TNA IMPACT RESULTS: All Rhodes Lead to Revenge (February, 16th 2017)




Welcome all to the IMPACT Wrestling report, and as found out last week future battles were to be presented. After the cunning plotting of the Decay lead to Brandi further becoming the villains single target, Moose threw himself into the mix as the equalizer and savior for the evolving Knockout, with the two courageously proposing a mixed tag for this weeks show against the Decay. That plus some major aftermath in the newly brewed rivalry between the Edwards and Richards family, and Brooke looks for revenge against Sienna. Oh and the hopes for Allie and Braxton to ruin Maria’s wedding planning…

Women’s wise, the first appearance for the Knockouts centers on Brandi Rhodes and Rosemary, entering the ring alongside their male companions for the booked mixed tag. Moose is assumed to have taken Brandi under his wing during Cody’s time out as hinted by Madison on commentary, and the Knockout keeps up her role as she views Rosemary and Brandi opening the mixed tag team match. However, Rosemary pulls a Charlotte by backing off from her enemy immediately to avoid an altercation, tagging in her cackling partner Steve, thus Moose steps in in the place of Brandi. Unfortunately for Moose, the presence of the intimidating Abyss at ringside does wonders for the heels, as he joins in on beating down Moose later on at ringside while Rosemary does her own job in taunting Brandi, who is unable to do anything. Rosemary throws herself into the fray later when Moose overturns momentum, climbing onto the athletes back for a possible sleeper hold, prompting for Brandi to charge in and send her to the mat off of Moose’s shoulders. Now officially involved in the match, Brandi fires chops at Rosemary, then executing a well done missile dropkick off the second turnbuckle to continue her found momentum. Steve comes back to the ring, but doesn’t even get to aid Rosemary, as they become targets of a series of fists from Moose and Brandi, before clotheslines in unison leave them distanced and unable to save each other. Moose pins Steve, leading to Himself and Brandi winning the match.

The Two companions celebrate their victory in the backstage area, and Brandi cant be thankful enough for his help. Moose is all fine with it, and states that she knows how to contact him if she needs his help. Brandi remains ecstatic over the victory, as well as remaining thankful for Moose aiding her to victory over their big opponents.

Jumping from one knockout related storyline to another, Eddie Edwards storms to the ring and for one reason, to beat down on Davey Richards after he and Angelina Love cost him his recent chance at the TNA World Title. Despite summoning down his former tag team partner, he gets Angelina Love instead, who insists that Eddie will get Davey when she sees fit. To Add, she reveals the motives of revenge being due to Eddie focusing on his title prospects during the time of Davey’s lengthy injury. After claiming Eddie put himself before the previously injured Davey, she brings out the newly turned heel former Wolves member, the newly dubbed “American Wolf” Davey Richards. Once arm in arm with the Hubby, she declares Davey has arrived, but Eddie has heard enough of Angelina, insulting Davey in the process, enough for Davey to snap and snatch the mic from his wife’s hand. A Furious Davey delves into their backstory, stating he came up with the idea behind their tag team, adding that he has the belief that Eddie is a nobody without him, a nobody until he took up the idea of their team. He further vents over the Wolves Nation and how he plans to destroy it as a punishment for Eddie turning his back on “His Brother”. Eddie questions Davey over his venting on whether thats his true feelings or just the representation of what his wife feels, so Davey sees fit to show how he feels, warding Eddie away if he wishes to avoid it. Eddie isn’t waiting for a fight however, and charges right at him. This leads to security coming between the two, and a rage filled Eddie demands a street fight between the two men as tonight’s main event.

To the next Knockouts related segment, its the first of the three piece Bacholerette segments. Allie has set up the backstage party area ready for Laurels celebrations, but neither have appreciation for it, Maria especially. She finds it highly disgusting, even despite Allie’s appreciation for cupcakes. She further throws it in her face that Laurel is marrying Braxton next week, not her.

We return for the second bacholerette segment later in the night following the announcement of Tyrus’s own hosted Fact of Life segment, and Laurel, Sienna and Maria are showing no love for the party decorations backstage. Allie tries to break the silence by suggesting an idea to Maria, in the form of a Pinata, but Maria’s face says it all, shes not amused nor happy at the idea. She has a fuzzy headband for Maria as a backup plan, though Maria’s face doesn’t change at that idea either, eventually snapping at Allie over her ideas and blowing the party horn in Poor Allie’s face. Poor Sienna just wants to down the champagne and forget the whole thing.

