WWE RAW RESULTS: 48 Hours of Championship Splendor (February, 13th 2017)




This weeks RAW would tend to be served as a pedestal for the women of the RAW brand hours after Smackdown looked triumphant with three women’s matches on their newest PPV with a surprise title win to add. Titles were on the line also on this weeks RAW, as we would find out the week before, as Charlotte would head to Vegas as a defending champion per Bayleys Royal Rumble Rematch Clause. On top of that, after 17 weeks of tiresome vignettes and constant questions, Emmalina would surface, but would more questions be dished out upon the NXT Alumni’s Appearance. Lets find out.

Emma steps out in the first women’s related appearance of the night for the first time on WWE TV since her feud with Becky Lynch was cut short due to injury. She supposedly has arrived as the New Emmalina that everyone expected, but with a tense look on her face, she simply states instead that now they will witness the makeover of Emmalina to Emma, strutting off the stage with the declaration complete. 70 weeks?

Also, Alicia Fox resumed her duties of managing her man Noam Dar, as he took on the current contender to the Cruiserweight Title, the Jolly Good Jack Gallagher. Of course its no shock Jack went over and ended up staring down the self proclaimed King of the Cruiserweights Neville upon obtaining victory.

Lana also acted out the same duties as the veteran Fox as she accompanied Rusev to take on Sami Zayn in a lengthy affair. Like Dar, Rusev also lost to Zayn, who has already strode into a new feud with Samoa Joe upon Chris Jericho being injured by his supposed best friend, Kevin Owens.

Moving forward and all the way to the main event now as the Women’s Title takes another main event slot for RAW like its a norm now. Bayley is out first as the challenger, followed by the Champion Charlotte, who is at her lonesome for the booked title defense. Once the Champion and Challenger intros have concluded, the Championship is raised and Bayleys fight to get her first main roster championship is officially underway.

An opening test of strength ensues, broken up at the ropes and once done, the two regroup and lock up again, this time with Charlotte seizing the momentum by capturing Bayley in a hammerlock. She manages to bring Bayley to the mat while applying still the pressure to Bayleys left arm and shoulder, though Bayley tries to muster the energy to fight back with some crowd backing, only to be swept to the mat by the champ. Charlotte taunts after throwing Bayley to the mat with such ease but it proves near costly as Bayley rolls her up, only managing to get a one count on this go. Bayley reverses the momentum as she arm drags Charlotte, now applying pressure to Charlotte’s left arm and shoulder. Charlotte eventually seeks solace in the ropes as she survives another pin attempt from Bayley. Charlotte and Bayley fight in the corner, leading to Bayley slapping Charlotte in the face, and Charlotte, stunned at the assault and sudden shift in momentum, rolls all the way to the outside for another regroup moment.

When we return, it appears Charlotte has shifted momentum, planting Bayley face first against the corner turnbuckle. She does so again in an opposite corner, though this riles up Bayley instead, and the contender snaps, seizing Charlotte and thrusting her head against the corner turnbuckles over and over. She does one more face-plant before leaping off the ropes to execute a crossbody, enough to get a near fall on Charlotte. Charlotte gets to her feet quickly and wraps Bayley in a waistlock that Bayley manages to reverse. A Counter from Charlotte sends the back of Bayleys neck into the nearby corners bottom turnbuckle. Charlotte tries to capitalize on the lethal maneuver with a pin attempt, though like Bayley earlier, this leads to a near fall. A Furious Charlotte executes elbows to Bayley as she grounds her against the mat, showboating temporarily after the assault before hanging up Bayley on the second rope, stretching her out and positioning her against the top rope and using her foot to choke her against it. After that, Charlotte boots Bayley, leading to Bayley stumbling into another corner, where she takes one of Charlottes chops before struggling back in the ring center courtesy of a stranglehold by Charlotte.

Bayley breaks off from Charlotte’s hold with a standing jawbreaker, elbowing her as she tries to regain composure, but Charlotte snaps back into action, ramming Bayleys back into her knee before connecting with a neckbreaker. Charlotte tries to capitalize again over the overall momentum, but its another near fall for Charlotte on the challenger. Charlotte connects with single knees then a chop as Bayley stumbles out of the corner, applying another hold that Bayley somersaults out of in a unique counter to overturn and capture Charlotte in the same hold, and mid hold, she hits Charlotte with knees before loosening herself from Charlotte completely, taking her to a corner. Both regroup and Bayley, having her whip reversed, hits a corner, but manages to dart out of it in time to avoid a corner onslaught from Charlotte. Bayley holds the second rope as she tries to regain composure to try and make it back in the ring, but is quickly booted off by Charlotte. Charlotte doesn’t even wait for Bayley to find her footing, heading outside and kicking her around. She taunts the Bayley supporters in the audience then moonsaults off the barricade onto Bayley. Charlotte rolls Bayley back in the ring for the next pin attempt, again getting a near fall. The disbelief sinks quickly in for Charlotte, who tries to pin Bayley seconds later for a second time, only to lead to a mirrored result. A Third only ends the same way for the furious RAW Women’s Champ.

