WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Female Oneupmanship Before A Double Arizona Showdown (February, 7th 2017)




The Elimination Chamber returns with a reported new look this Sunday, and while we know now its certain no women’s matches will take place within the structure to up the anti, Elimination Chamber itself makes history this weekend with three women’s matches on a main PPV card. Prior to that history making, Smackdown claims its own this week with a double/dual contract signing, as Becky Lynch and Mickie James make their newly booked showdown official, as do the contender to the women’s title Naomi and the defending champion Alexa Bliss.

But of course, there’s first the last installment of development in the third women’s match for this Sunday, as Nikki and Natalya get to lay into each other prior to Sundays Match. Both are interviewed on the tron regarding their torn partnership, obviously in different parts of the arena to avoid them physically tearing up each other. Nikki immediately dismisses her past friendship with Nattie to open the interview, declaring that the Nattie she once knew is dead to her, but this doesn’t bother her fellow veteran, as she declares herself that she never liked Nikki. On top, Natalya delves into the belief that Nikki has no friends, but followers, and the Total Divas Crew work very hard to make her opponent look good (Summer Rae and Eva may agree in terms of their kayfabe burial on the show) and thus she furthermore believes she will make their work harder for them by beating Nikki on Sunday to the point where her make up cant cover what she deals to her. When Nikki calls all this lies, Nattie reverses it as the truth, calling her attacks on her cowardly, also bringing into play her own uncles praise for Nikki as a worker. Nikki isnt sure whats wrong with Nattie amongst the accusations, but she views her as insane, and to add, the “Crazy Cat Lady” was once respected, that being until she became thirsty for spotlight. Nattie fires back by announcing that she will beat Nikki on Sunday, leaving her moping with her pregnant sister while again on the shelf. Natalya cant close this statement without bringing up how Nikki is bitter due to knowing she wont have her own baby, and very expectedly offended, Nikki bites back by saying that the only thing Nattie is good at is Wrestling, asking Nattie what she will have once Nikki takes that away by beating her. Firing back against Nikki’s own personal remark, Nattie brings John into the matter, warning the former divas champion that now he holds the top title, there’s no time for her, as he wont be able to nurse her after her supposed defeat on Sunday. In Addition, while Nikki is also using that shelf time to care for Brie’s to be born child, Nattie suggests that John will move on with his life, to a better woman, going as far as to say that if she wasn’t married herself, she would take him, enough to make Nikki leave the set in absolute fury.

Moving from that one drama to the next, Renee hosts the WWEs first ever dual women’s contract signing. Entering first are Mickie James and Alexa Bliss then Becky Lynch and Naomi. Once each of these ladies are in the ring, Renee announces to them, and to the audience, that Sundays Pay Per View plays host to two women’s matches as presented in the ring, Alexa Bliss facing Naomi with her Smackdown Womens Title on the line and Mickie James vs Becky Lynch. While she tries to put each over as elite athletes, Mickie is quick to shut down the woman who had been involved in the Miz/Ambrose angle weeks back, declaring that the only elite athletes present in the squared circle are herself and Alexa Bliss. After putting over her accolade as a 6x Women’s Champion and how she holds more experience than each competitor in the ring, she dismisses Renee from the ring, then demanding Becky Lynch to look her in the face as she reminds all on how the women’s division was built on her obsession to be the absolute best. She accuses Becky of trying to erase her past history (though thats technically the WWE booking with how they put over Charlotte/Sasha/Bayley/Becky as the leaders of a revolution despite the efforts of Luna, Sable, Victoria, Jazz, Trish, Lita, Michelle McCool, Melina and Mickie herself back in the day). Mickie adds that for seven long years she has been holding in the rage for having her credit taken away from her, and shes come back to get the credit she deserves. Mickie finalizes this speech by stating that at Elimination Chamber she will prove that she created the Women’s Revolution, while becoming the one responsible for Becky’s Destruction.

