TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Rivals Set the Bar as the Impact Zone Witnesses Monsters Ball (January, 26th 2017)




Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Wrestling report, which finally introduces us to the long awaited Monsters Ball Match between ongoing enemies Jade and Rosemary. Rosemary, the heiress of the Decay, has surely learned how to battle in a match of such satanic proportions through her comrades, especially one as masterful in such stipulations as Abyss, but as stated in the two Knockouts last confrontation, Jade has a Twisted Side also awaiting for when she meets the Knockouts Champion in the ring.

But first, we get a series of segments far from the IMPACT Zone featuring Braxton Sutter and a Glammed Up Laurel Van Ness as the heel Knockout attempting to steal away Sutter from Allie takes the X Division Star on a swanky evening out. Of course Braxton shows much disinterest in the boastful Laurel, like his lust for continual wine couldn’t hint that enough, but as he goes for the bill that indicates the end of his far from enjoyable evening, it appears Laurel is plotting to take things further with Braxton…..with the help of Maria.

Moving to the in ring action back in the IMPACT Zone we have our one Knockouts Match of the night, the well hyped awaited Monsters Ball Match between Rosemary and Jade for Rosemary’s Knockouts Championship. Entering first is the challenger Jade, who accepted to take on Rosemary in such a brutal affair, then the Knockouts Champ Rosemary, who does not have her Decay cohorts to guide her. On Commentary as always for this Knockouts Clash is 5x Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Jade doesnt await for the Demon Assassin to slink into the ring, flying through the ropes and going right after Rosemary with brutal forearms, with the bell being rung of course to indicate this match is underway between the two Knockouts, and again, over the Knockouts Title.

The Action is taken to the ramp within seconds, as Jade misses with the clothesline, leading to Rosemary executing one that brings Jade to the floor. Rosemary rolls Jade into the ring, taking a trash can with a load of weapons in along with her. Rosemary climbs back into the ring, evading a trash can lid shot by Jade by hitting Jade with a kick. She weakens Jade with forearms to the back before utilizing the trash can lid herself, smacking Jades body with it. If that wasn’t painful enough for Jade, Rosemary then takes a kendo stick into her hand and smacks it against the fellow Knockouts body, furthering the pain from before. Rosemary resorts to pinning Jade after the various shots with the Kendo Stick, getting a near fall as a result as Jade stays in the game. Rosemary uses the kendo stick again advantageously, going back to pinning after but Jade continues to stay in the battle, kicking out again at two.

Rosemary heads outside, retrieving a bag which in Monsters Ball type matches, can only mean one thing, tacks will be present. She spreads the tacks across the mat near to a corner, setting up a suplex after that Jade stalls, eventually separating herself from Rosemary with a basement dropkick. After hitting Rosemary in a corner with a rolling senton, Jade finds herself scheming as she releases her belt and smacks Rosemary with it, introducing her own form of brutality. In Addition, Jade takes turns in smacking Rosemary with the kendo stick, rallying the crowd behind her in between shots. However, shes all eyes on the crowd for too long at one point, and when she eventually turns, shes met with a trash can to the face by the retaliating Rosemary. Placing the trash can adjacent to Jade, Rosemary then hauls herself up onto the turnbuckles, but Jade gets herself up in time, removing herself from the position of taking Rosemary’s deadly dropkick and launching the trash can high up at Rosemary’s head. Rosemary spills back onto the mat, seized into Jades clutches, and within moments the Demon Assassins back meets the deadly tacks spilled out on the mat courtesy of the German Suplex from Jade. Jade tries to take advantage with the cover there but gets a near fall on Rosemary to her dismay.

Jade begins to plan her next move, seizing the previously used trash can lid and cleverly using it to block the fatal purple mist of Rosemary that has cost her opponents so many matches. She throws it into the arms of Rosemary then boots the lid, and Rosemary in turn. Jade goes to pin and its another near fall for the former Dollhouse member on Rosemary. After a short recap of the sequence, Jade is bringing a table into the ring, but as she gets towards using it, Rosemary clubs her from behind. Rosemary suplexes Jade afterward, enough to get a near fall. Rosemary then brings to the ring a barbed wire board, a specialty for her Decay comrade Abyss, placing it against the mat. Rosemary sets up the F5 but Jade throws forearms at the side of Rosemary’s face to eventually loosen her grip. Jade again avoids connecting with such a hardcore item, sending Rosemary into the barbed wire board instead via a standing STO. Jade covers a shaky Rosemary seconds later but despite her cringing, shock exerting state, Rosemary manages to kick out at two.

Jade has another sinister move planned next as she places the barbed wire board against a still fallen Rosemary, meeting it and Rosemary as she executes a springboard moonsault. The Crowd is split between the champ and Jade as Jade completes setting up a table in the six sided ring, helping a shaky Rosemary up afterward to set up the next move. Jade sets up Rosemary on top of the table, possibly readying a 450 or crossbody as she takes herself to the turnbuckles. Rosemary attacks to stall this move, freeing herself from the table in turn. The Twos altercation on the ropes eventually leads to Rosemary sending Jade into a table via a superplex. Rosemary pins Jade to retain the Knockouts Championship.

Surely having seen the carnage from the back, Gail Kim dashes down to the ring to check up on Jade and help her away from the scene. However Rosemary has seen the former Knockouts Champions arrival and breaks up the twos moment of friendship as she again sprays Gail Kim’s face with the freaky purple mist, leaving her writhing. Rosemary leaves the ring, title in hand and has an interesting meeting with a recently M.I.A Brandi Rhodes in a segment shown rather via social media than in the episode itself.

(Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter Segment #1)

(Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter Segment #2)

(Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter Segment #3)

(Jade vs Rosemary; Monsters Ball Match for the Knockouts Championship)

(Rosemary and Brandi Rhodes Segment; IMPACT Digital Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Laurel/Braxton: The Character Progression for Allie, Laurel and Braxton has been on point in the past few weeks. The Dinner segments were great, capitalizing on Laurels Snobby, Rich Seductress Character while also utilizing Braxton by showing a personality we haven’t really seen from him while utilized in the X Division. Braxton is doing well in his role of throwing off the flirtatious antics of Laurel and showing his regret for falling into Maria’s scheme and it intrigues me what segments they will do in the coming weeks outside of the ones taped in the ring to bring this angle to an all new level, but one things for sure, it should work wonders for Allie and her retribution.

Rosemary/Jade: While the Knockouts are keeping to their time limits as expected, i have to agree with Josh Mathews here (and thats a first considering im not a big fan of his) that Rosemary and Jade are setting the bar for women’s wrestling anywhere here with this intense Monsters Ball showdown. Rather than getting regular matches every week, we’re getting the character development needed for these fresh names in the title picture and stipulated matches that match the animosity the angle is providing. If this showing wasn’t enough for you, you’re going to love what follows featuring both these Knockouts, because even though Brandi’s exclusive segment seems to hint a new angle ahead featuring the title, theres a little more to come regarding Red vs Blue. Praising aside and speculation afoot, will that Mist just be a blinder tactic for the near future or will it actually have an effect on “The Soul” of Gail Kim?

– Catherine


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