WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Elimination Chamber Rehash and Fear Impending? (February, 14th 2017)




Welcome all to the Post Elimination Chamber Smackdown Report. Of course the blue brands newest showcase comes days clear of the PPV, and days clear of a Surprise title win for the hard working Naomi, so that is enough for loyal supporters to tune in. But there’s not only that to look forward to, but a huge announcement regarding Nikki Bella’s yet to close rivalry, and an Elimination Chamber rematch between Mickie James and Becky Lynch. Not in consecutive order of course, unlike now…

But before i can highlight any of these, the once rivalry between Dean Ambrose and James Ellsworth is lit again under our noses for one night as Ambrose bumps into Ellsworth and Carmella in the back while angrily searching for Baron Corbin who tore him apart in the Elimination Chamber main event. If Ellsworth couldn’t be anymore angrier at the presence of Ambrose and the fact hes gone and accused Carmella of using him, Daniel Bryan inserts himself into the fray to grant Ambrose his match with the very man who cost him at TLC. The Heel duo head to the ring for this said match, with Ellsworth executing a promo to hype his “boo” before being interrupted by the former SHIELD members entrance, or so thought as we instead see Baron Corbin lay waste to a potential match by attacking the Intercontinental Champion even before he can get to the ramp. The match, due to the brutal assault from Baron, is off.

Daniel finds himself getting in between another feud as well, overseeing the backstage brawl from Sunday highlighted on the offices screen with a frustrated Nikki. Bryan wants the vicious attacks on one another to end but Nikki doesn’t know what to do, considering shes attacked at every chance by the co worker. Bryan has an idea in mind, but before that can even be discussed, Natalya is back, not yet attacking Nikki though, but rather hearing out Daniels possible idea and accusing him of giving Nikki everything she wants because of her influences. The Two scrap following another argument, and Daniel comes in between the two, announcing these two ladies will compete next week in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

So from that major announcement to a present match on the episode, as Becky Lynch gets another chance to dethrone Mickie James in singles competition. Becky enters for the said match first, then Mickie, with the veterans entrance being accompanied by a highlight from the post EC Talking Smack episode, where Mickie gives Becky her credit as a competitor, but not without again declaring her own problems regarding her history of being a talented athlete being erased. Along with those furious words, comes the rage of Mickie James at losing this past Sunday, looking to make up for that one loss in this particular in ring clash.

Once the two lock up, Mickie tries to get the upper hand as she applies a hammerlock on Becky. Mickie, with Becky still in hand, rolls her onto the mat for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a one count to no surprise as its fairly early in the match. Mickie wraps Becky’s arm behind her back as the crowd appear divided between Mickie and Becky chants, and after Mickie forces her release, Becky regroups around the ring before engaging in combat again. Becky applies a waistlock, temporary of course as Becky soon sends Mickie to the mat. Becky nails another take-down after trying to keep Mickie down on the mat, targeting Mickie’s arm with her own hammerlock after, while bridging. Mickie breaks off from Becky with a forearm, but she has the follow up boot diverted as Becky takes her down again, bridging into another pin attempt and getting the first near fall on the former Divas Champion.

Becky tries to get in position for the Disarmer, but its not long before Mickie utilizes the ropes, forcing her to break. Mickie shoves angrily at Becky, while also using the referee as defense. Becky blocks another boot from Mickie, rolling the veteran up and getting a near fall again. After some forearms to the back of Mickie, Becky grapples into position for a possible suplex, instead backsliding Mickie to attempt to pin again, though Mickie slips free after a count of one. Becky fires up, shoving at a furious Mickie, who ends up attempting to calm herself and compose as she regroups at ringside. Mickie eventually returns to the ring, overturning momentum as she strikes Becky in the midsection with her knee. However Mickie’s momentum isn’t long lived, courtesy of the uppercut and arm drags from Becky, who switches to targeting Mickie’s left arm after the offense. Becky whips Mickie to a corner after applying much pressure to the arm but Mickie positions herself on the top rope, seizing Becky for a possible hurricanrana attempt but being sent to the apron instead, with a perfect landing. However Mickie gets no time to get in retaliation offense as shes kicked down to the floor by Becky. Becky doesn’t wait for Mickie to recompose, heading outside and meeting her adjacent to the commentary table, as both collide with a double clothesline.

