WWE NXT RESULTS: Ember Brings Hype and Fire to the Freeman Coliseum (February, 1st 2017)




Happy Superbowl Day everyone and welcome to the NXT Report. We are well over a week clear of NXT Takeover San Antonio which saw Asukas reign peak to new heights, as she now becomes the longest reigning champion in NXT History, singles titles wise. Meanwhile One Woman who looks to match up to the dominant performer, Ember Moon, had a chance to also shine in San Antonio in a pre taped bout with Aliyah.

Ember opens for the one women’s bout for this weeks episode, as noted pre taped at NXT Takeover San Antonio with her entrance. Fellow babyface Aliyah enters next, and once both combatants are in the ring, the match can begin, but its worth noting the crowd are heavily behind Ember as the bell rings to signal the match has begun.

Both women lock up, and Aliyah tries to take control early with a take-down, bridging into a pin attempt that only leads to a one count per Ember escaping early. Aliyah arm drags Ember before Ember performs a take-down right into a cover, but Aliyah also rolls out at one. Aliyah goes for a boot but Ember blocks it, countering into a double underhook suplex. Aliyah counters a follow up submission from Ember into a snapmare. Aliyah then evades a clothesline by Ember and nails a neckbreaker, dealing some terrific uppercuts to Ember after. Aliyah takes Ember to the mat with a clothesline, then connects with a running boot to Ember in the corner. Aliyah nails a northern lights suplex, enough to get her a near fall on Ember. Aliyah tries to whip Ember but Ember blocks it midway, but ends up back in the corner after taking a kick to the midsection. Ember takes herself to the middle turnbuckle and moonsaults off of it, but the follow up pin doesn’t take Aliyah out, as Aliyah kicks out at two.

Ember seems to be setting up a sidewalk slam once back on her feet, but Aliyah counters into a hurricanrana while Ember paces around the ring with Aliyah in hand. Aliyah leaps onto Ember, who seems to tease a powerbomb, but Aliyah reverses, rolls out and takes a fiery clothesline from Ember. With Aliyah down on the mat, Ember clambers to the top rope and once Aliyah is upwards, she connects with the Eclipse for the three count. Ember wins the match.

Later On, a Victorious Ember Moon is congratulated on the pinfall victory over Aliyah by Kayla backstage. Kayla notes on Asukas Championship Defense at San Antonio last week, and how Asuka failed to acknowledge the identity of Ember later in the evening in a post match exclusive interview. Hearing this, Ember is more happy than ever over Asuka retaining the championship, because Asuka has beaten everyone shes been in the ring with, but not once has she been in the ring with her. Ember declares that once the war is settled, Asuka will know who Ember Moon is.

(Aliyah vs Ember Moon)

(Ember Moon Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Even though it was criminally short, i was really invested in this match based on how back and forth it was, giving the feeling of a fairly short contendership match. Aliyah looked like a threat with her constant reversals and domination at times over Ember, and it was nice for commentary to go over Ember and Aliyahs short term partnership heading into the respective bout, though Coreys comments on Aliyah pre match almost made me think he was making Ember look like the heel considering the many times he supports the heels. Obviously Ember won here in what we can define as not a squash based on equal effort, and the creative team are finally delving into Embers character heading into her newest angle, so maybe soon we’ll learn the idea behind “The War Goddess”.

– Catherine


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