WWE NXT RESULTS: Following the Showcase of a Rabid Contender, the War Goddess Has Her Own Upcoming Battle (January, 18th 2017)




Welcome Everyone to this weeks NXT Report, the second to last NXT before the year opening Takeover event at San Antonio. One of the contenders to the NXT Women’s Championship, the Rabid and Dangerous Nikki Cross is in action plus a hopeful future contender looks to eclipse a possible former ally on her way to future gold.

Cross’s match with C4’s Kennadi Brink is up first, with Cross’s Sanity Teammates at ringside as expected. Cross’s entrance isn’t complete without a reminder of the chaotic scene she left last week, when she cleared off her fellow Takeover combatants Peyton Royce and Billie Kay off in the midst of the two ambushing the soon to defend champion Asuka, before attacking Asuka herself. Cross isn’t letting up once the bell rings, showing no decency as she immediately clubs at Kennadi. She pounds Kennadi’s face against a corners top turnbuckle then deals some forearms before continuing her assault in an opposite corner. Cross then scraps with Kennadi on the mat before being forced into restraint. She returns to utilizing her viciousness, stretching the nose of a defenseless Kennadi. Kennadi tries to help herself to her feet, forearming Nikki along the way. Nikki prizes Kennadi before she can do much more, executing a spinning neckbreaker to end the opponent. Nikki wins the match.

From one current challenger, to a later possible challenger, Ember Moon is in the back with the most recent interviewer Kayla Braxton. Kayla asks Ember what her role is currently in the division since the current women’s championship match is set (without her presence). Ember isnt happy at Peyton, Billie and Nikki pulling the strings of fate to get their title shot, but once that battlefield is cleared, she proclaims she will forge her own destiny. Before she can stake a verbal claim in the womens championship, a former challenger to the title, Liv Morgan, interrupts. While she appreciates Ember being there for her back in the day (while she was targeted by Peyton and Billie) both women are after the same thing, Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship. Liv says she feels shes come a long way since being defeated by Asuka in a very short time, but to avoid reaching down to the level of Billie and Peyton, she suggests a respectful challenge between the two to show there’s some competition in the NXT Women’s Division. Liv extends her hand and Ember shakes it, accepting the challenge. However, before exiting, she warns Liv that once shes eclipsed, the one road Ember is headed to is the one to the NXT Women’s Championship.

(Nikki Cross w/ Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young vs Kennadi Brink)

(Liv Morgan and Ember Moon Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Nikki/Kennadi: Relatively short match showcasing the known aggression of Nikki and giving Nikki her momentum before Takeover. Nothing much else to say about the match other than Kennadi sold well and got her own offense in, as short as that may have been.

Liv/Ember: I’m Looking forward to this match. Theres so many ways this could go, and if the triple threat with Billie taught us anything, its that Liv and Ember work well together, and could work well together even more as rivals. Is this a respective challenge like Liv is putting out? Is it a Heel Turn in the works for either? Is this Liv’s last match before possible promotion to the main roster? We’ll know more after the post Takeover tapings.

– Catherine


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