TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: War Queen vs Selfie Queen (December, 10th 2016)




Welcome All to the last Xplosion Report of 2016 that i only just managed to get round to despite knowing this match was online weeks ago. This Match just so happens to be the last for a vastly improved Raquel *sniffle* as she takes on Knockouts Veteran and former Champion Jade.

Like her last showdown on Xplosion, Raquel adopts the heel selfie loving gimmick for the particular contest. Entering second is current pursuer to the Knockouts Title, Jade, who gets some adoration from the audience. Raquel is too busy taking a selfie with official Brian Hebner, trying to pursue Jade for a photo. After taking one with a miserable looking Jade, Raquel notices the unimpressed features of the opposer, and gives her thoughts on it exactly with a sneaky low kick to start off the match.

Raquel forearms and chops Jade over to the ropes, then whipping her to the opposite side of the ring and towards a clothesline of which Jade evades. Jade quickly reverses momentum with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor in the ring center, giving a stunned Raquel a kick to the front and back to follow. Jade tries to pin after a second kick, getting the first near fall on Raquel. Jade continues the run of momentum as she connects with a gut-wrench suplex to Raquel, following with a forearm before clotheslining her in the center of the ring. Jade goes for the next cover on Raquel, getting a one count on the Brazilian Competitor. Jade locks in a chin-lock, though Raquel manages to break free. Both trade forearms, with Jade getting the upper hand and Jade goes for a basement dropkick, missing when Raquel steps out of harms way. Raquel capitalizes on this with a kick, taunting over a fallen Jade as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Jade is attempting to regroup in a corner, but not for so long as Raquel hoists Jade up and runs her head first into an opposite corner turnbuckle. Raquel smacks the face of Jade against each turnbuckle a number of times, booting her against the lower turnbuckle before taking a selfie amid the progress. Again Raquel isn’t impressed with how Jade looks in the particular photo, and gives her a slap for it. Raquel attempts to attack in the corner but is booted away by Jade, but her second attempt is diverted as Raquel pivots Jades feet over to the ropes, then sending the back of Jades neck into the canvas. Raquel tries to capitalize on the lethal maneuver with a pin attempt, only scoring a near fall. She tries to do so again, scoring the same result as before. Raquel nails a dropkick just as Jade makes a comeback, back to covering again and getting a mirrored result.

Jade tries to overturn momentum as she connects with a slam to Raquel, making it to the top turnbuckle after when Raquel leaps, connecting with a forearm. Raquel nails a shoulder tackle, followed up with a hangmans DDT, and she tries to pin, only to have this disallowed before a count is made due to having her feet on the ropes. Raquel takes another selfie, wasting some time as Jade manages to kick out of her follow up pin attempt at two. Raquel is back with the momentum again as she scores a knee right into Jades midsection, following with a top rope arm drag. However Jade cartwheels, returning to a vertical base, not to the knowledge of the taunting opposer who then takes a dropkick. Jade connects with a flurry of offense, including a snap suplex into a standing moonsault, but like Raquel’s earlier pin attempts, she gets a near fall.

Raquel counters a Package Piledriver attempt into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Jade makes a comeback with chops to floor Raquel, hitting the finisher after and pinning her while taking a selfie. Jade wins the match.

(Raquel vs Jade)

Thoughts On This Match:
While it was notable that Raquel may have not sold some offense close to the end of the match, there’s no doubting that this match was another exploitation of Raquel’s vastly improved in ring skill, and she didn’t rush the top rope arm drag but took it steady as she should. Seeing as this is Raquel’s last match sadly, i do feel they didn’t take a chance by developing the character on TNA Television, and the timing is weird as they have released her and Marti, their developing, least experienced female talents nearly close to each other, almost like there’s no belief in them. Regardless, SHINE has done Raquel some favors in helping her improve her craft very quickly, now working alongside Santana Garrett as they hold the Promotions Tag Team Gold. I Would like for Raquel to return one day but i wish her the best in all her endeavors and in the rest of her wrestling career.

– Catherine


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