WWE NXT RESULTS: No Peace Can Be Promised for the Title Combatants Pre Takeover (January, 25th 2017)




Just like this week was RAW and Smackdowns last chance to provide last minute intensity prior to all their booked matches, it was a similar path on this weeks NXT, as two women (Ember Moon and Liv Morgan) looked to provide a future look in for whoever emerges victorious from this Saturdays San Antonio Fatal 4 Way, featuring the defending champion Asuka, Nikki Cross and the Professed “Iconic” Duo of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

So since Asuka and her contenders are being made to be at Peace in their main event standoff, the first topic of highlighting is the match between Liv Morgan and Ember Moon, suggested last week by Morgan as a respectful bout to show to whomever may be champion after Saturday Evening that competition runs high in the NXT Women’s Division. Out first is the currently undefeated Ember Moon, then Liv Morgan, who had her backing sometime back during the time she had become the target of the vicious Peyton and Billie. Ember begins with a headlock into a take-down that Liv reverses into a headscissor. Ember kips up, and Liv matches her by doing the same, showing some respect before the next lock up. Liv uses her flexibility Melina Style to duck an oncoming clothesline by Ember, and Liv tries to roll up Ember early, with Ember kicking out at one. Ember also rolls Liv up, getting the first two count. The Two break off after Liv performs a unique roll up roll about sequence.

Ember seizes Liv in a waist-lock, which Liv reverses into her own. Ember uses the ropes to knock away Liv, but she comes back quickly with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor. Liv takes Ember away from the ropes for another pin attempt, but only getting a one count. Liv goes for a corner clothesline, missing when Ember moves to safety. Ember connects with a high running knee, then executing a strong Fallaway Slam which leads up to the next pin attempt that Liv escapes at two. Ember reverts to a crossface, diverting Liv’s attempt to roll her over to keep it intact. Liv’s next roll over attempt gets her a near fall on Ember and fully breaks her off from the fellow women’s competitor. Ember tries to seize Liv but becomes the target of a standing jawbreaker from Liv, who then connects with an echoing forearm. Liv follows up with a dropkick and running bulldog, then seizing Ember in a guillotine submission that Nia Jax would know of, being the move Bayley had submitted her with. Ember refuses to go down and throws Liv right over the top rope and to the outside ground. Ember clambers to the apron, awaits for Liv to get on her feet and executes a kick on the apron to send her down again. Rolling her back into the ring a short time later, she then takes herself to the top turnbuckle and connects with the Eclipse for the three count. Ember wins the match.

From that to the main event next, which sees the women competing at NXT Takeover San Antonio getting a last minute reaction to the women’s championship announcement, with peace apparently promised. Dasha and NXTs General Manager are stood by in the ring already, calling down first Billie and Peyton. Snatching the mic from Regal, Peyton throws off the crowds pro Asuka chants, believing Asuka wont take her and Billie down at San Antonio. Furthermore, Billie reminds all of their previous statement, that they run the NXT Women’s Division, which they will prove at NXT Takeover San Antonio. Peyton states that the NXT Universe have seen the damage they can do to Asuka, and Billie adds that they have a beat down waiting for the Psychotic Nikki Cross. Peyton promises that come San Antonio, one of them will walk out with the NXT Women’s Championship, and with that statement closed, welcomed into the ring is Nikki Cross. Cross does not speak, rather seeking a fight with the backed out Billie and Peyton, then down comes Asuka. Asuka rushes the ring and charges after Peyton and Billie, who retreat. Nikki and Asuka then get into an intense stare-down but are ambushed by the Aussies, though the two manage to clear them off. Asuka and Nikki stare-down again, but are forced to fight different forces again as Security run down to separate things. Asuka then roundhouses Nikki before being yanked away from the ring by Security. The Segment ends with Billie and Peyton looking in both shock and awe as Nikki dives off the ropes and takes out Asuka and every remaining Security member.

(Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan)

(Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross and Asuka Segment)

Thoughts On:
Ember/Liv: Shorter than expected but one of Embers most competitive matches outside of vs Billie and vs Kimber, and the chemistry i noted about before is there that makes longer efforts needed. Liv is taking bigger bumps, expanding her move-set wherever possible and again has massively evolved since her first TV match to the point where she can be relied on to put on a good match, so in my opinion i don’t see where the complaints about Liv as a wrestler come from. The match will either prove as the ultimate stepping stone for Ember into contention while Liv takes what she learned from her veteran co worker to excel herself in another angle, or the constant falls for Liv while wanting to prove herself to Asuka will sink her down to the point of a heel turn. While i don’t see that turn happening, if Asuka or Nikki walk out as champion and the two end up going one on one for the Next Takeover, Ember is going to need yet another side story.

Billie/Peyton/Asuka/Nikki: I’m Really Hyped for this upcoming match not only because its the first multi woman NXT women’s championship defense in a while but because there’s legit fresh talent there, proving that the NXT Women’s Division is coming on with its expansion and build of characters. While its arguable that Peyton isn’t the best on the mic, She and Billie, even though they haven’t been given any chance to look dominant over Asuka or Nikki match wise, have been doing a great job with their characters, and their viciousness has been shown time after time, meaning the viewers know what to expect from them come San Antonio, on a more longer scale of course in comparison to this segment where they barely got the chance to fight against the more showcased Nikki and Asuka, which the feud appears to center around momentum wise in this particular segment. ICW, Pro Wrestling Eve and any fans familiar with Nikki know shes a solid in ring worker, but have yet to see her compete under the particular character for a lengthy period of time, as just 2 minutes is enough for any worker she has gone up against so far due to her rabid nature. To Add, Asuka doesn’t even need to be pinned here, and as mentioned the momentum jumps between Asuka and Nikki in the closure of the segment, so is it the sneakiness that allows Billie and Peyton to come out not only as the dark horses but as (one of) the victors at Takeover? Or will Nikki prove rough and too tough even for the most dominant competitor known in NXT? Well, Ive picked my winner…

– Catherine


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