TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Allie Dishes Revenge, Rosemary Dishes Another Match and TNA Dishes Us A Returning Knockout (January, 12th 2017)




Following last weeks Post TNA IMPACT One Night Only Pay Per View, Rosemary remains the TNA Knockouts Champion, having gone over one of the most fearless forces in a stacked Knockouts Division, Sienna. As Rosemary awaits her next challenge, not even too soon to arrive, we also get the continuation of the ever so heated issues between Allie and Maria plus the promised return of a former Knockouts Champion, which some of you may know already.

The Guys at IMPACT aren’t waiting too long to dish on the Knockout Return, it being the first Knockout related segment of the night. McKenzie Mitchell sits down with the returning Knockout, revealed as Brooke. McKenzie welcomes Brooke back to the Impact Zone in a sit down interview, making her feel all tingly considering how shes had to prep in the past couple of days to head back to her wrestling home. Brooke has been gone for well over a year, but announces she has been welcomed back so warmly, back several months after giving birth to her first child, her son Jace. Shes mainly back to make her son proud, but also because of how much she missed the adrenaline of hitting a wrestling ring and performing for people. Brooke is back full time with the Impact roster, ready to work also with the new faces, but she cant forget that there’s a title shes aiming for, the Knockouts Championship. The Former Aces and Eights Valet and 3x Knockouts Champion returns officially next week.

The Next Knockout related appearances go to Maria and Allie. Allie has been pushed around, brutalized and berated by Maria for months, continuing her slow path to stepping up to the former Knockouts Leader as she emerged in the final moments of a match between real life Husband Braxton Sutter and Maria’s own husband Mike Bennett. While Braxton gets the win, which Allie celebrates, shes soon to fall victim to a scheme concocted in the backstage area by Maria that even Mike cant figure.

And Lastly, the reigning Knockouts Champion Rosemary is out for the remaining Knockouts Related Moment/Segment of the night. Clamoring over the “Darkness that has consumed the Knockouts Division” the Demon Assassin is quick in announcing that they were only the first of the “Pretty Little Knockouts” to “become the darkness” and sink into the Decay….Decay….Decay. Rosemary’s promo is interrupted by the presence of the rival she thwarted in December, Jade, who is quick to declare that she hasn’t finished her business with the gold wielding champion. Jade reminds Rosemary that she wouldn’t be holding gold had she not used her mist, and shes not leaving the ring until she gets a rematch for the title. Rosemary just laughs at such an idea, but she wont deny her the chance of going to hell and back in a proposed monsters ball match. Jade seems shook up by the thought at first, but states there’s a side to her she hasn’t seen yet, accepting the challenge of the Twisted One. Jade is about to leave the ring after referring to Rosemary as a “Demon Bitch” but shes only made the demon snap as Rosemary goes to attack her. Jade appears to have seen this coming, and the two exchange blows. Rosemary eventually bolts after escaping an attempt from Jade to take her out with the Piledriver, which, if it connects successfully next week, will bring Jade the Knockouts Championship.

(McKenzie Mitchell and Brooke Segment)

(Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Braxton Sutter feat Allie)

(Jade and Rosemary Segment)

Thoughts On:
Brookes Return: Very Excited and Happy to see Brooke back considering she had massively evolved during her TNA tenure, with her ring skills at its peak during her last title reign. She has been one of TNAs most popular Knockouts, a crowd favorite at various times, including during the build to her last reign and during it, and during her 1st and 2nd title reigns. No one can deny that a return may mean ring rust for the former Knockouts Champion, but Brooke does show passion for her craft, and while its a worry she may become more over than the very popular Allie because of her own popularity, and while some may worry she may not get another title reign, she doesn’t need it just yet due to the current developments in the division. She may be putting over the current crop of girls like some veterans do and i do expect to see her working alongside Allie in the near future against Maria and the Lady Squad, but with Brandi polishing her craft, Gail inactive at this moment in time and Jade caught up in the title scene for the time being, Allie needs some babyface support rather than TNA repeat 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 beat-down scenarios on her every week, meaning a perfect position for Brooke to be placed in as to try equalize against the heels. In case no one has seen the spoilers, then ill keep mute, but i really cant wait to see how Brooke does against the particular Lady Squad member she will be feuding with, and if Brooke ever goes back heel in the future, can you imagine her and Maria as dual heel Authority figures in cohesiveness?

Jade/Rosemary: It can be debated from looking at the spoilers that Jade and Rosemary’s constant stipulated matches mimic that of the several month angle between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, but at this moment in time, we have legitimate fresh Knockouts in the title picture. Rosemary hasn’t even been with TNA for a year yet TV Wise and wasn’t a regular competitor in the Knockouts Division last year, so the sudden rise of Rosemary as a Branded competitor into the Champion was a last minute surprise, capitalizing also on her effort as a character and experience as an in ring performer. Rosemary puts huge effort into her character every week, seeming to enjoy the persona she plays with each time she steps out in front of the IMPACT Zone, and Jade is getting her payoff at this moment in time to make up for her first title reign being a transitional one, as her first reign served up to the Gail vs Maria feud rather than to put major spotlight on the actual title holder itself, similar to Sienna, quickly diminishing TNAs ability to allow the two to put on a brutal match that equalizes that of their Indy clashes. I’m really looking forward to seeing Jade and Rosemary being spotlighted in the way they should be, as no one has been exploited to Gail Kim’s level in the past year, not even Jade herself, and with boths veteran experience, and regardless of whether the championship switches or not in the clashes that follow, there’s a veteran presence there to carry or assist any potential lesser experienced challengers. I Do see this going the Gail/Rosemary route due to Rosemary having a win over Gail Kim last year and having not been defeated by her ever in a TNA ring, but im hoping that the title goes from Rosemary to Allie because of their own history that needs to be spotlighted in TNA, or because TNA have already done enough work in exploiting Allie as a courageous character, only yet to the levels of confronting a demonic one like Rosemary. Lets see what post February brings us.

– Catherine


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