WWE RAW RESULTS: What Happens Before Vegas, Stays Before Vegas (February, 6th 2017)




Welcome to this weeks pre Las Vegas edition of RAW. Yes the Crew of the red brand are in Las Vegas for some interesting action next week as we get the friendship celebration of Jeri-KO (the LOL’s will be heavy) and Bayley will be getting a title shot against the woman undefeated on PPV, none other of course than Charlotte Flair. But this week is a different story, as Bayley, while keeping her contendership status, has to tackle a roadblock in the form of a recently dominant Nia Jax.

Bayley enters first for the rematch from weeks ago, challenging Nia Jax. The match comes as Bayleys chance also to redeem Sasha after only being able to run out after Sasha took a horrid beat-down from the recent rival, whose entrance follows up. Once Nia is in the ring, the bell is rung and Bayleys courageous side is already on show, throwing forearms directly at Nia after trying to knock her down a peg with a kick. Nia shoves Bayley off with ease but takes a flying back elbow from Bayley as she tries to bounce back. Bayley begins to head up the turnbuckles, but reverts to another strategy when Nia charges towards her. Nia meets the turnbuckles and Bayley takes advantage, climbing onto the ropes and aiming fists at Nia. Again Nia uses her power to shove Bayley away, bringing her fully down after with a headbutt. Before Bayley can even get on her feet, shes back down to the mat when Nia crushes her with a hip attack close to the ropes. Nia headbutts Bayley, connecting after with a scoop slam, that being after Bayleys forearms bring little effect. A Proud Nia then taunts Bayley over having no aid from Sasha, before taking her up to a corner to deliver more offense.

Nia tries to further this assault after some stomps to Bayley from behind the ropes, but Bayley reverses momentum with a neckbreaker, which sends Nia jaw first into the second rope. While Nia tries to deal with the effects of this, Bayley tries to strike back further, driving her head first into a corners top turnbuckle a number of times. However, as it would with Bayley in many of her matches, this very move fires up Nia also, and within moments, Nia has momentum reversed as Bayley meets the middle turnbuckle head first. Bayley is down after the relentless maneuver from Nia, being checked up on as we come to the commercial break.

When we return, momentum has not reversed whatsoever, as Nia has Bayley clenched in a hold in the center of the ring. Bayley tries to break off with forearms, then slipping over the shoulders of Nia in a Sunset flip attempt which usually does nothing but keep Nia in position. Still standing tall, Nia forces Bayley to a vertical base but within moments Bayley is back with more forearms. Bayley pays again, driven into another corner by Nia, then tossed with ease into the opposite. Nia crushes Bayley against the same corner, even mocking Bayleys whirly dance before trying to pin her. Nia gets a near fall on Bayley as the fellow NXT Alumni stays fighting despite the momentous offense taken. Bayley, after kicking out, tries to overturn momentum, using her legs to create separation between her and Nia, eventually sending Nia into a corner to take a running boot. Shoulder blocks and back elbows follow from Bayley but as she goes for the last, Nia scoops her into her arms. Nia leads Bayley to the near center and executes a short arm clothesline to floor Bayley, enough to make her stumble out of the ring, but Nia isn’t waiting for Bayley to find her strength, following her to ringside. Nia rams Bayley shoulder first into the barricade before attempting to crush her against the ring post, only this secondary attack falls flat when Bayley moves out of harms way.

Bayley tries to capitalize on this by sending Nia head first into the same post, and upon seeing her down, she musters the energy to make it to the ring to get a possible count-out victory as the refs count towards Nia has begun. The Ref stops his count to prevent an altercation between Bayley and an arriving Charlotte, who is screeching at Bayley from the apron. A Furious Bayley manages to get Charlotte in the ring, but only for a short amount of time as she dropkicks her back out of it. Once Bayley is back on her feet, her eyes remain on the women’s champ, and not on the recovered Nia Jax, who hits a Samoan Drop to Bayley from Out of Nowhere for the three count. Nia wins the match.

Moving from Charlotte’s most spotlighted target of Bayley to her former target Sasha Banks, we see the former women’s champion continuing her rehabilitation backstage later in the episode. Charlotte appears before the longtime rival, reminding her of her previous position as her supposed equal just months ago as opposed to now, as she is instead seated in therapy while Charlotte’s dominance resumes. Charlotte believes the streak she has attained is eating Sasha alive, but at least she has her friend, in reference to Bayley of course. She wonders if Sasha feels terrible over how Nia floored Bayley in their match, but she hopes Sasha has a monitor next week to watch her destroy Bayley so that her best friend can end up next to her in the rehabilitation room.

And May Corey’s Heart try beat still like in the presence of Mandy Rose, as FINALLY Emmalina will make her long awaited debut next week, that being if Vince and co aren’t being utter trolls. The NXT Alumni returns to WWE TV next week in Las Vegas, appropriately on Valentines week, so one can wonder whether she has an eye on a particular superstar, or whether she may retain the antics of the Evil Emma which may create a whole new picture for the women’s title picture.

(Nia Jax vs Bayley feat Charlotte)

(Charlotte and Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Emmalina Premieres Next Week)

(Bayley on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Nia/Bayley: As much as their last match didn’t please me ending wise, there’s no doubt making Bayley an opposer for Nia brings the best out of Nia herself, and WWE seem to finally be booking Nia appropriately, picking up the momentum from the past loss and having the weight factor added to make her sound even more of a threat, billed in pounds. I Thought the finish was smart but Nia now holds a victory over next weeks contender, so shouldn’t roles be reversed or should something be done about Nia’s victory? Guess that wont be addressed until around Mania time? Or maybe before then? Either way Nia is a force, Sasha is having some eventual dark influence take ahold and Bayleys in Sasha’s former position, continually contending. There has to be some sort of unclean finish to Bayleys title match next week because its unsure whether people will tune in if a hot potato angle is duplicated.

Emmalina Next Week: Its weird how the subject of Emma/Emmalina is brought back up a week after her vignette didn’t even make an episode, and days after Dave Meltzer (argued at times to be an inaccurate source) claimed that Emma’s gimmick is a running joke with no plans even in place for the Aussie who was cleared months before the gimmick was introduced. I Truly hope WWE aren’t trolling considering shes one of the best athletes the RAW brand has, if her match with Asuka and as well with Paige says enough. While i expect the gimmick to be a ravenous supermodel who may catch the eye of a Cruiserweight (possibly an eventual heel TJ Perkins) i do hope the whole “Worth the Wait” thing means shes about to prove her gimmick is beyond looks, and that she will do something truly stunning, such as create a shift in the women’s title picture, though right now only one can dream. Could Emmalina and Dana reemerge as a unit to assist Charlotte? Will the Character of Emmalina mean erasing the history of Emma completely and in turn any reference to the alliance? Next week might paint a picture. MIGHT being that Dunn doesn’t flip the switch…

– Catherine


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