WWE NXT RESULTS: Prepare for Trouble, and Make It Double! (February, 15th 2017)




Welcome All to the NXT Report, and as found out last week from NXTs General Manager, hopefully Hall of Fame Bound William Regal (how has this not happened yet?) following Liv Morgans unexpected win over Billie Kay, booked for the Proclaimed Femme Fatale and Partner In Crime Peyton Royce to get a piece of Liv Morgan on this weeks show, but not without backing the babyface obviously, allowing the Jersey native to pick her own partner for the tag team affair. So who exactly did Liv summon to aid her towards another possible W? Lets find out right now.

Entering first for the one women’s match of the night are the ravenous duo of Peyton and Billie, then Liv follows with her solo entrance. She stands by on the ramp, eyes locked on the longtime opposers before the introduction of her partner becomes apparent by the blackening of the arena and the fiery titantron that follows….its Ember Moon! In Fact, Ember embraces Liv before entering the ring despite beating her some weeks ago to prove her ascension in the WWE towards possible contention was furthering. Hmmm…

Of course with Embers presence, the game has dramatically changed, as has Billies facial reactions, having mocked Liv prior to the partner reveal. Shes none too impressed to be competing against Ember, but locks up with the Labelled “War Goddess” regardless, trying a quick take over with a side headlock applied. Ember pushes Billie to the ropes but the Aussie bounces back with a running shoulder block. A Series of reversals is completed when Ember takes Billie down with a headscissor, and Billie rolls just out of the center to which Ember takes advantage of with a pin attempt that the heel escapes. Billie tries to trip Ember to the corner after, but Ember uses her boot to prevent a fall, elbowing Billie in the face and trying to go to the second rope after, had it not been for Billies grip. Ember breaks off from Billie with a kick and tries to utilize the ropes again, only this time its Peyton with running interference, one Ember tries to prevent by knocking Peyton away, only temporarily as Peyton springs back into action, helping Billie take Ember off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Billie takes Ember away from the corner instantly for her own pin attempt, leading to a one count on the babyface competitor.

Peyton is tagged in, temporarily assisting in a double team with Billie before trying to capitalize on the short work with a pin attempt, leading to a near fall that frustrates Peyton quickly. Looking to work further on weakening Ember, she tags back in Billie, and the villainesses have Ember pressed up against the nearby corner, choking her out together. Billie drags Ember away from the corner, delivering some smack talk before any potential offense, though even that attempt doesn’t come to fruition as Ember suddenly fires forearms at the Femme Fatale. Ember blocks a boot and counters into a double chickenwing suplex, and following the move, both make their desperate pushes towards their tag team partners, Billie tagging Peyton and Ember tagging Liv.

Liv avoids a fiery onslaught from Peyton, firing clotheslines her way and leveling her with a dropkick. Liv isn’t done there, executing a running bulldog, followed with the running STO that gets her a near fall no thanks to the interference by Billie as she runs in on her pin attempt. Ember attempts to send Billie out, sent to the apron by Billie who then boots her before she can strike back. With Ember down, the Villains easily have Liv as their target, and a high knee from Peyton to the side of the head allows Billie the chance to capitalize. Billie goes on to pin Liv and Billie and Peyton win the match.

However, despite Billie’s pin of retribution, it appears Peyton is the overall impressive one as she gets a chance to compete at a future date for the NXT Women’s Championship, should she overcome Ember Moon or Liv Morgan next week in a Number One Contendership Match.

(Liv Morgan and Ember Moon vs Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall understandable booking. Ember has to be protected from pins as shes a clear slated opponent for Asuka in the future, yet to be determined when however, and Liv was the only babyface to take the clear fall here as the heels are the ones in need of racking up momentum considering the spoilers. Also, did the ref nearly get into an altercation with Liv near to the bulldog spot? Regardless, While im happy with the result of next weeks match, i do question Peyton’s overall position in the number one contendership match. Sure she more or less helped Billie win but Billie got the pin on Liv that she needed after the blunder of the previous week, and has the momentum over Peyton based on that alone, so shouldn’t she be in next weeks match? Overall i believe its due to who NXT are impressed by personally, with booking a factor as well of course, but there is that to think about as well as another question on the minds of some. Where is Daria? The Mean Girls had been a thorn in her side for a fairly short time and shes surely going to need payback on the two at some point? Shes not showing up in the future championship match, maybe even not when they are present at all, but if its to reintroduce her rare character in Ronda Rousey Fashion like some of us can hope, then i completely dig it.

– Catherine


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