WWE NXT RESULTS: Jerseys Underdog is Livin’ for Victory (February, 8th 2017)




Welcome all to this weeks NXT Report, the first without NXTs beloved commentator Corey Graves who has surrendered the role to Nigel McGuinness to fulfill the main roster duties. But Tissues for Later. We have a women’s match this week on NXT, which serves as Liv Morgans chance to hit back at one of her two naysayers after missing out on the chance to compete for the NXT Women’s Championship, the chance they captured but also faltered. Liv Morgan takes on Billie Kay.

But first there’s own intentions from another NXT Women’s Superstar as Nikki Cross takes the time to call out the opponent she hadn’t even pinned at NXT Takeover, Asuka following her partners decimation of the Bollywood Boyz. While she hadn’t received any reaction from Asuka as the Champ no showed, she continued calling her name, signalling she wasn’t done with the reigning champion.

Moving to the women’s match later, its Liv Morgan taking on Billie Kay as pre mentioned. Liv, who is in need of momentum after losing to Ember Moon following her declaration to chase the NXT Women’s Championship, heads to the ring first, followed by the entrance of Billie, who non surprisingly has the sneaky numbers advantage with a confident Peyton at her side. Once the 2016 Breakout Star Award Winners complete their entrance its down to the two competitors and the bell is rung.

Liv kicks things off by tying up with Billie, leading to Billie taking over with her strength and backing her into a corner until the ref is forced to count. Billie attempts a forearm and misses as Liv moves to safety, wasting no time in going back to targeting Billie as she ropes her in a side headlock. Billie takes Liv to the ropes with her own reversal, pressing herself to the mat in an attempt to trip Liv to the mat herself, but Liv sees it coming, keeping herself upright against the ropes. Liv stands on the back of Billie and delivers a few stomps to the surprised foe, then going into her rolling pin combo, each scoring a one count up until the final gets her a near fall.

Liv is back up and charges towards Billie, who counters by elevating her into the ropes. Billie connects with the Eat Defeat (Shades of One Gail Kim) and goes for the hopeful pin of victory there but to her surprise, Liv is out at the count of one. This unleashes the more furious side of Billie, as she hammers at her back with forearms before kicking her viciously against a nearby corner. Before Billie can follow up with another move, Liv darts from the corner and rolls Billie into her countering pin attempt, getting a near fall. Billie matches up to that with a huge clothesline that gets her a near fall also. Billie rams her knee into the back and into the ribs of Liv, then suplexing her but again Liv escapes a pin attempt from the Aussie.

Billie applies a stretch hold, hitting an elbow as Liv tries to break free. Billie whips Liv into a corner, charging towards her to execute the follow up offense but Liv responds with a kick to Billie’s left knee. Billie is sent whirling courtesy of a top rope hurricanrana by Liv, then trying to seize her opponent to continue on with the match, though Billie desperately clings on the ropes, with some help from Peyton of course. Billie tries to roundhouse Liv once free, but Liv ducks it easily, then running Billie into Peyton and sending her to the floor before rolling up Billie and getting the three count. Liv wins the match.

This peculiar ending for the two evokes a reaction of course, as the duo storm into William Regals Office to demand another chance with Liv out of the belief Liv had won the match illegally. Regal, while suggesting giving into the heels would be a bad move, sees some sort of opportunity out of it, announcing Billie and Peyton will get Liv next week, but not just Liv to bolster their advantages, but a partner of Liv’s choosing.

(Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan; William Regal, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
The Booking choice was right here. While Liv needed momentum considering the loss to Ember Moon along with Liv’s possible need to prove herself again, it wouldn’t entirely be at Billie’s expense as Billie wasn’t pinned at Takeover. While Ive seen the spoilers, regarding Liv’s matches in the coming weeks, i do believe there is something in the works between her and Ember Moon, and maybe we’ll lay into that more next week.

– Catherine


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