WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Champs Protege vs a Conflicted Beau (January, 20th 2017)




Welcome All to the first Main Event report of 2017, the first in a while too. If you didn’t know, well now you know. The WWE Superstars B Side Show is no more so there’s only one installment of in ring action for the least showed stars of the WWE per week. Alicia Fox, currently disgruntled in the climax of her ended partnership with Cedric Alexander, faces a Woman whose own partnership with Charlotte needs to be brought into question every week her presence isn’t required, Dana Brooke.

Alicia enters the ring for the singles clash, and while acting as a babyface, its noted via recaps about the fall of Alicia’s relationship with Alexander and how she has come to find a partnership instead with another pursuer in Noam Dar, or not so much until this past week since the recap shows rather her slapping the love interest Noam rather than what followed. Returning to the present, we see Alicia’s opponent, Dana Brooke heading to the ring, set to work her 5th Arnold Classic later in the year. Speaking of Brooke, she looks to show her physique prior to locking up with Alicia, who shows off her own flexibility in the face of such arrogance.

Alicia’s impressive flexibility atop the ropes doesn’t impress Dana, who makes her way towards her to attack, kicked away by the veteran as the two finally unleash physicality. Alicia takes Dana down with a Lou Thesz Press off the turnbuckle, and once free of a scrappy Alicia, Dana bolts to the ringside area to regroup. Alicia charges after Dana, leading to the two returning to the ring and once in, Dana takes the momentum with a knee to Fox upon avoiding her offense. She rams Alicia into an opposite corner, executing shoulder tackles to the veteran challenger in that corner then diverting Alicia’s attempt to kick her away by wheeling her legs towards the ropes, snatching Alicia and bringing her down to the mat by the back of her neck. Dana then exploits the possible pain to the back of Alicia’s neck further by pressing her foot against it, forearming her after as she tries to lead Alicia to ringside. Dana brings Alicia to ringside, then sending her into the barricade. After that round of damage, Dana takes Alicia back in the ring to perform a handstand knee drop, and that on top of her previous offense is only enough to get her a near fall.

Within Moments, Dana seizes Alicia in a bodyscissor. Alicia throws elbows before Dana turns Alicia around in an attempt to pin, getting a near fall. Dana keeps the bodyscissor locked in, but not for much longer as she takes an elbow to the face. Alicia throws herself over Dana for a pin attempt of her own, also getting a near fall. Dana tries to ambush Alicia in the corner upon recovery, but is kicked away. Alicia hits clotheslines to make her hopeful comeback, followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam which also gets her a near fall. Alicia ends up on the outside, hitting some shoulder tackles to create short separation between her and Dana. Alicia glides over the ropes, taking advantage of Dana’s near upright position to nail the axe scissor kick. Alicia pins Dana and wins the match.

(Dana Brooke vs Alicia Fox)

Thoughts On This Match:
Alicia once again uses the side shows to exploit her in ring craft and use it to make her fellow women’s superstars look good, allowing them to trust her in ring ability. Dana has also come leaps and bounds over the months, disregarding that one match with Bayley that some just cant help but bring up without looking at the follow up improvements, and while its a shame that she cant look strong on RAW or even further her partnership with Charlotte despite the constant references, shes getting some in ring time on these B Side Shows, not losing to Sasha nearly every week, and being allowed to show the exploitation of her move-set expansion. We have this match coming again soon and it’ll be interesting to see what happens if they try place Noam at ringside for any of Alicia’s future matches, even against Dana, though with the current characteristics of Alicia and her progression into a heel again, maybe not so much.

– Catherine


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