TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Revenge Time for the Returning Knockout, Or Just? (February, 2nd 2017)




So Its Time to Conclude My Wrestling Reports for the week, and to close we have the Knockouts of IMPACT Wrestling dishing out some action, on the suitably titled Open Fight Night as the company’s concept returns to work up the current feuds. While the Knockouts didn’t exactly call out their respective enemies, considering the issues already brewing per Sienna’s attack on a returned Brooke weeks ago, its only suitable Brooke would get to challenge her out of revenge.

But before we get to that, we first get a follow up of the first confrontation between Knockouts Champ Rosemary and a Knockout currently M.I.A from the IMPACT Ring, Brandi Rhodes. Brandi was in discussion with Broadcast Colleague McKenzie Mitchell, and upon conclusion, bumped into Rosemary. Rosemary seemingly apologizes for being too aggressive in the first encounter between them, blaming it on “Blue” (Jade) for bringing out the worst in her. Brandi is already done hearing Rosemary, bringing into question why she has been following her as of late, but she makes it clear they wont be able to coexist. Rosemary hushes Brandi, who threatens her for it, but Rosemary just laughs it off, while suggesting Brandi takes up the suggestion of joining her, in the Decay. Brandi declines again to join her forces, and Rosemary sees that shes taking things the hard way, declaring to the fearing Knockout that she will decide when the issues between the two will end.

Moving now to Knockouts Action, its Sienna challenging Brooke, with Maria Kanellis-Bennett not too shockingly in her corner. Sienna enters first with Maria by her side, while Brooke courageously and expectedly enters alone. Madison joins commentary as she does for all Knockouts Match, stating upon being questioned that while shes had a chance to discuss with Brooke beforehand, that she doesn’t need to explain regarding Brookes feelings about Maria. Regardless the action has instantly kicked off once Brooke has hit the ring, as Brooke throws some forearms directly at Sienna. Sienna shoves her off but doesn’t get to do anything else as Brooke retaliates with a dropkick that sends Sienna over to a corner. Sienna manages to escape the corner and hoist up Brooke, ending up on the end of a tilt-a-whirl headscissor. After going for a kick to the midsection, Brooke tries to go for the Tess Shocker, but cant seem to haul Sienna off the mat. Sienna counters by lodging her elbow into the back of Brookes neck, shoving her to a corner to take a corner splash, one Brooke evades as she slips away from the corner. Brooke takes herself to the middle rope and hits the X Factor/Facebuster to Sienna, charging to Sienna to cover but breaking off at two when she catches Maria shouting over on the apron.

Brooke goes after Maria, chasing her around ringside, but once back in the ring, Maria has already escaped within questionable distance, and Brooke instead ends up on the end of a retaliating Sienna’s clothesline. Sienna tries to pin her right away and gets a near fall. Brooke tries to escape the follow up hold applied by Sienna, but ends up tossed backward to the mat. Sienna taunts then returns to targeting Brooke, nailing a hard kick to the fellow Knockouts back. Another follows to the left shoulder before Sienna tosses Brooke to the apron. Sienna then distracts the ref, allowing for Maria to yank Brooke off the apron and deal some kicks to the defenseless Knockout on the outside. Maria then rolls Brooke back into the ring to take Sienna’s ongoing onslaught. Sienna follows up the offense with a pin attempt, but its only enough to get a near fall.

A Strong whip by Sienna sends Brooke crashing hard back first into the corners second turnbuckle. After another hard kick to the back, Sienna summons Maria to the apron, and Maria tries to persuade Senior Official Earl that no wrongdoing will be done while Sienna chokes Brooke with her glove. She removes it before Earl can turn back to the action, going for another pin attempt that Brooke escapes. Brooke gets back on her feet, hammering Sienna with forearms, though one from Sienna to Brookes face is enough to leave her laying on the mat. Sienna hoists Brooke onto her back, though Brooke slips free, shoving Sienna over to the turnbuckles before nailing some forearms, followed up with a backbreaker after countering a clothesline. Brooke tries again for her signature maneuver, but is unable to again, sent to the ropes by the retaliating Sienna. Sienna goes for the silencer but is tripped to the mat by Brooke who rolls into the Muta Lock. Sienna doesn’t reach the ropes as Brooke reverses into a front face-lock, then into a neckbreaker. Brooke takes herself to the turnbuckles for a possible elbow drop but is shoved off by Maria. Sienna takes advantage of this assist and connects with the Silencer to pin Brooke. Sienna wins the match.

If Maria couldn’t be basking enough in the glory of a victory for her Lady Squad Minion, she revels in it more as she sees much in the partnership between Laurel and Braxton amid confronting Braxton backstage with Mike. She leaves Braxton majorly displeased over her proposition that he proposes to Laurel, warning that something will happen to Allie if he doesn’t follow the demand.

(Rosemary and Brandi Rhodes Backstage Segment)

(Sienna w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Brooke)

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall a Good Match for Brooke, with the whole story being that Brooke looks to overcome Maria and any of her cohorts who get in her way, though the general story match wise rests entirely on Brooke being able to connect with her finisher on the more stronger Sienna, which never came to fruition. My Only Negative was even though the booking made sense, that they capitalized on the Open Fight Night concept like they did back in the day with the Knockouts, with them calling their respective foes out, thus Brooke could have shown her well known courage more by calling out the Powerhouse, even if the odds were against her with Maria’s additional presence. But Overall i feel the right person won not only because the Lady Squad winning makes them look dominant and ascends the storyline, but it also allows for Brookes revenge, with Allie thrown in the mix. I’m intrigued to see how else Brooke interacts with the Lady Squad and whether any other Knockouts interact outside of Allie.

– Catherine


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