Former Knockouts Champion Turns Heel on IMPACT (February, 9th 2017)


Tonight on IMPACT saw the final ever (pre taped) showdown between former world champion Eddie Edwards and the recently crowned and now 4x IMPACT World Champion Bobby Lashley, with Lashleys Championship Gold on the line, and having a close view on the match in support of the Wolves Member was Eddie’s real life wife Alexxis (Alisha) Nevaeh and 6x Knockouts Champion Angelina Love, who had resigned with the company earlier this year alongside fellow veteran Brooke after her previous contract expired mid pregnancy mid last year.

Angelina’s Husband Davey would also show assumed to be in support of Eddie right about until the closing moments when he yanked the referee from the ring as his tag team partner came close to regaining the world title. While acting dumbfounded over the incident, it appeared to be an act from the spectating Angelina, who then went on to join Davey on the villainous side by attacking Alisha. The assault from the newly villainous and recently resigned Knockout was enough to distract Edwards and cost him the match, leading to Angelina and Davey executing a brutal display by choking out their respective enemies following the match to close IMPACT.

Stay Tuned to the site during the week for a full report on this weeks IMPACT Wrestling episode, and stay tuned for further developments in the newly developed rivalry between Angelina, Davey, Alisha and Eddie.

– Catherine

2 Responses to “Former Knockouts Champion Turns Heel on IMPACT (February, 9th 2017)”
  1. You know, I saw all of this coming, but even with that, I still couldn’t believe it! I became excited because I just knew that Davey turning would also involve the wives. Seeing that evil smile on Angelina, oh man! And that shot to Alisha was just devastating! I still remember Angelina telling me on Twitter that she loves being a heel, and I can see why. She has fun being a villainess, and it just suits her! Absolutely amazing!

    • Ive literally been waiting for this angle to start and im already so invested on Davey as a heel as ive wanted to see him as one since the Wolves came into the company. Plus this is the most badass we’ve seen Angelina as a heel. This is truly how you build a villainous couple w/out jokes and comedy and lack of importance, this could’ve been how Summer/Fandango and Emma/Santino could’ve gone if they stepped away from the whole comedy scenario.
      Only thing negative with this angle is how Lashley is holding the world title and not Eddie considering this could legit present a real fresh world title feud rather than the same people in it, but at the same time it truly adds to the animosity with Davey costing him the title he came so close to capturing, the title that meant so much to him. This feud is so good already, i just hope its closed in a proper way, not on a regular episode of IMPACT.

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