LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Mid Season Finale Provides Sexy Star an Unexpected Target (January, 11th 2017)




Welcome all to a rather short Lucha Underground report, and the last for a while as the past week served us the promotions mid season finale. While no Luchadora was booked to compete, there was plenty developments, most particularly in the story regarding Sexy Stars Pursuer and Mariposa’s response to her brothers betrayal from the week prior.

But before we can talk any of these developments, the plotting duo of Famous B and Beautiful Brenda emerge during a match between their recent target Texano and Joey Ryan. While B distracts Ryan, Brenda passes over a horseshoe for Texano to utilize, one that KO’s Ryan. Texano takes advantage of this assist to pin Ryan and win, but shoves off B in the celebratory moment, more so preferring to be hand in hand with Brenda.

The Machine from the 559, Cage, battles a newcomer known as Veneno on the episode also. After making fairly quick work of this Luchador, Sexy Star emerges. Cage has cleared off and Star suddenly gives Veneno a verbal and physical lashing, accusing him of being behind the recent faux spiders seemingly.

And Lastly Catrina emerges before Prince Puma as he preps for a future showdown with Mil Muertes due to his violent attack on his new master, Vampiro. Puma warns the Mistress of the Underworld that he foresaw a vision of the blood of Mil Muertes, but this doesn’t even appear to shake Catrina, who retorts that she had a similar vision, only seeing the blood of Puma rather than that of her comrade Mil.

Lastly, Mariposa seeks out her defiant brother over his betrayal last week. In the ending segment, Marty appears to be stalking Lucha Undergrounds one ring announcer, Melissa Santos, but before he can even approach the prey, hes captured by Mariposa, who has some sort of revenge set for him.

(Texano vs Joey Ryan feat Famous B and Beautiful Brenda)

(Cage vs Veneno feat Sexy Star)

(Catrina and Prince Puma Segment)

(Mariposa, Marty the Moth and Melissa Santos Segment)

Thoughts On:
B/Brenda/Texano: So it appears Texano may be taking up the tutelage of B and Brenda, but more so due to an interest in Brenda. Not much to say other than i cant see it lasting long and that it wont work wonders against Cage and Cueto, if going in that route.

Sexy Star/Veneno: Have no idea what to think of this route either. Clearly the angle wasn’t over but if the man under the guise is Cortez Castro, why would they be targeting Sexy Star? Does that mean his female boss is behind all of this and not the woman of justice she appears to be? Is all not what it seems? Guess we’ll have to find out when Lucha Underground returns later this year.

– Catherine


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