TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Returning Former Champion Meets the Divisions Current Cunning Lady Squad (January, 19th 2017)




As learned last week, and with no pun intended (or maybe?) Brooke is back to make an IMPACT and this week is the 3x Knockouts Champions first match back with the company. However the Knockouts Division has massively changed since her last appearance, and the former title holder is sure to make some enemies ahead of her Knockouts Knockdown Rematch with a newly villainous Deonna right?

In fact, Brooke may have already made an enemy outside of her opponent for the night, as she bumps into Maria following the former Knockouts Leaders eerie voicemail conversation over the phone with Braxton Sutter. While Maria is only familiar with Brooke as the Knockout that just consistently shakes her butt, Brooke is more familiar with Maria and her antics. She knows she talks trash but never backs it up inside the squared circle, and furthermore she suggests Maria stays out of her way.

Brooke heads to the ring for her first match back as noted, and her opponent is indeed the awaiting Deonna Purrazzo, who has massively evolved since their first clash at the 2nd ever Knockouts Knockdown. Madison Rayne is also on commentary as she has been for every recent Knockouts Match, witnessing the return of her fellow babyface. The Two get in an aggressive lock up to kick off their match, with Deonna taking the early lead per her headlock reversal. Deonna twists the arm of Brooke before reverting back to the headlock, then tripping her to the mat before heading right back to tying her up in another headlock. Brooke pushes her to the ropes to create temporary separation, but Deonna runs back, knocking the returning veteran back to the mat with a shoulder block. Deonna takes some time to taunt, taking her eye off Brooke as she does so, but once turned back, Brooke charges at her, taking her to the mat. Deonna rolls out to regroup but Brooke only waits for so long before returning the focus to Deonna with a dropkick nailed to the opposer between the ropes. Brooke then sends Deonna into the steel guardrail, planting her head after against the apron before focusing on getting her back in the ring.

Deonna is back in the ring within moments, not given long to recover as Brooke runs her face first into a corner turnbuckle. She does the same sequence against other turnbuckles, then throwing forearms before whipping her to another side of the ring. Brooke brings herself down to the mat and bridges into the Muta Lock once Deonna hits the mat, reverting a short time later into a front face-lock. Brooke turns the face-lock into a neckbreaker, then kicking her and going for the Tess-Shocker, but Deonna blocks, then sending Brooke fully to the mat via a hard knee. Deonna furiously hammers her with forearms, following that up with a vicious headbutt before running into a retaliating Brookes number of clotheslines. Brooke ducks Deonnas attempt to strike back and nails a backbreaker, flapjack and the second Tess-Shocker attempt to seize the 1….2…..3! Brooke wins the match.

Brooke doesn’t get long to celebrate the triumphant return, as an also former Knockouts Champion charges into the ring, Sienna. Brooke is courageous as to fire at Sienna straight away, having seen her coming, but this run of momentum doesn’t last long as Sienna leaves the former champion laying with the Silencer. Sienna positions herself over the fallen Brooke and sends her a small message from Maria, a rather sarcastic welcome back.

Maria is back later in the show, having finally found Braxton in the backstage area. Braxton is clearly unhappy to see her, nor does he wish to comply with the orders by the former Knockouts Leader to no longer train Allie. Maria whispers something into the ear of Sutter that seems effective enough for him to have to comply to this order, and while the look of dismay is clear, its of clear enjoyment to Maria, who suggests he goes to seek out Laurel.

Nonetheless Braxton is on hand to follow up Maria’s order by approaching Allie later in the night. Allie has been working on some wrestling moves, but Braxton wants to stay away from such a topic, instead saying he wishes to talk about something. Allie asks if everything is okay, then he breaks the news that he thinks they shouldn’t be together anymore. Allie is taken aback by the suggestion, asking if its because of her or even her social awkwardness, suggesting they can still train despite no longer being an item. Braxton reveals he doesn’t want to train Allie, and that its best they have some space. Allie wants to know what exactly is going on but Braxton leaves, leaving poor Allie heartbroken.

While Allie is left to take in this confusing development, Braxton is shown escorting Laurel to a car, showing no enthusiasm for hanging with the flirty Laurel at all. The Look of regret and heartache is shown on the face of Braxton as he is demanded to gentlemanly welcome Laurel into the car.

And Lastly, we get a short promo to hype the match next week between Jade and the Knockouts Champ Rosemary. The Recent Rivals clash on the following episode of IMPACT in a Monsters Ball Match, with Rosemary’s Knockouts Title up for grabs.

(Brooke and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Brooke vs Deonna Purrazzo feat Sienna)

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Braxton Sutter Backstage Segment)

(Braxton Sutter and Allie Backstage Segment)

(Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Brooke/Deonna: Strategic Placement by IMPACT Wrestling by making Deonna the return opponent for Brooke, not just because she was Brookes Opponent on Knockouts Knockdown II but because Deonna has massively evolved as a competitor since, from the shy babyface to the highly skilled heel she was shown to be here, with her evolution appropriately mentioned. Brooke has done fairly well in this match to say she has been gone from a ring for many months, and still has the support of the fans which is a plus. Its nice to see Brooke back not just to compete but to be in a storyline which benefits not only herself but the other Knockouts involved as it keeps Maria and her Lady Squad in an angle and on TV. I’m Looking forward to see how Brooke works against Sienna, especially since she portrayed a no nonsense, fearless and courageous opposer here by going up against Sienna rather than looking on in fear like most do against a powerhouse.

Allie/Braxton: Glad to still see this storyline going on and how Laurel is involved. Theres so much build behind Allie vs Maria that im legitimately excited for their match, especially since Allie has enough veteran experience to even possibly carry Maria. Lets just hope the heat this feud has generated translates in the ring like it needed to when Maria faced Gail. Also the way they are building Allie vs Laurel is well done at the moment and a near equalizer heat wise to Allies feud with Maria that they legit could have their feud go on for a few more months if needed, or even continue if Maria possibly leaves like hinted as the secondary feud in the Knockouts Division before Allies possible ascension. I’m so behind the characters that i wouldn’t even mind a series between them considering their chemistry. I Expect that Maria had forced Braxton to train Laurel or be fired (despite having no authority in the company) in order for Braxton to split off from Allie, but we’ll find out what exactly influenced Braxtons decision in the weeks to come.

– Catherine


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