WWE RAW RESULTS: Banks Causes A Rumble In Nia’s Jungle (January, 23rd 2017)




Only Days Remain until both brands of the WWE meet for the companies year opening Royal Rumble Pay Per View, an event that will decide a main eventer for this years 33rd WrestleMania, and a possible new women’s champion heading into this momentous event in sports entertainment infamy. As the Rumble Looms, Bayley and Charlotte get some last words on each others resolve, plus fellow foes Sasha Banks and Nia Jax meet with their own last words, or more so last load of physical throw-downs.

The first of two pre PPV sit down interviews goes to Bayley, speaking with Corey Graves. Bayley sounds off on her feeling heading into her first Royal Rumble, to which she is wowed at, considering shes now working in huge arenas in comparison to how she started. Corey asks why Charlotte has been using her passion for the WWE against her. Bayley says her passion for the WWE is no negative, as its what got her into the WWE ring today, to her position as a contender for her women’s title. On top of her upcoming moment as the challenger to the title, the WWE has brought her some more personal memories with her dad and her brother, back when she used to sit and watch from her living room, and on Sunday her dad and brother will be sitting there to watch her in a WWE ring as she competes against Charlotte. After the emotion sinks in for Bayley, Corey asks how she feels on being depicted by the fan base as a role model, to which Bayley answers that she is just her. When she goes out there to embrace the attending fans, it helps her reminisce the feeling of being them, of being behind the guardrail watching others compete. While she gets all nervous heading out into the ring, feeling the crowd energy and having the Bayley balloons come upon around her take away such a feeling to the point where she feels she can do anything, including fight for the RAW Women’s Championship, even when some have felt that she cant do such a thing. Furthermore, she knows her opponent Charlotte too well, having had past matches with her even before the main roster, and while she may not have her bloodline, she does hold two victories over the title holder. With that being said, shes adamant shes walking into the ring with her tassels and walking out with the RAW Women’s Championship.

The Second Sit Down Interview is of course conducted by Corey Graves with Bayleys Opponent, the RAW Women’s Champion, the Proclaimed “Queen of PPV”, the 4x Women’s Champion Charlotte. Corey welcomes her on board as he had with Bayley, before getting right to the questions, first asking the Champ what her earliest memory is of the Royal Rumble. Charlotte answers that the memory that comes to mind is watching her father, Ric Flair, come out on top over 29 other huge names back in 1992 to win that years Royal Rumble. Charlotte calls this win a family tradition as the Flairs are expected to dominate while Bayleys family just watch from the couch rather than imitate this lineage. Charlotte views the upcoming Pay Per View as just another opportunity to surpass her fathers legacy, and she doesn’t deny being a privileged person when Corey references Bayley accusing Charlotte of using her father to step foot into the business. Declaring herself as the Greatest Female currently in the WWE, Charlotte reminds all that she could be winning titles elsewhere, but shes here in the WWE. Corey jumps to the bond between herself and Bayley that once was following this, stating that the two were considered friends at one point but asks whats changed after noting the recent embarrassment she hauled at Bayley as just one of the ways that has broken their friendship. Charlotte states there was no intent to cause humiliation, but to inform the WWE Universe of just who they were getting behind, and while the former “Soul of NXT” has her respect, it appeared to be lost when she looked towards taking her RAW Women’s Title. Charlotte is infuriated that Bayley acts like shes in the same league as the “Queen of PPV” and she knows the story of how Sunday will turn out, with her handing over her title to the referee in charge with the supreme confidence that it will return to her hands. In Addition, her intentions at the Alamodome is to Punish Bayley for ever thinking she can be in the same league as herself, and once the bell is rung, she envisions her crying knowing she has lost with her family watching, as Charlotte continues as the Declared Queen of Pay Per View.

