the crowd, Billie and Peyton receive their equal share of crowd heat as they make their way to the ring for the opening contest, as said against the debuting Crazy Mary Dobson and Macey Evans. Dobson is billed as Sara Bridges for the particular contest, but isn’t starting off as the powerhouse to shake the heel duo, rather with the less experienced Macey going up against Billie. Before they can even set up any kind of lock up attempt, Peyton’s presence appears to distract Macey, and as the referee deals with the shenanigans, Fellow Heel Aussie Billie ambushes Macey, hammering her with a load of vicious forearms before tagging in Peyton to carry on the work. Billie whips Macey in the direction of Peyton, rather her roundhouse kick, which connects. Peyton hits with knees then continues utilizing her partner as she tags in Billie to follow up the scrappy offense. The Teamwork continues up until the more known Sara is tagged in, reversing a whip from Billie and using her strength to legitimately drive Billie neck first into the nearby rope. Sara tries to capitalize on the strong move with a pin attempt, broken by an intervening Peyton. Peyton knees Macey down to the floor then is sent to her own post by the ref as Billie takes advantage to rake the eyes of Sara. Billie tags Peyton, who sends Sara into Billies knee before she can return to the apron as the illegal competitor. Peyton pins Sara and Peyton and Billie win the match.

Having made fairly quick work of Macey and Sara, Billie and Peyton celebrate, but the main focus is rather on what they are more proud of, the ambush on the undefeated NXT Women’s Champion Asuka before the show. Peyton soaks in the pro Asuka chants before asking Asuka directly if the showcase makes them more competition for her now. Billie adds to Peyton’s declaration, by telling Asuka that she learned the hard way that the two are the most dominant women in the women’s division. Peyton states the women’s title belongs to them, and as they conclude their self centric promo, a battered but not fallen Asuka emerges and heads down the ramp. The NXT Women’s Champion takes a beat down from Peyton and Billie, who look to finish what they started, only to be cleared of by a rabid Nikki Cross, who then clobbers Asuka after clearing the heels away.

Cross is approached backstage for an interview not long after leaving the other three laying. She cuts off the interviewer before she can even ask a question, making it clear that the intentions of the one female member of Sanity are to take the NXT Women’s Championship. Her Sanity Leader, Eric Young, adds to this by saying they were going to take, starting with this in reference to the women’s title. As they clear off, Damo is seen watching from nearby, eyeing the stable.

Meanwhile, closing the show is Asuka confronting William Regal. Not recovered from her meltdown, she demands a championship match for San Antonio. When Regal asks who the champ wishes to go up against, she states all of them, in reference to Billie, Peyton and Nikki Cross.

(Asuka, Billie and Peyton Royce Segment; Macey Evans and Sara Bridges vs Billie Kay and Peyton Royce feat Asuka and Nikki Cross)

(Nikki Cross, Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Big Damo Backstage Segment)

(Asuka and William Regal Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
There wasn’t really much from Macey offense wise to give a proper look in on her as a talent, but no surprise to see Sara (Crazy Mary Dobson) look like a beast within the short time she was in the ring, and luckily little as her strength didnt overwhelm the duo completely considering the match’s intention was to make the heels look more strong coming off their ambush on Asuka. Speaking of Asuka, this weeks episode made her look more vulnerable than in her angle with Nia Jax, and instead of rising up and enjoying what her future opposition is giving to her, this time shes been overwhelmed and humiliated and paid the price for insinuating the particulars were of no competition. Asukas Payback is most definitely coming, whether that would be through the next few weeks or by pinning one of the Aussies at Takeover, but leave it to WWE to either blow out the idea of a surprise or not. I’m really excited regardless for the second women’s fatal 4 way in NXT PPV History, and more so to see if Asuka’s boastfulness comes back to haunt her, with the Aussies or Cross proving they truly were her competition, and take in mind that she doesn’t even need to be pinned in the 4 way.

– Catherine


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