WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Its Time for the Glow to Envelop the Chamber (January, 31st 2017)




Welcome to this weeks Smackdown Report, which appropriately follows up the aftermath of the past weeks Royal Rumble Pay Per View which saw the feuding forces of the Smackdown Women’s Division take center stage on the Kickoff Show in a Six Woman Tag which ultimately ended with a recently returned Naomi pinning Smackdowns Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss days after promising to make a statement upon recovering from a believed injury. The Heels, that being Alexa and also returned veteran Mickie James are surely fuming over that loss this past Sunday, thus take on Naomi and former Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in Tag Team Action.

Naomi enters first for this competitive tag match, followed by the entrance of her babyface tag team partner, Becky Lynch. Entering after the babyfaces are the villainesses, the recently hinted partners in crime of Mickie James and Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Mickie hints starting off against Lynch considering her vicious attack mid match the Sunday before, but backs out quickly and tags Bliss. Regardless Becky gets her focus on and powers over Alexa, taking her down to the mat face first, and with Alexa in hand following that assault, she heads over to her own corner to allow Naomi to tag to compete against the champion she recently pinned. Naomi sunset flips into the ring, trying to pin Bliss right away, but the champ escapes at two, resulting in a near fall. Naomi kicks Alexa in the face to follow, delivering a single leg drop after but that doesn’t put away the champ, who escapes her follow up pin attempt again at two.

Naomi readies for a crossbody, but she misses the target of Bliss, crashing directly into the ropes instead. Alexa pounds on Naomi following her painful looking fall, tagging in Mickie James after the onslaught. Alexa holds up Naomi to take a lethal kick from Mickie before leaving the ring, and Mickie continues her onslaught with a snapmare and basement dropkick to the face, but like Bliss, Naomi is able to fight out, and Mickie gets a near fall as she tries to pin the hopeful contender. Naomi is grasped in a front face-lock before she can reach over to Lynch, and Mickie brings Naomi to the heels corner, of course allowing Bliss to tag. Alexa kicks Naomi once she enters the ring, standing on her afterward and giving her some smack talk, receiving a kick from Naomi in response. Naomi tries to dash back over to Lynch but Bliss sees this, grabbing Naomi by her hair and taking her down to the mat backward, enough to get her a near fall on Naomi. Alexa connects with Insult to Injury, but the move seems to have worn her out too and the two soon find themselves crawling to their partners. Becky finds herself tagged in as does her nemesis Mickie James.

Becky is instantly fired up, charging into the ring and connecting with lariats and dropkicks to James, finalized with the flying firearm and springboard sidekick usual combo in the corner. Following a sneaky spinning back kick, Becky sends Mickie flying as she connects with an exploder suplex, but its only enough to get a near fall on the veteran. Becky heads to the top rope next, evading a potential assault from Bliss along the way by sending her crashing to the floor, but the temporary work of Bliss assists Mickie, who climbs back to her feet and arm drags Becky off the turnbuckle to the mat. After running Naomi off the apron, Mickie kicks Becky and tries to capitalize with a pin attempt, though its broken up by Naomi. Naomi is demanded back to her corner as Mickie flips out over the face competitors assist. We then go to a commercial break.

Returning from that commercial break, its Alexa in the ring with some momentum on her side, trying to wear down Becky in a side headlock. As the crowd rally behind the former champ, Alexa sweeps her to the mat, applying a stretch hold to Becky after while standing on her hair, and after breaking off before a count of five, she tags back in Mickie James. Mickie sets her foot up above the top rope and Alexa runs Becky head first into it before hitting the apron as the now illegal competitor, allowing Mickie to take over. Mickie resorts to choking Becky with her foot against the top turnbuckle, getting in a quick verbal scuffle with the ref as Alexa messes with Becky while the ref has his eyes turned away. Becky fires back at Mickie with some punches following the smack talk from the heel competitor, but its stalled as Mickie connects with a knee. A Forearm from Mickie brings Becky back to the mat before she can summon back the needed momentum, and despite having a whip reversed, Mickie keeps in control as she elbows Becky in the face. Mickie nails her spinning hurricanrana off the top rope and goes for a pin on Becky, but its another near fall.

