WWE NXT TAKEOVER SAN ANTONIO RESULTS: Asuka Meets Her Biggest Challenge, Only This Time in Numbers (January, 28th 2017)




Welcome All to the NXT Takeover San Antonio Report, as Prior to this years Royal Rumble, the NXT Roster got to show their ongoing worth in their first PPV Visit to San Antonio, as the Freeman Coliseum played into history with the second ever Fatal 4 Way Match in NXT Women’s Championship History. A Forever dominant, record breaking Asuka looked to continue the longest reign currently in NXT Women’s Championship History as she defended not only against a dangerously rabid Nikki Cross, but the cunning and vicious duo of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, with the match being Asuka’s first title defense against multiple opponents.

But before we discuss this awaited encounter, we see the villainous duo of Peyton and Billie in complete happiness on the pre show as they are announced as NXTs End of Year Breakout Stars. However, its not so much happiness for them when Asuka takes the Overall Female Competitor of the Year award, which they snatch before the champion can even be passed it. In Addition, someone who has a sure eye on the later title match, Ember Moon, sat down with the Panel of Charly, Corey and Nigel McGuinness to discuss the intentions of going after the NXT Women’s Title.

Now from that and Straight to the main card, Like Past History, the Championship match is indeed in the pre main event slot, to follow behind the lengthy collision between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura. Having not accompanied her Sanity Teammate Eric Young earlier in the night to surely prepare, making her entrance first for the NXT Women’s Championship Match is Nikki Cross, then entering after her are the duo of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, very much with their friendship intact. Entering lastly and traditionally is the defending NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, fearlessly eyeing all three of her opponents once she has entered the ring.

When the bell rings, its Billie and Peyton left face to face in the center with the lethal forces of Asuka and Nikki Cross, ever so cleverly running from the ring before either woman can engage with them in combat. The Two stand over at ringside to observe as Nikki tries to go for Asuka to open this match, but doesn’t get such as Asuka ducks the oncoming move. As the two spill around the ring, trying to lock up with each other, Kay and Royce are soon back in, attacking both Asuka and Nikki. Billie hangs up Nikki against one corner post, constantly attacking her before joining Peyton in assaulting Asuka in the opposite corner. Asuka escapes a whip attempt by the duo, whipping Peyton into an opposite corner along the way, then dealing a low kick to Billie before squashing Peyton in the corner with the running hip attack. Asuka takes down both Peyton and Billie, and the two Aussies roll to the outside, leaving it again between herself and Cross. Just as Nikki gets her hands on Asuka, fuming at the Champ seemingly forgetting her in the midst of battling Kay and Royce, the Aussies charge in again, separating the two. Peyton holds up Nikki to take a forearm from Billie, and Billie kicks Nikki toward a corner before trying to free Asuka from Peyton near the ropes. However Asuka reverses, leaving both in prime position for a Double German Suplex, which connects.

With Billie and Peyton cleared off again, Nikki and Asuka are once more face to face, and finally come to blows. Asuka looks to take over with forearms, before receiving a vicious headbutt from Nikki. Nikki Lou Thesz Press’s Asuka, smothering her on the mat before she ends up on the end of the second German Suplex. Asuka goes for the roundhouse/spin kick after using her hip attack to send an intervening Peyton and Billie back to ringside, but Nikki dodges this, soon reversing momentum with a neckbreaker. After taking the Champ to the mat, Nikki goes for the first pin attempt, however this expectedly doesn’t pin Asuka as she kicks out at two. Nikki charges towards Asuka after seeing her recent onslaught fail, but Asuka sees the vicious opponent coming, yanking at the ropes, leading to Nikki hitting the floor. Asuka climbs to the apron, awaits for Nikki to make it to her feet, and goes for another kick, but Nikki dodges this too. Nikki sweeps Asuka by the foot, leading to Asuka’s jaw connecting with the apron. Nikki nails a hangmans DDT then clambers up the turnbuckles, connecting with a diving crossbody to Peyton and Billie on the opposite side of ringside. Before Nikki can continue her carnage, shes sent into the guardrail by Billie. Peyton then assists Billie in running Nikki into the opposite guardrail shoulder first, furthermore assaulting her on their way up the ramp. Nikki tries to overthrow this two on one attack as she sends Peyton face first into the stage, climbing onto the commentary table afterward. However Billie has followed up, and attacks Nikki from behind. Billie summons Peyton up and the two suplex Nikki off the commentary table, leaving her down completely.

And with Nikki Completely out, Peyton and Billie dash back to the ring to deal with Asuka. Billie hoists Asuka in the ring to take a hard knee from Peyton, before both proceed to cover their presumed fallen Champion, but get a near fall to their dismay. Just as it sinks in that Asuka still remains, Billie and Peyton begin plotting again. They set up for Asuka to be face-planted into Billies knee, but instead Asuka kicks Billie in the face. As Billie rolls out upon impact, Peyton evades a swift roundhouse by Asuka and hits her own, straight into the Widows Peak to follow. Peyton hopes for the win there with the single pin attempt on Asuka, but its another near fall on the Champion and Peyton is again in dismay. Peyton lets her fury get to her, shouting smack at Asuka while constantly shoving at her face. Asuka battles back with a huge kick sending away Billie after with another KO’ing kick before the same move leaves Peyton flat, completely out and unable to evade a 3 count. Asuka wins, retaining her NXT Women’s Championship.

(Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Pre Show Segment #1)

(Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Pre Show Segment #2)

(Ember Moon on the NXT Takeover Pre Show 32.41 – 36.31)

(Billie Kay vs Nikki Cross vs Peyton Royce vs Asuka; NXT Women’s Championship Match)

(Asuka Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall another Top Quality Women’s Match for an NXT Takeover Special, though i can only stress enough how it wasn’t as long as we all hoped, though understandable as the follow up main event went well over the time limit. In Addition, while i was gutted to see Billie do little work in this match, not busting out any big moves other than the suplex delivered with Peyton, Peyton was truly the breakout star in this match with her Widows Peak and with the amount of time she got to spar with Asuka alone and match up to her to look like an actual threat. Nikki seemed to be placed only in this match because of how Asuka seemingly looks at her as a threat in comparison to the Aussies, to her enjoyment, and while Ember vs Asuka seems fated for the near future, something isn’t amiss with Nikki’s brief look towards Asuka at the end of the match. As Much as im gutted that WWE missed out on the one chance for Asuka to lose her title without being pinned, we can only hope the Aussies continue to look dominant and get some sort of run in the future, and that whatever follows regarding the championship really is worth the hype. Personally, i would rather see Asuka vs Ember than Asuka vs Nikki but we cant rule out Nikki ending Asukas reign either. Triple Threat? With that ending stare-down and Asukas insults for Ember on the post show exclusive, another multi woman match might come the champions way.

– Catherine


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