WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Lethal Structure Is No Problem for “La Luchadora” (January, 17th 2017)




Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown report, and it was all Straight Fire for the Women of the Blue Brand this week, as Alexa Bliss faced off against Becky Lynch one more time with the Womens Championship on the line, only this time would the two be surrounded by a steel cage for the first time in Smackdown History. To Add, Natalyas continually vicious words about current rival Nikki Bella unleashed the anger of the Fearless One plus more…

But first we see the presences of John Cena, AJ Styles, the Miz and Maryse as the said latter confront Smackdown GM Shane McMahon. When the current Smackdown World Champion Styles hurls insults toward Miz and Maryse, Shane books a first time exclusive match between the two sides.

Nikki Bella steps out later in the show to call out Natalya after last weeks cruel ambush. Nattie appears before the Smackdown Crowd despite Nikki’s belief she was hiding, She shuts up Nikki, trying to coax her into watching something ready made on the tron, but it doesn’t appear so, as Nattie tries to bolt the minute Nikki turns. The Feed eventually emerges on the tron, showing Nattie dissing off the Bella Brands Merchandise. She completely trashes it, and having heard enough, Nikki dashes to the back and brawls with Natalya, taking her down as they both crash through a table. Security throw themselves into the mix to try and separate Natalya from the Bella.

Its not until the main event that we see the focal women, as Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss step within a steel cage to do battle, with Bliss’s Smackdown Women’s Championship on the line per the ruling of Smackdowns Fellow General Manager Daniel Bryan. When both women have entered, the match starts with Alexa trying to escape early, but Becky is a step ahead, grabbing Alexa fairly quickly. Alexa responds with a forearm to the jaw, attempting to send her head first into the cage side after but Becky blocks. Becky hits Alexa with an elbow then tries to duplicate Alexa’s strategy of running her into the cage side, only for Alexa to also block, hitting her with forearms to create a little separation. Alexa pounds on the back of Becky before having the follow up whip countered, but before Becky can even follow that up with offense, Alexa connects with a knee. Becky recovers in time to take a hold of Alexa before she can try escape through the cage side door. Becky smacks the face of the champ against various turnbuckles, whipping her into another corner turnbuckle but not connecting with her offense due to Alexa’s forearm block. Alexa boots Becky, beginning to scale the cage right after, but Becky is back, hooking the foot of Alexa and trying to drag her downward. Alexa throws off Becky with a standing STO, then trying to catapult Becky face first into the cage side but instead Becky lands on the corner turnbuckles, using this position to try help herself up the cage. Becky is near to the top when Alexa hooks her by the foot, forcing her down, and in turn Becky hits the top turnbuckle head first.

Becky recovers fairly quickly however as she executes a number of arm drags on Alexa. Becky tries to splash her in the corner after a dropkick but misses when Alexa moves out of the way. Alexa utilizes the corner to bring more damage to Becky before trying to scale the cage again, but Becky remains in pursuit. As Alexa pounds at Becky, Becky counters into a surprise roll up to get a near fall on Alexa, the first of the match. Becky readies a powerbomb after but Alexa seizes the cage side to stall the chances of her crashing to the mat, and both fight atop the top rope on their way to possible escape. Both end up tumbling to the mat, down against it as we go to a commercial break during this main event.

When we return, Alexa appears to have recovered and is utilizing new found momentum as she kicks at Becky. Alexa nails a baseball slide dropkick to Becky, driving the front of Becky further into the cageside along the way. Alexa covers Becky after and gets a near fall. Alexa furthers the brutality as she tosses Becky completely over the ropes and into another side of the cage, then shoulder tackling her back into it through the ropes. However a last shoulder tackle misses its target and Alexa’s shoulder meets the cageside. Becky makes a beeline for the door, caught by Alexa who tries to run her into an opposite turnbuckle, to no avail. Becky heads up the turnbuckles after sending the champ head first into one, knocking off the intervention attempt with a kick. Becky hits a huge dropkick off the top rope, but its only enough to get a near fall on Bliss. Becky has both legs over the opposite side of the cage, near to escaping when Alexa takes notice, heading up the cage and forcing Becky back in with much effort. Alexa sends Becky face first into the cage a number of times before Becky strikes back with the springboard sidekick. Alexa is completely floored by the follow up exploder suplex from Becky, but she stays fighting, kicking out of the pin attempt from the former champ after at the count of two.

Becky gets back on her feet, forearming Alexa as she tries to scramble to the door. Becky tries to force in the position for the disarmer when the mysterious La Luchadora that has been siding with Alexa in recent weeks reemerges, viewing the competition from cage side. Becky is stunned at the appearance of her recent assailant, attacked from behind by Bliss who tries to capitalize before being caught in Becky’s reversal. Becky locks in the Disarmer but its not long before La Luchadora forces the assist, kicking Becky. The Snap DDT from Alexa to Becky follows, enough to take out Becky and for Alexa to retain the title. Alexa wins the match, celebrating with La Luchadora. The Two try and attack Becky after, and the Lasskicker tries to fire back against both, eventually stripping La Luchadora of her mask to reveal…Mickie James! The Stunned Becky is shocked at the veterans newly evil side, and faces an extra attack from Bliss and James herself, who further their celebration afterward.

(Shane McMahon, AJ Styles, John Cena, The Miz and Maryse Segment)

(Nikki Bella and Natalya Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss; Womens Championship Steel Cage Match; Mickie James Returns)

(Becky Lynch on Smackdown Fallout)

(Mickie James and Alexa Bliss on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Nikki/Natalya: Kudos to both ladies on making Smackdown have a hardcore feel this week with their backstage brawls and spots, something we don’t really see from the women in the current era as even RAW haven’t had backstage brawls like this since the new era began. In recent weeks, i haven’t been too sold on the angle, maybe due to a sense of illegitimacy, i don’t know, but both absolutely killed it this week and it gave me a reason to want to see the two in a match for reasons other than chemistry.

Alexa/Becky: While it wasn’t the most intense cage match, you’ve got to give credit to both for taking the pressure of such a spot that no Woman has ever had on Smackdown and utilizing it. The Finish really made it for me, because while La Luchadora would initially have been banned from even intervening, meaning the end had little sense, the overall reveal of the expected veteran Mickie James took any negatives away, additionally giving Mickie a fresh character we haven’t seen since 2006 rather than bring her back as the lovable face during a time where other babyfaces are being built up. Devious Mickie James is back and its going to be interesting to see whether she is in cahoots with Alexa or as cunning as one can expect.

– Catherine


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