Marti Belle Leaves TNA (January, 18th 2017)


Only a Short Time following the confirmed departure of Raquel from TNA, Marti Belle has also departed from the company. Marti wasn’t used at the recent tapings that followed TNAs return to Television this year, only recently changing her Twitter Handle in light of the news.

Marti joined TNA in April 2015 as 1/3rd of the Dollhouse Stable originally made up of herself and Jade before it was expanded with the inclusion of then Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell, who was revealed as their leader after Jade and Marti assisted Taryn in defeating her contender on the TKO Night of Knockouts episode, Awesome Kong. Marti and Jade would then go out of their way to prolong Taryn’s reign by targeting various Knockouts, adding Rebel to further expand the stable in light of Taryn’s Injury. Taryn would leave TNA in January 2016, leaving the stable as a three piece before Awesome Kong temporarily joined them. Kong was released due to a reported altercation with Reby Sky and an angle featuring Maria Kanellis-Bennett months later lead to the split of the Dollhouse officially, forced to fight over a Championship Opportunity. When Jade began her rise in TNA by pursuing and winning the Knockouts Title, Marti would return to the scene at TNA Slammiversary, costing Jade the Knockouts Title in a Triple Threat featuring Gail Kim and the eventual victor Sienna. This lead to a fair few matches between the two, including stipulated ones until the angle was brought to an end. Marti’s last match on TNA Television would be in September, where she competed in a Knockouts Gauntlet won by Gail Kim. Marti’s departure leaves Jade as the remaining member of the former Dollhouse Trio in TNA.

View Marti’s debut singles match for TNA above. Best Wishes Go Out to Marti on her Future Prospects and Endeavors.

– Catherine

2 Responses to “Marti Belle Leaves TNA (January, 18th 2017)”
  1. I don’t like it. They bring back former KOs like Brooke and Angelina, but they get rid of up and comers like Marti and Raquel. Marti is immensely talented and Raquel was improving in the ring. This is not the way to elevate the Knockouts Division.

    • Timing does feel weird considering the Vets could have helped put over or exploit the up and comers. I Think Marti has decided to pursue elsewhere (and she has tons of Charisma) not so sure, while Raquels was sudden, but Raquels surely gonna be on the up this year anyway through her affiliation to Santana. Wouldnt have minded seeing Raquel and Brooke team up, shades of her and Rebel

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