WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS: The End of the Road for Fox and Alexander? (January, 10th 2017)




Welcome Everyone to my first ever WWE 205 Live Report. The Network Exclusive Show heavily focused on the Cruiserweights of the WWE has also played center stage for the scripted romance between Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox, which reached a snag this week. As Alexander battled Noam Dar, a man who has been trying to pursue Fox also, things took a rather confusing turn.

As Alexander went for a top rope moonsault to try bring an end to the lengthy affair, Fox had confusingly pulled Noam out of the way of the high flying move, even stunning the scot himself. After Alexander recovered from the tumble, he succumbed to the finishing move of Noam, with Alicia only able to try overturn the feeling of betrayal by Alexander by slapping Noam after the match.

However Alexander made his feelings truly felt later in the evening by confronting Fox backstage. Alexander feels it was no accident that Alicia had helped Dar, despite Alicia trying to state that she wants to be with Alexander. Alexander breaks up with Fox, letting her keep Noam out of belief she has supposed feelings for him, despite her constant denial. Alexander has heard enough, walking away from the scene and missing the crazy antics that follow as Alicia blows a gasket and flips as she demands Cedric back.

(Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander w/ Alicia Fox)

(Alicia Fox and Cedric Alexander Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
I’m not sure what to think of the whole angle as even though its being built, things are happening way too fast and Alicia’s break up from Cedric felt too soon. Alicia does play her character well, retaining the Crazy Fox that became ever so popular before it had the plug pulled on, but its hard to tell whether shes a heel or a face due to her possible kayfabe split mindset/conflicts of interest in the two male interests, and the switches from Cedric to Noam on a regular basis is a confusing formula, not so much to Vince clearly because how can one get behind a character if they aren’t sure what they are? Anyway Tune into RAW to see how this angle develops.

– Catherine


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