Becky fights out of Mickie’s follow up side headlock with a few punches, but is swept to the mat. Mickie stands on the hair of Becky while having her hand outstretched, allowing Alexa to tag in and continue the work. Becky fights back against Alexa’s offense also, but has her own attempt to reach Naomi diverted by Alexa, who tries to yank her away from her partner. Becky turns and rolls up Alexa, and after failing to pin the champ, she makes a quick dash again to Naomi, this time succeeding as Naomi tags in successfully. Naomi leaps in, connecting with the springboard crossbody to Alexa, furthermore dealing with her veteran assist in Mickie James as she dropkicks her off the apron behind the turnbuckles. Alexa blocks Naomi’s attempt to boot her while ascending up the turnbuckles, but Naomi turns things around with an inziguiri, and she floors Alexa after with the spinning clothesline and sit out jawbreaker combo. Naomi deals her flurry of kicks to Alexa, sending Alexa to the mat face first afterward and attempting to pin the champ, though getting a near fall. Alexa tries to club Becky, narrowly missing and as Becky gives the ref a telling as she tries to go for Alexa herself she tries to reach for Mickie. Becky ends up taking Mickie outside, leaving just Naomi and Alexa in the ring. A Dropkick from Naomi is followed by her signature springboard moonsault, allowing her to pin the champion again. Naomi and Becky win the match.

That isn’t the only match however this week featuring the women of Smackdown Live, as Carmella wrestles against Delilah Dawson (Delilah Doom who appeared on a past RAW to combat against Nia Jax). Of course Carmella is joined by a newly spruced James Ellsworth, who has snatched her introduction in order to welcome her to the ring instead. Carmella skips down to the ring with Ellsworth in his new rapper like get up, mocking Delilah once in the ring. Delilah responds with a side headlock, but is easily taken to the mat by Carmella. Carmella sends Delilah to another side of the ring, with the opposer being mocked by James at ringside. Delilah rolls up Carmella but doesn’t manage to pin her, but retaliates with a kick as shes whipped to the ropes. However, as she looks to continue, James seizes Delilah by both legs and she hits the mat head first. The sneaky antics at ringside by James allow Carmella to trip Delilah to the mat as she reacts, then locking the Code of Silence. Carmella wins the match.

The next women’s segment sees Daniel Bryan exit a phone call in the back to be approached by Natalya and her newly hired security. Feeling unsafe after the vicious attacks from Nikki, Natalya has approached Bryan regardless due to a planned discussion which she assumes is about new merchandise. However Nikki enters the room, mocking Natalya’s hoard of security guards and as they bicker, Bryan only finds himself taking so much of it before he has to silence them completely. Demanding silence off the two, he then announces that the two can end their rivalry once and for all, squaring off at the Elimination Chamber.

And Lastly Miz and Maryse joined commentary for a stellar main event between former WWE Champion AJ Styles and recently crowned Intercontinental Champ Dean Ambrose. Following the conclusion of that main event, Miz laid out the defeated Ambrose, surely looking to not only get revenge for his championship loss, but to cement himself as a possible contender to Cena’s Title. But he was flattened before this attack could even be boasted about, as another potential contender in Corbin laid out Miz, and Ambrose also.

And if anyone wondered where the news of Naomi’s title shot came from, the woman with recent momentum learned this during Talking Smack, announced officially to contend for Bliss’s Smackdown Womens Title at Elimination Chamber by Daniel Bryan.

(Naomi and Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss and Mickie James)

(Delilah Dawson vs Carmella w/ James Ellsworth)

(Natalya and Nikki Bella Backstage Segment)

(AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose; Miz and Maryse on Commentary)

(Naomi Talking Smack Segment)

Thoughts On:
Naomi/Becky vs Alexa/Mickie: A Very well booked tag match capitalizing on the feuds between the two forces, each with equal ring time. While it could be said that the heels should’ve won considering the loss of momentum by losing at the Rumble, the move of Naomi pinning Alexa for a second time was done to earn her the title opportunity, and it couldn’t have been done any better considering the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View is only a short time away, just over a week away in fact, meaning they already only have one more episode to hype all feuds going into the event. Naomi’s crossbody spot into the ropes also looked lethal so major props to her on taking it, and i really loved the crowd reaction to Naomi’s ending momentum into the springboard moonsault for the win. Commentary did well in hyping up Naomi’s accolades heading into her championship match, lets hope this time its treated with such legitimacy than just being said and not being followed up on like when they hype any woman on a B Side Show like Main Event and Superstars.

Delilah/Carmella: A Simple Squash and surprising to see another woman shown on RAW being used again when we usually see different jobbers showcased but i guess Delilah was in the area and up for the spot, taking Carmella’s offense well may i add. As for Carmella and James, im not sure where they are going feud wise. Sure they are exploiting the partnership between them, even if the skipping was a little too much, but who will feud with the two? Whats their future considering Carmella has some own tendencies already in her to use him though hes also a heel? Will she come to enjoy his assists to the point where they work solidly together because they’ve got months ahead of them in exploitation and angles that capitalize on their partnership. After all we cant keep up the showcase matches/squashes forever.

– Catherine


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