TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Amongst Complete Destruction, Welcome to the Richards Era (February, 9th 2017)




Its Safe to Say that this weeks episode of IMPACT Wrestling was a rollercoaster of emotions and for a fair few reasons. Brandi Rhodes summoned up the courage this week to call out her recent pursuer, the Knockouts Champion Rosemary, and the Wolves Nation was torn apart at the hands of one angrier than ever Knockout and her hubby. Enough Talk. Lets Get Right into it.

Beginning with the first Knockouts related angle. Cody Rhodes is still in the midst of his time off and his wife looking to develop her in ring abilities within the six sided ring, Brandi Rhodes, has become the recent target of the dominant Knockouts Champion, the Mistress of Decay Rosemary. In the Backstage Area, Brandi declares to the camera that her intentions of coming to the company were to become the best Knockout she could possibly be, and while admitting that shes still learning, shes also focusing on setting an example of what a Knockout should be, and furthermore she knows someone who should be taught a lesson, someone she labels as pure evil and someone she wishes to give a reality check, the Knockouts Champion Rosemary.

And Brandi does as said, heading to the six sided ring with the mic in hand to follow up on her pre appearance statement. But before she can get to it, she first gives the fans her love for welcoming her as the newest Knockout. Brandi tells the supportive fans that her journey is wild so far, about to get wilder too, but thats why she stands before them tonight, because shes the type of woman who goes straight to solving a problem. She speaks of this Knockout she has a problem with as pure evil, vile and disgusting so everyone can pretty much figure out who that is. Facing the Camera, she directly calls out Rosemary by name, asking her if she either wants to continue her ongoing mind games or throw hands. She pretty much suggests the two should fight, and thus down to the ring comes the Decay, along with Rosemary.

Crawling into the ring with her comrades trundling behind her, Rosemary tells Brandi face to face that they saw limitless potential in her that could only be nourished by the darkness of the Hive. She can only grin at the decision from Brandi to reject their offer to join their side, but she gets all serious when warning Brandi that Decay comes to everybody, whether by choice or force. Steve and Abyss begin to crawl into the ring to surround Brandi as Rosemary questions Brandi’s decision to fight her, while she cant deny the right to respect that choice. She lastly warns Brandi that its her funeral, before the presences of Abyss and Steve distract Brandi enough for Rosemary to deliver a kick right to Brandi, then setting her up in the guillotine choke until Moose charges into the ring to clear off the Decay. The Unit have cleared off, and moments after the issues between them conclude, Brandi and Moose stand by in the backstage area to challenge Decay and Rosemary next week.

Next we move to the ongoing developments in the Allie/Laurel/Braxton saga. A Surely still heartbroken Allie ends up encountering Braxton in the backstage area as they dilute one another and they only interact in a minor moment before Maria steps in and shoos off Allie. Once she sends off Allie, Maria reminds Braxton of his alignment with Laurel, with a new scheme in mind. Braxton instead seeks out the idea to call off the partnership with Laurel, but as he bends down to put things straight with her in a later segment, Laurel ends up jumping for joy over the belief that he was proposing, and poor Braxton doesn’t get to speak his actual mind.

Moving right to the main event, its Eddie Edwards getting one final fight against the man that defeated him to take his world championship, Lashley. The Title is up for grabs in Eddies one final shot and to support him are his wife Alisha (Alexxis Neveah) and his Tag Team Partner Davey Richards and his wife, Angelina Love. Davey eventually shows up at ringside during the heated title match assumed to support Eddie, while Angelina and Alisha cheer Eddie from the crowd. However just as Eddies counter looks to win him the world title, Davey, who has shown some inner rage as of late towards the success Eddie has obtained, yanks the referee from the ring, leaving Alisha stunned, and presumably Angelina. Eddie has also noticed this and brings the actions of an angered Davey into question. Davey ultimately reveals that its all about Eddie, accusing him of not believing in him, and tells him to believe whats next, pointing to Angelina behind the guardrail. Within a second, a twisted smile develops on the Knockouts Veterans face, and she turns and knocks Alisha right to the floor with a wicked forearm. Davey then pummels Eddie with the title and watches as Eddie takes the finishing spear off Lashley, allowing the Destroyer to walk away with the championship in hand. Davey hits the ring, as does Angelina, dragging the defenseless Alisha in by her hair, and Angelina hoists Alisha into position to watch in pure fright and terror as Davey chokes Eddie out. The Newly established couple then make out upon taking out their respective enemies to close the show.

(Brandi Rhodes, Rosemary, Abyss, Crazy Steve and Moose Segment)

(Allie, Braxton Sutter and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness Backstage Segment)

(Eddie Edwards vs Lashley; IMPACT World Championship Match feat Alisha Edwards, Davey Richards and Angelina Love; Davey Richards and Angelina Love Turn Heel)

Thoughts On:
Brandi/Rosemary/Moose: Will Admit that Brandi is getting stronger on the mic as a character, and i particularly liked her interaction with Rosemary and the Decay here, though no one can deny that Rosemary is the strongest mic worker of the two and there to be the veteran to help Brandi excel and get a good match with her possibly in the near future. However, i do know where this angle is going and it makes me question the companies belief in Brandi as a babyface and whether its working. Personally, i have a feeling she will flourish as a heel and i do expect it to eventually happen, as this feud is just a warm up for one of Moose’s biggest angles yet.

Angelina/Alisha/Davey/Eddie: Okay so certain matches and segments were taped out of order, so once Eddies rematch was announced, i knew i had to tune in just for the angle that i knew of alone, and of course in support of Eddie though i knew the ultimate outcome. The Heel turns of Davey and Angelina were perfectly executed, also serving as a perfect reason for Angelina’s comeback, and to think, imagine if they had pulled the trigger on Davey’s turn before Angelina gave birth, we wouldn’t have had an opportunity for Alisha (Alexxis) to be introduced in TNA. Davey is someone Ive wanted to see as a heel since he first came into the company, and im already sold on him and the potential of him and Angelina as a couple as they portray a violence and viciousness you rarely see from wrestling couples, going above and beyond to give the other half victory rather than the woman just doing something from ringside and being portrayed as afraid to actually mix things up for the sake of the opposite genders victory. My Only negative is that the world title remains elsewhere where it (in my opinion) shouldn’t be but i do understand and get the idea of Eddie not having the world title as Davey would cost him a title he loves and adores so much to back up his idea that titles mean more than his tag team partner who was out injured for a very long time. But With the heat and story behind this angle, its already too good to end on a regular episode of IMPACT, so please can the company end this on an actual PPV, whether that would be via a mixed tag, with a possible Alisha vs Angelina singles match on the same show or just with Eddie vs Davey with the two involved in some form. To Put this summary short, i see this as potentially one of IMPACTs biggest angles this year and truly hope they don’t screw this up.

– Catherine


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