WWE RAW RESULTS: The Dream Lives On In the Face of Tyranny (January, 16th 2017)




Welcome All to the RAW Report, which im managing to get underway after some double technical computer issues. As 2017 moves onward, so does the feud between RAW Womens Champion Charlotte and her courageous contender Bayley. In Addition, we may not see the “Bo$$” as so thought thanks to the cunning tactics of another heel.

Its learned that Sasha Banks was attacked by Nia Jax during a pre RAW in ring workout. The former Women’s Champion was left damaged at the hands of Nia, who left the scene in happiness of the devastation left, having also further injured Sasha’s leg that she has gone on to continuously exploit.

But we wont get any words from Nia just yet on those sadistic actions, as a black clad gold wielding Charlotte emerges from the back for her own segment, a supposed reveal of her Royal Rumble Strategy. Instead she launches insults at the WWE Universe on how they compare to Bayley in terms of being “Average”. She flicks through some photos of Bayley in the days of Bayley being a fan of the Superstars, notably going through some photos of a Happy Bayley posing with the likes of RVD, John Cena, Bret Hart and Ivory. She also goes through some poems of Bayleys, mocking Bayley for writing such stuff while she was earning her own championships. Having heard enough of this, Bayley storms down and slams Charlotte over criticizing her passion for the WWE. Furthermore, she didn’t have a famous father to get her in the door, but her father helped her attend every live event she could in San Jose. Bayley says regardless of where she was sat, whether she could properly view the competition or not, she told her dad she would be in there one day, and be herself in turn. Bayley creates her own poem directed to Charlotte, warning her that Roses are Reds, Violets are Blue, at Royal Rumble She Will Defeat Her. She throws more poems at an umimpressed Charlotte, who doesn’t take kindly to being surrounded by the flailing tube men that adorn Bayleys entrance.

Next to the issues between Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox. The Cruiserweight takes on the former Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick in singles action, with Alicia appearing during the match. Alexander wins the match and Alicia attempts to celebrate, but Alexander sees right through this, avoiding the attempt of reconciliation and leaving her in the ring. When Alicia is questioned about being left high and dry not too long later, she makes it clear she doesn’t want to hear it anymore in her own crazy tone.

Lastly, and not forgetting the repeated Emmalina Promo of course, we see Nia Jax in the back with Mike Rome, who questions Nia on her actions towards Sasha Banks prior to RAW. He asks what motivated her attacks on the “Bo$$” but Nia is surprised by the such referral, asking why hes still referring to her as the “Bo$$”. She labels Sasha as a wannabe tough girl who only lasted seconds upon stepping in a ring with a real woman, and because of that, the Aura of the professed “Bo$$” is done and people will learn the truth. She takes Joy in looking into the eyes of an agonized Sasha, completed by the belief that Sasha’s hype is over and she is broken. Now the Buzz, as Nia declares, is on the right woman.

(Nia Jax and Sasha Banks Segment)

(Charlotte and Bayley Segment)

(Emmalina Promo)

(Cedric Alexander vs The Brian Kendrick feat Alicia Fox)

(Nia Jax Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Nia/Sasha: Overall it makes sense for Sasha to not show to sell her kayfabe injury that Nia further exploited this week. While its debatable that Sasha coming out to confront Nia in the ring this week instead to show her courage and lack of intimidation could have been done, it truly put some spotlight on Nia this week, even if it was only for a meager few moments. If Sasha is to get the momentum on the last RAW before the Royal Rumble, assuming they will meet one on one there, does this heighten the chances of a victory for Nia? WWE can give us anything, including the expected.

Charlotte/Bayley: While i still find it hard to be excited for Charlotte vs Bayley, there was a little difference in how they staged their encounter this week. We’ve seen Bayley voice her courage before on main roster Television, but very rarely against the champion on a deep level, and while it may have felt Sasha-esque in terms of delivery, its a method felt to get Bayley over more with the WWE Universe. Charlotte was still the stronger mic worker here and the match has much predictability to it, but regardless not a bad segment this week.

– Catherine


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