When we return from a commercial break, Mickie has reversed momentum per avoiding a highlighted dropkick off the ropes from Becky during commercial. The Angry veteran works on the shoulder of Becky, also throwing off the attempt to regain momentum as she sweeps Becky to the mat by her hair. Mickie takes advantage of her new and ongoing momentum to try and pin Becky, getting a near fall. Mickie is straight on the attack after with knees to Becky while grounding her on the mat, though Becky returns to an upright position and fires back with fiery clotheslines and a leg lariat to try and overturn momentum. After a back kick, Becky connects with her exploder suplex, though the big move from Becky only gets her a near fall on Mickie, per Mickie raising her shoulder off the mat after the two count. Mickie then breaks off from a secondary exploder attempt from Becky by aiming elbows at her, trying to target Becky’s arm after but being rolled over instead, resulting in a near fall once more. Mickie kips up after dropping Becky courtesy of a Flapjack, then going to the top rope to execute the seated senton that Becky moves out of the way of. Becky hits a snap exploder from out of nowhere, but its not enough, as Mickie again kicks out of another pin attempt. Becky diverts Mickie’s attempt to comeback with a hurricanrana, sending her to the outside floor, still grappling with her despite a teased injury. Mickie continues to sell this once back inside the ring, however this appears to be a page out of Becky’s former bestie Charlotte’s book, feigning the injury as she sneaks a kick when the referee turns, taking Becky out and giving her the sneaky victory. Mickie wins the Rematch.

Moving from Mickie’s big win to her fallen comrade next. Alexa Bliss dropped the Smackdown Women’s Title this past Sunday at Elimination Chamber to Naomi, who is expected to celebrate this moment in the making later in the show as announced. Naomi doesn’t even get an aired entrance though, and its notable shes sporting a knee brace. Naomi confirms a previously unknown injury to Renee in the ring despite the congratulations received from the WWE Universe and Renee herself, but that injury wont put herself off from heading to Orlando as the Women’s Champion, especially since shes suffered injuries before and bounced back. Shes adamant that one way or another, that shes going to WrestleMania as Smackdowns Women’s Champion, but her declaration is quickly cut off by the former title holder, that being Alexa.

The Blissful One is quick to blame Luck on Naomi’s title win, and furthermore she states that Naomi realized the pressures of being the champion the next morning, with the belief that Naomi thought in turn that due to these pressures, she knew she “was no Alexa Bliss.” To Add, she accuses Naomi of faking an injury in order to avoid losing her title to her, and she wont be “feeling the glow” but feeling like someone who flopped. She already has a title in mind for Naomi’s possible career descension should she lose the championship. Regardless, she welcomes the idea of Naomi’s family witnessing her compete at WrestleMania, but only to watch the “Real” Champion, aimed at herself of course in true heel fashion. When Naomi tries to threaten the former title holder, she demands she calms down while revealing how generous shes being towards Naomi as to give her a week to heal up, but if she doesn’t defend her title by then, she will either have it surrendered or have herself beaten down courtesy of Bliss. Naomi remains mute on this matter, and we’ll see whether next week reinstates the era of Bliss.

(Carmella, James Ellsworth and Dean Ambrose Backstage Segment)

(Dean Ambrose vs James Ellsworth w/ Carmella feat Baron Corbin)

(Nikki Bella and Natalya Backstage Segment)

(Mickie James vs Becky Lynch)

(Alexa Bliss and Naomi Segment)

(Alexa Bliss on Talking Smack)

Thoughts On:
Mickie/Becky: A Technical affair with an inevitable ending that most post pay per view rematches provide, where the victor back then takes the fall most likely after. As long as Mickie’s wins aren’t overdone to reverse the definition of the New Era and the idea that Smackdown provides opportunities for the most unexpected, then Smackdown has its creative stability and focus in mind. Overall, like the altercation between Nikki and Nattie, this proved as another way to extend another women’s angle.

Alexa/Naomi Segment: I Have mixed feelings here. While both did well on the mic and did well in making their current story more intense and prolonged, next week could lead to a major divide and a load of criticism. But before i get to that, i cant help but mention how Naomi’s stare-downs are so unique, she looks so intimidating during the particular segment with Bliss despite being a babyface but its so good, almost reflecting the courageous babyface who rises above all that shes being portrayed to be. Anyway, to the lengthy part….Alexa is currently the full package on Smackdown as presented, with plenty years in her as one of WWEs leading women, but like Fox and Nattie, reigns are never guaranteed or given, though i can see Alexa getting the title back easily, just it shouldn’t happen yet. Naomi’s need to ascend for eight years and/or above is no kayfabe, but reality, and regardless of botches that continuously go noted, it doesn’t take away her athletic ability and ability to deliver like Bliss in the ring, and as one of those women who we thought would never get the title, this is the chance to go full throttle on Naomi as Champion, both with her character and with her merchandise. Naomi is one of those people where some feel she wont get another chance if she loses the title (that leads to victory anyway) and she more than definitely deserves to walk into the hometown as Champion so even if Bliss wins it back there, which i wouldn’t mind as i like both equally, the Smackdown Women not getting a chance to look good on the grandest stage by either sitting out or working a tag rather than a women’s title match does the title no favors in terms of extending legitimacy and relevancy, and it would be an unkind move towards Naomi, who has dreamed of working WrestleMania as Champion for years, an ascension some RAW women have gained within a year, that some on Smackdown could by next year, that Naomi is only just getting around to achieving. Regardless of what the creative team may feel towards duplicating booking by creating two women’s title defenses featuring multiple women on respective brands, it needs to be done, especially for the SD Women’s Titles sake.

– Catherine


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