The Third segment later sees Sienna and Laurel indulging in their celebratory drinks. While Allie appears to have no gift for the soon to be wed, Maria does, in the form of Lingerie. She then demands Allie buys the wedding dresses for next week, and while Allie wishes to not envision herself as a bridesmaid for Laurel, thats not the plan Maria has for her, but to be something possibly much worse, the ringbearer for the official wedding. Maria, after verbally trashing the pink decor again and sticking part of Allie’s made cupcake in her face, leaves with her Lady Squad to find a better party venue for Laurel, leaving Allie sulking and miserable once again.

However, all that celebrating has cleared off into the night, and the present day sees Maria back in the impact zone with Sienna as the Enforcer for the Lady Squad gets a rematch with Brooke, who is not too happy over the BS ending from two weeks ago that came due to Maria’s actions on the outside. Furthermore, Brooke wants to remind Maria that she brought the oncoming loss on herself, and that shes sick of her power trips. With Brookes statement made verbally, its time for the physical one as the Impact Zone welcomes the entrances of Sienna and Brooke, of course with Maria accompanying her fellow villainess. Brooke would initially encounter Sienna in the ring first, but her main target is Maria, chasing her around the outside and once Sienna steps in between the two women, fists are thrown.

Following some elbows, Brooke sends Sienna face first into the apron, then attempting to take the action to the ring as she rolls Sienna into the ring, only to have her attempt to climb in diverted by an intervening Maria. Brooke kicks away Maria, but the short interference does its part in overturning momentum, as once Brooke is back in the ring, she takes a boot from Sienna. The Bell is now rung and Brookes Match with The Lady Squads Sienna is underway. She kicks Brooke against a corner before whipping her into an opposite one, though Brooke runs forward, dodging a swinging clothesline from Sienna and sending her down only temporarily with a dropkick. Brooke continues the new found momentum with a headscissor, though her chance to continue attacking while positioned on the ropes is thrown off when Sienna pushes her to the mat. Brooke tries for the second time, but Sienna moves her from the corner near to the center, taking her to the mat with a suplex counter. Sienna goes for the first pin attempt, getting a one count result on Brooke.

Brooke elbows at Sienna, additionally adding an STO to the onslaught, though the follow up move by Brooke is countered by Sienna into another suplex. Sienna applies a choke after Brooke fights out of her next pin attempt, but Brooke manages to break apart from Sienna as she aims some fists at the midsection of the tougher opponent. Sienna takes over with elbows to the back of Brooke’s neck, splashing her against the nearest corner, and while Sienna’s taunting has the refs attention, Maria messes about with Brooke by the apron. Maria then distracts the ref while Sienna chokes Brooke with her glove, hiding it from plain sight once the refs eyes are back on the match. Brooke tries to fight off Sienna with forearms but Sienna only responds with a bigger one, and as Brooke tries to fire back with elbows again, shes shoved to the mat by Sienna. Sienna connects with a running samoan drop, but spends too much time calling over to Maria, stating the move was done for her, that it takes time away from a potential cover. Sienna eventually does go to pin, but Brooke is on her way to recovery, kicking out at two.

Sienna goes for a corner splash to try continue her earlier momentum but Brooke moves and Sienna’s face meets the corner turnbuckle. Brooke hits a facebuster to Sienna off the ropes, leading to Maria bursting into panic mode as she heads over to the apron, shouting at Brooke. Sienna tries to strike Brooke from behind as this is going on, but Brooke ducks and Sienna very nearly hits Maria. Sienna turns away from Maria after elbowing Brooke, sending down Brooke with a Fallaway Slam, and she does this a second time as instructed by Maria. Maria commands for Sienna to finish Brooke, leading to Sienna setting up the AK47, but Brooke stumbles off her shoulders. Sienna loses her grasp on Brooke, and the fellow Knockout returns with a schoolgirl pin, surprising Sienna and Maria as she reaches a three count. Brooke wins the rematch.

