WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Retribution Arises for Cleveland’s Own (January, 27th 2017)




Welcome all to this weeks Main Event report, a mirrored image of the previous episode as we get a second installment in the Alicia Fox vs Dana Brooke series. Will having a hometown crowd give the protege of the RAW Women’s Champion a defining edge or will she be flattened by her veteran opposer for a second time running?

Alicia is out first for this weeks showdown, retaining her babyface persona from last week despite being a full fledged heel in her actual ongoing storyline with Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander. Dana comes out to boos next, before the receiving an actual applause once the crowd figure per announcement that she hails from Cleveland. Even Alicia has a giggle over that (assuming thats what its over). The Match starts with the two locking up and Dana utilizing her strength from the get go to push Alicia to a corner. Alicia retaliates by wrapping Dana in a waist-lock, but Dana manages to counter. Alicia arm drags Dana to retaliate before Dana comes back with a shoulder block to take Alicia down. Dana taunts Alicia, but it proves costly as shes caught by Alicia, who tilts her to another side of the ring. Alicia targets the left shoulder of Dana after an arm drag. Dana manages to help herself to her feet, going for a slam that Alicia counters into a roll up to get the first near fall of the match.

Following her pin attempt, Alicia is back to inflicting damage to the left shoulder of Dana. Dana hits back with her free arm, furthermore attacking her in the corner. Dana looks to follow up that assault in an opposite corner but is knocked back by Alicia’s elbow. Alicia heads to the top turnbuckle then sunset flips Dana to get a one count. Alicia rolls up Dana once again, getting a near fall. She snaps the arm of Dana after, but doesn’t get to continue from there as Dana rolls from the ring to regroup.

Returning from a break, Dana is back in the squared circle, whipping Alicia into her next attack, which Alicia throws off by countering with a Lou Thesz Press. Alicia scraps with Dana on the mat then sets herself up on the turnbuckles to deliver a series of chops to Dana, with Dana managing to scramble out of the onslaught, yanking Alicia off the turnbuckles and dropping her to the mat. Dana pounds Alicia with forearms, only enough to get Dana a near fall. Dana taunts to the audience before being caught in Alicia’s sneaky roll up, another of which she kicks out of. Dana sends down Alicia with a kick, nailing singular knee drops mid handstand before trying to pin Alicia again, once more getting a near fall. Dana chokes Alicia against the second rope to continue her momentum, furthering that more with stomps to Alicia’s throat in the corner. Dana wraps Alicia in a body-scissor following a backbreaker, rolling over Alicia with the body-scissor still intact to pin, but rather get a near fall. Alicia manages to break off from Dana after forcing her shoulders to the mat for a pin attempt that leads to one more near fall.

Dana goes for Twisted Bliss in the center of the ring but Alicia raises her knees, which connect with the body of Dana to counter her move. Alicia starts to make a comeback with forearms, following with dropkicks and kicks mid armbar. Alicia connects with a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging into a pin and getting a near fall once more on Dana. Alicia whips Dana to a corner to follow, though her next attack is blocked by an elbow from Dana. Alicia strikes again with a hard forearm and a kick, then completely laying out Dana with the signature Axe Scissor Kick in the rings center, enough to get the three count. Alicia wins the rematch.

(Dana Brooke vs Alicia Fox)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another good outing between Dana and Alicia, allowing again not only in ring exposure for Dana while shes storyline-less, but allow her to expand her craft through the help of the veteran Alicia Fox. The Only Negative that Ive somehow managed not to mention before is how we never get to see Dana’s fireman’s carry slam finisher anymore, or in cases where it has been utilized, not connected. Will we see either two competitors on next weeks episode? If So will Dana ever get retribution? Guess time will tell.

– Catherine


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