Becky has her turn to speak now, correcting Mickie on the accusation that she has been behind the erasure of her accomplishments. She tells Mickie she played no part in trying to erase her and she respected her despite her beliefs, that being until she tagged herself up with Alexa. Becky adds that the reality for Mickie is that when things got tough for her in the WWE, she walked away and then she decides to come back with the belief and expectancy that everyone will make way for her. Becky says that is a difference between the two, because when things get tough, she walks through it, and thats why she will walk right through Mickie come Elimination Chamber. While Mickie may bring her many years of rage into the showdown, Becky promises to deliver a lifetimes worth of straight fire, enough to slap Mickie back into the past, and once shes concluded this angry statement, Becky signs the contract.

Alexa isn’t very pleased with Becky’s words towards Mickie, labeling the statement as low class while silencing the WWE Universe in the crowd who call her a Troll. Alexa turns the focus back to her past opposer in the ring, demanding Becky shows some respect towards the woman who had gone over Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22 to take her first WWE Women’s Championship. Alexa adds that Becky can make excuses as much as she wants, but she needs to face that while the title she cant take back is on her shoulders, its her division. She gets towards signing the contract before finally acknowledging the presence of Naomi, stating she nearly forgot Naomi was present in the ring. Alexa doesn’t have much else to say regarding the acknowledgement of Naomi’s presence, just that it doesn’t matter because she believes she will beat her on Sunday anyway, beckoning to sign the contract afterwards. Meanwhile Naomi has the mic in hand as Alexa takes up the task, seeing right through Alexa’s mockery knowing she really hadn’t forgotten about her, considering Naomi had her pinned in the ring twice. Naomi says Alexa can keep underestimating her, but she will also keep “snatching her bald”. Naomi has an even bigger declaration to make, because while Sunday is just days away, there’s only a short number of months until the 33rd WrestleMania, overlooking the sign appropriately. To Add WrestleMania comes from her hometown this year, and thus Naomi makes it clear that no one will step in the way of her making the accomplishment of being the Smackdown Women’s Champion at the event a reality. She warns Alexa to get ready right before signing the contract for her own title showdown, and once complete, she delivers a high kick to the champs head which leads to a heel v face brawl in the ring. Naomi and Becky take the momentum as Mickie and Alexa dart from the ring, leaving the rest of the physicality to Sunday.

While Carmella was only acknowledged in a Fallout segment not broadcasted on the show, something to really amp up the Nikki/Nattie feud also took part outside of the show, as Natalya attacked Nikki Bella and left one last statement on the Smackdown Post Show, Talking Smack.

(Natalya and Nikki Bella Segment)

(Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Becky Lynch and Mickie James Segment; Dual Contract Signing)

(Carmella and James Ellsworth on Smackdown Fallout)

(Natalya and Nikki Bella on Talking Smack)

Thoughts On:
Natalya/Nikki: While this wasn’t my favorite segment of the entire feud, considering the repetitive factors of the enemy laying into Nikki’s personal relationship every time (though i can understand its to amp animosity) the Talking Smack segment was the true way to deliver the final momentum in this feud. Natalya looked vicious and it additionally duplicated her viciousness from the brawls in the past few weeks. Does Natalya’s moment of momentum mean Nikki makes the underdog comeback or gets the win just because shes expected to, or will Natalya introduce another factor to truly overcome Nikki and declare herself as the New “The Best there was, the Best there is, and the Best There Ever Will Be”, whether that be through injuring Nikki in Kayfabe or maybe aligning with fellow generational competitor Tamina who is now rumored to be returning to the Smackdown Brand (there goes my hopeful Tamina/Nia Showdown *Sniffle). Either way this feud is too tense to begin with a lock up so lets hope they book this match right.

Contract Signing: Every Woman’s delivery on the mic was great in this segment, though i do view it as the only way to fit each competitor on the show to deliver the final moments of momentum before Sunday considering the short time span between then and the recently concluded Royal Rumble. Mickie literally sounded more evil and darker than ever, almost like she may resurrect the psychotic character that played into one of her most famous angles that is continuously referenced on Smackdown. But more importantly here was the potential foreshadowing of Naomi heading to WrestleMania. Are they really declaring that Naomi will finally obtain the championship at the biggest event of the year, or are WWE going to troll again and have her sit out of the title picture while giving it to an expected babyface? The Developments of Fast Lane and beyond will give an answer.

– Catherine


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