WWE RAW RESULTS: Ups and Downs for the Faces of the RAW Womens Division (January, 30th 2017)




A Weekend of Hellacious Wrestling has concluded, and with the events of Takeover San Antonio and Royal Rumble now in the past, its now a look towards the future, the future path towards WrestleMania and its Roadblock of Fast Lane, as the main roster women gear up to continue their rivalries. Bayley and Charlotte join the feuding forces of Sheamus, Cesaro and the RAW Tag Team Champions Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in mixed tag team champions, while a far from elated Sasha Banks seeks retribution against the continually dominant Nia Jax.

Bayley is first seen trying to mend the friction between Sheamus and Cesaro, considering the fact that they had lost their championship titles the night before, and on top Cesaro and Sheamus nearly turned on each other in the later main event. Bayley tries to get them on the same page with an embrace but as they do, they are interrupted by the appearances of Anderson and Gallows as well as Charlotte, who label them as the Royal Rumble Loser Support Group. Furthermore Charlotte reiterates that they aren’t just nerds as Gallows calls them, but failures, amping Bayley up to get revenge, in the match of course.

Entering first for the announced match are the duo of Cesaro and Sheamus, then Bayley who tries to urge them into her happy atmosphere entrance. Entering next are the new RAW Tag Champs, the Club aka Gallows and Anderson then RAWs still Women’s Champion Charlotte, and with those entrances complete, the mixed tag match can begin. The Match teases with Charlotte and Bayley kicking things off, but Charlotte is fast into retreat, tagging Karl in. Bayley clears off as does Charlotte, leaving the men to their own altercations in the ring for some time. Tagging in towards the final moments of the match is Charlotte, taken down by a leaping Bayley. As she watches Cesaro dive onto the heels on the outside, shes distracted enough for Charlotte to attack and ready for the figure four. Bayley kicks out before it can be set up completely, and within moments, plants her with the finishing Belly to Belly Suplex. Bayley earns a third pin over the RAW Women’s Champion. Bayley, Cesaro and Sheamus Win the Match.

However, Bayleys happiness towards winning over Charlotte remains in the ring, as she switches towards comforting Sasha backstage before her scheduled rematch with Nia Jax. She tries to urge Sasha into not walking into the match with Nia, but Sasha is dead against not going out there, stating she has much to prove, and unlike someone (in sure reference to Bayley) shes not Okay with coming up short.

Thus Sasha goes out there to challenge Nia Jax, even with her knee re-injured at the hands of Nia just the night before. She enters the ring first, followed by her Royal Rumble Opponent, the Imposing Nia Jax, who is sure to only do more damage to Sasha to follow up from last night. When the bell rings, Sasha goes right to the strategy of trying to bring Nia to her knees with dropkicks to the legs. She hits the ropes, going for a running crossbody, but is swiftly caught in the hands of Nia. Nia readies for the Samoan Drop but Sasha slips off the shoulders, trying to roll Nia over like before, but failing to do so. Nia brings Sasha to her feet and shoves her to a corner, though she doesn’t manage to crush her in that corner as Sasha moves out of harms way, leading to Nia’s shoulder meeting the ring post. Nia tries to hit the ring afterward, but Sasha scores some kicks to keep her on the outside. She attempts a baseball slide dropkick but Nia reverses and catches Sasha, rag-dolling Sasha around the ringside area and swinging her knee into the ring post and apron. Nia rolls Sasha back into the ring, following behind her a moment later and she stalks her around the ring while kicking at the bad knee. Nia wrenches Sasha in a submission and the bell is rung despite Sasha not tapping (What the Actual Heck….) but even despite winning via Sasha apparently giving in, Nia isn’t done and keeps Sasha writhing in the submission until Bayley charges down, warding Nia away.

In Addition we had appearances from Lana and Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie tried to waive off Kevin Owens Match for the night considering his condition from the brutal match against Reigns at the Royal Rumble, confronting Mick Foley about it over his decision. She also had an additional confrontation with Seth Rollins, who had invaded NXT Takeover in order to seek out a fight with Triple H, being banned from the Rumble for his actions. Despite insisting Triple H wasn’t at RAW to face up to Rollins, it soon appeared false as Stephanie later revealed to Rollins that Triple H was on his way for a potential showdown.

Lana also accompanied Rusev and Jinder Mahal as they battled Enzo and Cass in an unsuccessful effort in a booked Tornado Tag Team Match, one you don’t see regularly on RAW. Plus no Emmalina promo this week. Uh Oh….

(Bayley, Cesaro, Sheamus, Charlotte, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Segment)

(Bayley, Cesaro and Sheamus vs Charlotte, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson; Mixed Tag Team Match)

(Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins Segment)

(Sasha Banks and Bayley Backstage Segment)

(Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax feat Bayley)

(Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Jinder Mahal and Rusev w/ Lana)

(Nia Jax on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: Overall it wasn’t as lengthy as one may have wanted it to be, and the women’s action was cruelly short. While Bayley pinning Charlotte was the signal of retribution due to losing at the Royal Rumble, Charlotte hadn’t been worked on through much of the match, and while Bayleys finisher is indeed the Belly to Belly Suplex, it doesn’t make sense for Charlotte to be pinned by it considering the amount of finishers that have been kicked out of before and because of how she had barely been worked on during the match. The Whole set up was odd to me, even if the babyfaces winning made sense.

Sasha/Nia: The More perfectly booked feud here to be fair. While i am mega confused at why the bell rung and that there was no insight or mention on who rang it meaning a possible botch, Sasha’s constant losses are building up to the turn she is already teasing with her more angry actions, and in turn, Nia is looking like an actual threat. A Rematch is sure to come between the two, and if Sasha loses that, when exactly does she implode on Bayley? In fact will she implode as soon as next week due to Bayley not actually going after Nia?

– Catherine


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