Moving from Sit Down Interviews with intensity and emotion to in ring physicality, Another Woman stepping into the Alamodome this Sunday, Nia Jax, steps out for a singles match against Dylan Bostics Lass, Ray Lyn. As we all know, Sasha has barely been seen after Nia assaulted her prior to RAW weeks ago as she looked to make her road to recovery during a doctors in ring evaluation, and Nia took much happiness in doing what she did, stating that she had “Broken the Aura of the Bo$$”. Lyn awaits in the ring as Nia makes her aired entrance, crushed in the corner by a charging Nia once the bell has been rung. She rams her back first back into the corner, crushing her against it again, enough to fully wound Lyn and make her unable to fight back. Nia drags Lyn to the center, pinning her easy. Nia wins the match.

Nia snatches a mic from Charly Caruso once the match is through, cutting off her attempt to interview. Nia takes this moment to speak to the WWE Universe, declaring that her victory was in dedication to the deceased career of Sasha Banks. Nia states that just a month ago Sasha was atop the league as the RAW Women’s Champion, and now shes largely forgotten. Nia cant help but enjoy the possibility of ESPN highlighting Sasha’s quick decension in the WWE, but she believes such a programme would be too tragic. She looks towards her next intentions now that shes broken Sasha, but before she can even announce such possibilities for the future, out comes Sasha, again limping as her crutch is present. Sasha soon reveals her cleared state, smacking Nia with the crutch that Nia had used against her previously, and when Nia tries retaliating, Sasha yanks at the rope to send her out of the ring. Sasha joins her outside with a huge double knee, then leaving after making her mark and revealing her non injured state.

Sometime after a one on one showdown between Noam Dar and Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann, Dar and his newest companion in Alicia Fox appear before Alicia’s previous man, Cedric Alexander backstage upon hearing out his intentions to be a future champion in the division. She Mocks Cedric on his hopeful belief of being a champion, adding that Cedric wont be anything without her. Cedric lashes back by telling Alicia she wasnt of big help to Dar earlier in the night, and the Scottish Supernova comes between them. Dar tells Cedric that while hes assured he will be a winner with Fox alongside him, hes willing to ensure theres no hard feelings between them, despite the fact he snatched Cedric’s Girlfriend. Cedric says he and Fox are good surprisingly, but not so much for Dar due to his attack on him last week on 205 Live, pushing him to the floor to the chagrin of Alicia Fooooxxxxxx.

And of course RAW wouldnt be complete without another Emmalina Promo, and another week of wondering when the hell the heel Aussie is set to show up.

(Bayley Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox vs Rich Swann)

(Nia Jax vs Ray Lyn feat Sasha Banks)

(Noam Dar, Alicia Fox and Cedric Alexander Backstage Segment)

(Emmalina Promo)

Thoughts On:
Bayley/Charlotte Segments: While we’ve seen this build up via sit down interviews before right before a PPV, it does help in not giving away who has the momentum before the PPV, and while it helps Charlotte attain her glorified boastfulness of her ongoing success, it also, on second watch, gave a good look in on Bayley and put her over as the passionate and resilient babyface shes expected to be and wanted to be by the WWE Universe, a fan base she has garnered much support from. While im not excited for the match like i should be due to the belief that this feud is going on for many months (unless they mix up the other women into it suddenly) i do have belief that it will be a good match, definitely having a load of time considering the card isn’t dramatically full.

Nia/Sasha: This was a neat small confrontation between Nia and Sasha after Nia’s shortest (i think) squash yet. Poor Lyn didn’t even get offense in and looked meager against the imposing Nia, who in reality should be causing as much destruction as possible right before her booked PPV match, though i do call this a neat confrontation as it was booked well. Nia was overconfident in the belief she had broke Sasha, further cementing that belief due to Sasha stepping out in a believed hurt state before going on the attack. It cements Sasha’s status as a healed competitor right before the PPV and allows her to match up to the more imposing challenger right before their first bout against each other, and while Sasha’s continuous losses have hurt her credibility somewhat, meaning she may need a win on Sunday, Nia has a singles streak on PPV unmentioned and domination to attain. Who Wins on Sunday? Who Knows to be honest?

– Catherine


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