WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Reinvention of Mickie James and the Return of Naomi (January, 24th 2017)




As the Royal Rumble Draws Closer, this week wasn’t only the last chance for the RAW brand to set the stage for their immense feuds, but for Smackdown as well, and while only a meager two competitors made the main card for the brand outside of the Rumble Match, all women currently engaged in heated feuds will get the chance to settle their rivalries inside the Alamodome as part of the Kickoff Show. What lead to this booked match that im to mention? Lets see.

The First women’s wise segment of the show sees Renee Young welcome back Mickie James to Smackdown, and the newly villainous veteran has a lot to talk about, considering she had played a part in Alexa Bliss keeping grabs on the Smackdown Women’s Title last week. Once Mickie has stepped into the ring, Renee mentions to Mickie that its been seven years since shes been in a WWE ring (excluding her match with Asuka last year). Renee says there’s an air of surprise over Mickie turning out to be La Luchadora so the first question she must ask the returned veteran is why? Instead Mickie runs over her accolades, whether that would be when she won her first women’s title by beating Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22, or the fact that she has held both of the women’s and divas titles. Renee knows about these accomplishments but reminds Mickie that she hasn’t answered the question as to why she played the role of La Luchadora, the assailant that had gone out of her way to cost Becky Lynch her title opportunity. Mickie tells Renee she hasn’t lost track of whats going on in the WWE, fuming at Charlotte and Becky Lynch and others for being credited at starting a Women’s Revolution while herself went unmentioned (true story when you look through the Women’s Evolution Documentary).

Mickie adds that they would have got away with all the glory if it wasn’t for Alexa Bliss, stating that Alexa has been fighting to make her own statement during the self righteous women’s revolution that revolves around particular stars. In Addition, Mickie proclaims that Alexa is the only star to have remembered Mickie’s accomplishments in comparison to others, therefore has gained her respect. Hearing this out, Renee questions Mickie on whether it was really Okay to allow Alexa to cheat in order to defeat Becky Lynch a week ago, to which Mickie acknowledges that costing her was due to Becky going on about her own accolades of being Smackdowns First Female Draft Pick and supposed face of the whole revolution (though truthfully she was the least treated of the Four Horsewomen in the RAW Days). Mickie reminds all this isn’t about the Revolution, but her reinvention because she matters. Before she can speak more on her own self, Becky Lynch charges out from the back to grapple with James. Alexa Bliss joins in and she and Mickie beat down on the former title contender, and after leaving Becky Laying, Mickie tells the fallen opposer that the lesson learned from this is to be one step ahead.

The Next Segment sees the Shopping Trip of Carmella and James Ellsworth that was snubbed a week ago. Carmella is going out of her way to change the image of Ellsworth, though highly disagreeing with any particular outfits up until he selects a gangster/rapper type look that Carmella sees as highly F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

Moving from outside of the arena to back in, and it is announced that Naomi will return to face Natalya. However no such match takes place as Natalya finds herself brawling again in the back with Nikki Bella, and fuming at a potential opportunity being taken away from her upon return, Naomi demands for any woman in the back to step out and challenge her. Out comes Alexa sometime clear of her and Mickie’s beat down on Becky Lynch, though shes in no clear mood to compete against the woman she appears to have forgotten. Alexa asks who exactly Naomi thinks she is, and gets some fighting talk from the confident returned superstar who suggests she should step foot in the ring with her, the next Smackdown Women’s Champion. Alexa doesn’t believe in such a feat of course, walking away in the light of teasing a possible title shot for Naomi. However Naomi wont have to wait long to get her hands on the current champion, as Naomi joins Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella to take on Alexa, Mickie and Natalya this Sunday on the Royal Rumble Kickoff show.

And Lastly Maryse was the accompaniment of her A Lister Husband the Miz as he looked towards an opportunity to face Dean Ambrose for his recently lost Intercontinental Title, contested in a Lumberjack Match. Unfortunately for Miz he wouldn’t be closing the month with title in hand as Ambrose went on to retain.

(Mickie James, Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch Segment)

(Carmella and James Ellsworth Segment)

(Naomi vs Natalya feat Nikki Bella and Alexa Bliss)

Thoughts On:
Mickie/Alexa/Becky: I Absolutely Loved this Segment upon watching it again while i was a bit iffy the first time. Not only did Mickie bring an intensity never seen in her past heel run with the WWE, but she finally spoke up on the treatment of the past veterans who have been snubbed over their accolades before even the likes of Charlotte, Becky etc came, elaborating more on that on Talking Smack, which gained the attention of Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool. Mickie doesn’t feel like a bodyguard for Alexa, as she shouldn’t be, they feel like legit equals with an equal target with equal dominance and thats what makes the pairing so intriguing. Not to mention the look of Alexa alone makes one wonder whether they will try to duplicate Mickie/Trish with the two in the future? Regardless, even if not a bodyguard, Mickie is surely a factor in Alexa’s future title defenses is she not?

Naomi/Alexa: Its about time Naomi was back after struggling to find her way back to Television over the past few weeks/months. While i can see WWE being petty to Naomi again by making her a filler feud and once again not capitalizing on her continuous evolution and hard work by not giving her a championship run, meaning fans are most likely to turn on Alexa and Becky soon, both of which deserved title runs as they were never awarded one before, Becky struggling due to the focal points of RAW and Alexa moving up too quickly, Mania is in Naomi’s Hometown this year, and furthermore while it also can be expected for WWE to follow up on their formula on stars losing in their hometowns, Naomi winning the title there would be a payoff for her years of hard work and a legitimate feelgood story after losing out for so long at times where she should have won. At the moment im not expecting Naomi on the WM Card and rather Mickie or Nikki winning the title somehow (which, as much as i respect both, goes against the idea of the new era) but if she is and she wins the title, as long as WWE allow Alexa to continue to shine in ways Smackdown can provide, id be totally okay with the move. Just Please, Get Rid of the Rear View. PLEASE.

– Catherine


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