Royal Rumble Womens Rematch Set for WWE Fast Lane (February, 28th 2017)


As found out on last nights RAW, the rivalry between Sasha Banks and Nia Jax was reignited, as Stephanie McMahon approached Banks late in the show, just as Banks apologized for the finish of an earlier women’s tag. The Principal Owner of WWE would book Sasha to face the recently dominant Nia Jax in a rematch from this years Royal Rumble Kickoff Show in order to prevent shenanigans from the “Bo$$” in Bayleys soon to happen championship defense, all in reaction to Sasha helping Bayley win the RAW Women’s Championship from Charlotte Flair in Las Vegas.

Of Course the former NXT Women’s Champion has much to avenge, as not only has she had a ton of pinfall losses on PPV to her long tenured rival, the former RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, but she had lost to Nia in their first collision at the Rumble, and has yet to defeat her fellow NXT Alumni, who has crashed her way through various competitors with much strength, as Sasha had come to learn herself. Regardless, Nia looks to “walk over” the former champion as they meet in their rematch in Six Days at WWE Fast Lane. Can Sasha overcome the overwhelming, powerful force in order to ensure Bayley some form of Success as Friendly Accompaniment on Sunday? Or Will Nia’s strength unmatched with anyone on the roster wipe Banks out and render Bayley useless, proving Charlotte’s Claim that the soon to defend champion is a “Cheater?”. If Hell in a Cell proved anything, overwhelming spots and a tarnished body wont keep Sasha’s resilience down, but will that be enough to finally overcome her recent adversary in Wisconsin?

Tune into WWE Fast Lane, the last main roster Pay Per View before WrestleMania 33, Live on the WWE Network this Sunday, March 5th/Mon 6th at 1am UK Time, featuring the second installment of the Sasha Banks/Nia Jax rivalry, plus Bayley defending the RAW Women’s Championship for the first time against the former champion and “Queen of PPV” Charlotte and much more.

– Catherine


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