And Now we progress to the main event street fight which has heaps of involvement from a certain 6x Knockouts Champion, that obviously being Angelina. After being warded off by Eddie at ringside, its clear nothing stops the drive for vengeance for Angelina, as she slips into the ring with a steel chair in hand for usage. However its a clear distraction from the Vixen of Violence, throwing her chair right at Eddie, which he catches, before turning and meeting a steel chair from Davey. While Eddie tries to regroup, Angelina passes a chair to Davey for further usage, even sneaking a little mushy moment in between. As Davey prepares to bash his former partner, down comes Alisha, leaping onto the back of Davey and trying to prevent him from attacking her husband. Angelina seizes Alisha off of her man but is met with forearms from the furious former friend, but Angelina deals with the threat effectively, in the form of a huge forearm and single handcuffs. She Cuffs Alisha to the ropes then indicates for Davey to pass her the steel chair to possibly use on Alisha, only Eddie covers his defenseless wife before such a cold hearted plot can be executed. However Davey’s plot of destroying his former comrade is far from through, as he takes the opportunity to bash Eddie with the chair while he is on top of his heartbroken wife. Alisha can only watch as Davey jabs Eddie continuously with his steel chair, even in the heart, before Angelina retrieves hers to place against Eddies head for Davey to bash. Angelina leaves Earl laying with a kick to the nuts to assure her own position in the match, counting Davey’s pin over the fallen former comrade and awarding him the victory. Davey wins the match and the two take mass pleasure in making out over Eddies battered body before leaving the scene.

(Brandi and Moose vs Rosemary and Crazy Steve w/ Abyss)

(Eddie Edwards, Angelina Love and Davey Richards Segment)

(Allie, Sienna, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Laurel Van Ness Segment #1)

(Allie, Sienna, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Laurel Van Ness Segment #2)

(Allie, Sienna, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Laurel Van Ness Segment #3)

(Brooke vs Sienna w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett)

(Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love; Street Fight feat Alisha)

Thoughts On:
Eddie/Davey/Angelina/Alisha: Another impactful week regarding the Wolves storyline and excellent work from the females also. The Badass, Vindictive Angelina we have right now definitely makes up for the badass babyface Angelina we thought we’d get in the last Beautiful People reunion, and she plays her role convincingly, though the heel experience of course comes out of the many heel roles shes had during her multiple runs in the company. Davey is doing an excellent job also, and the feud has also revealed a more angrier, courageous Eddie as many complained on how he was “a bland champion”. Its gutting to be fair as there’s plenty animosity and rage in this feud to make it easily for a championship, and the title could be a factor for Davey to “take everything” away from him, but the company insists on doing a money match that could be their answer to Goldberg/Lesnar in Barnett/Lashley. Outside of Lashley, this would have been the true challenge of Eddie’s title reign, trying to surpass a former friend in order to remain atop IMPACTs pinnacle for the Wolves Nation as hes never had a feud during his title run with someone hes been familiar with, especially with someone hes familiar with in terms of several year long chemistry like Davey. The Title is the one thing missing from this feud and with Lashley/Barnett inevitable (despite the fact there’s long tenured members of the roster who would have loved to win the title within weeks of signing) i don’t expect it to become a part of this feud at all. The Story and animosity is all there to create a mega title feud as well, and Eddie protecting his targeted and vulnerable wife was fantastically done, almost adding a setting of reality to it, because they all play the roles so well its almost giving a feeling of above kayfabe. I Cant wait to see where this feud goes, but it deserves a PPV Culmination for sure.

Mixed Tag: I Expected the match to primarily focus on the men considering the lack of experience Brandi has in ring wise compared to Rosemary. Regardless, it also focused on Brandi’s willingness to overcome her pursuer, and while Moose was the one to lay waste and get the ending pin for the babyfaces, the result was expected, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have gone another way. Personally i feel they may have rushed this feud between Brandi and Rosemary upon Cody’s arrival and maybe out of the feeling Brandi isn’t ready for the title picture (but then again neither was Maria) but maybe im wrong on that, but when Cody arrives back in the IMPACT Zone next week and the said latter happens, is Cody’s influence going to turn Brandi or the Influence Rosemary may have had on Brandi all along? Either way Brooke is surely destined to help Allie in the near future rather than Brandi with Cody’s return imminent, and because they surely wont part Brandi from Cody at all, though it is TNA and they’re already trying to define who Brandi is as a solo Knockout. Anythings possible.

Brooke/Sienna: I Personally preferred this match to their first and again expected Maria to be involved. It made sense for Brooke to win the rematch but the feud is far from over, and as stated in the last paragraph, Brooke is surely destined to help Allie in the near future, because if the wedding next week ends how it does, the Lady Squad will be out for revenge again, and Laurel is going to need the power of Sienna and the vindictiveness of Maria to pull it off. Cue Brooke and Allie to the rescue? Or Will Sienna leave the Lady Squad? Her Character is changing a little bit and personality is on show, so she could easily be a badass babyface, but if Allie and Brooke are feuding with Maria, can Sienna too? Lets see what the next few weeks and the March Tapings bring us, if Maria is a part of those tapings at all.

– Catherine


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