Both get back on their feet and Charlotte is first to unleash, directing chops at Bayley before Bayley fires up and comes back with her own assault, ending when the two meet in the center with a double running crossbody. When Bayley is back up, her momentum from prior furthers as she delivers a number of axe handles to Charlotte, complete with a clothesline into a series of pounding fists. Bayley sandwiches Charlotte in the corner per a shoulder tackle before suplexing her out of it, but she isnt done there as Bayley ascends to the second turnbuckle and connects with her diving spinning elbow. Bayley attempts to pin Charlotte following the aerial assault, but its another near fall for Bayley on Charlotte, who continues to stay in the match. Charlotte heads to the apron to have another moment to regroup, but Bayley springs into action before she can do much, snapping her against the ring ropes. Charlotte returns to the ring, blocking a charging Bayley with a knee strike, missing a clothesline however as Bayley reverses into a side slam. Bayley is back to utilizing the turnbuckles after, positioning herself on the top one and connecting with a diving elbow drop, Shades of the Late Macho Man, but again Charlotte stays in the match as the following pin attempt ends at the two count.

Bayley tries to continue her momentum, whipping Charlotte into a corner though Charlotte floats out of it and to the outside apron. Charlotte boots Bayley above the second rope but rather than stride back in to make a pin, she uses the turnbuckles as Bayley had before, climbing up them before the opponent also leaps up to meet her up there. Bayley sends Charlotte all the way to the mat from the top turnbuckle with a hurricanrana, but even that isn’t enough, as Charlotte kicks out of Bayleys desperate pin attempt at two. Bayley readies her finishing move, however down to ringside comes Dana Brooke, who Bayley rids of easily with an elbow. Charlotte tries to take advantage of the proteges cunning assist as she tries rolling up Bayley, who escapes it on the instant, taking Charlotte to the mat and locking in a figure four. Dana pounces on Bayley to break it up, though this goes unnoticed by the referee. Charlotte captures Bayley in the figure eight next, as Dana looks on happily, but shes so focused on Charlotte’s moment of possible triumph that she doesn’t see Sasha coming, taking Dana to the floor with the crutches she used previously against Nia. She also smacks Charlotte with them to break her finishing submission, and Bayley takes advantage, hitting the finishing belly to belly suplex on the champ and pinning her. Bayley wins the match, becoming the new RAW Women’s Champion. An emotional Bayley celebrates with Sasha before taking her moment of victory into the crowd.

Outside of all that, we get a very surprising development, as a RAW Fallout Video shows former Divas Champion and WWE Alumni Kelly Kelly visiting the area, and usually visitors don’t participate in backstage interviews without reasoning. The Former title holder teases “one more run”.

(Emma Returns)

(Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox vs Jack Gallagher feat Neville)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Sami Zayn)

(Bayley vs Charlotte; RAW Women’s Championship Match feat Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks)

(Bayley on RAW Fallout)

(Kelly Kelly on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Emma Returns: This was one of the ultimate negatives female wise on Monday Night RAW. While we know Emma is a mega talented wrestler, if her matches with Paige and Asuka don’t hint enough, if WWE weren’t pleased at the rehearsal efforts like it is rumored, then why have Emma go out there and embarrass herself by having her nix her gimmick on air? Sure we now have to look forward to the return of the gimmick she never should have lost, but when will that be? If they want us to believe that the whole Timing is Everything statement is legit, then they need to bring back Emma as soon as possible, because if social media hints anything, the fans have become bored of Emma due to the vignettes and long so bad for the return of the Evil Emma that brought the attention and matches and spotlight she needed.

Women’s Title Match: The Positive here is how great the match was, truly deserving of its main event slot, though the ending, as much as it makes sense on the side of Sasha’s booking, didn’t make sense. Why was Dana Brooke out there when for weeks they have kept her off TV and kept quiet her affiliation to Charlotte that technically hasn’t been nixed? Id get if she was to look weak so the Evil Emma we all longed for at the end of the night would come out and show her how its done by attacking Bayley and establishing Bayleys next challenger, of possibly multiple, but it never came to be. Sure Sasha sneakily used the crutches to throw off both Brooke and Charlotte without Bayleys notice, and thats something sure to be questioned soon, but how can people tune into Fast Lane knowing whats going to happen and that this is Sasha/Charlotte 2.0 with the pass-the-parcel technique regarding the title? If Emma had come out or if they made Dana look effective enough, either could have helped Charlotte win and fuel Bayleys desire to get another rematch at Fast Lane, but instead Dana was made to look like a flunkie/weak protege, and Emma never arrived to help her former comrade. The RAW Writers may think the possible heel turn of Sasha Banks means tuning into Fast Lane is necessary but to excel Charlotte to the point where she becomes a 5x Champion? I Like Charlotte, but we cant have this all year. A Dream becoming a reality should be saved for a big stage, and for Bayley, that should have been WrestleMania.

– Catherine


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