TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Red vs Blue: The Final Stand (March, 2nd 2017)




This Weeks IMPACT was an emotional rollercoaster for the fans for sure, as this week served as the final appearances of The Hardy Brothers and Drew Galloway as Contracted Talent, while the couple of Maria and Mike Bennett were nowhere to be seen following the shambolic ending of their planned wedding for Laurel Van Ness last week, meaning their final appearance is done and done. Speaking of others the company have lost, its the final bow of one of their top Knockouts too, and this match would serve as the fans final chance to see a certain someone on IMPACT….Get the Tissues ready.

Opening IMPACT this week is the final showdown between the reigning Knockouts Champion Rosemary and her continual challenger, former Knockouts Champion Jade. The Two will battle in a match made famous by the likes of Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, Madison Rayne and Mickie James, in a Last Knockout Standing Match. Per the tradition of a championship match, the contender enters first, Jade, then the champion, Rosemary. The Intensity and urge to win is already there as Jade grapples with Rosemary moments into her entrance, with the two fighting off each other with forearms on the ramp. Rosemary proves overwhelming as her forearms are hard enough to knock Jade onto her knees, onto the ramp, and kicks follow from the defending champion. Rosemary tries to dish out more pain, leading Jade towards the apron, though Jade blocks the oncoming attack which sees Rosemary trying to bash her face against the apron, doing the very same to the champ instead. Jade climbs back to the ring, only to swoop out courtesy of a suicide dive onto Rosemary onto the floor. Back to the ring goes Jade, with Rosemary, and the former champ looks for the possible early ending, possibly setting up her package piledriver that Rosemary counters. Rosemary then hoists Jade onto her shoulders, trying to end early also with her finisher set up, but Jade slips free. Jade German Suplexes Rosemary on two occasions, then dropkicking her out of the ring.

Like earlier, Jade is poised to keep the action fast, attempting to leave the ring as she speeds ahead in a set up for a Suicide Dive, only to be blocked by a leaping forearm from Rosemary. Knocking away Jade temporarily, Rosemary’s focus is now on any dangerous weapon possibly usable under the ring, legal for this type of match. Removed from under the ring first is a trashcan, then a kendo stick. She chucks both these weapons into the ring for usage, but as the champion climbs back in the ring, Jade has already seized control of the kendo stick, ready to swing at Rosemary though the champ is quick to block off her attack by striking with a kick. After forearms to the back, Rosemary rolls over Jade, aiming forearms to the front of the contender, then flattening Jade with a running clothesline into the corner. Rosemary hooks Jade in her dangling stretch hold on the ropes, and once she has her released she returns to the ring, chucking the trashcan at her. Rosemary sets up the same trashcan between the legs of Jade, then nailing her dropkick off the turnbuckle into the can, and into Jade. Rosemary looks to use it a 3rd time, but Jade blocks this attempt, beginning her comeback with offense, including a high knee to the head. Jade utilizes the kendo stick, smacking the back of Rosemary with it before hitting a high knee to the side of the champs head. Jade waits for Rosemary to get back on her feet before delivering more forearms, followed up with a huge powerbomb into the awaiting trashcan, massively denting it.

Following up from this, Jade takes herself to the top turnbuckle, but her aerial maneuver is derailed half way as Rosemary spits the dangerous mist in her face. Rosemary takes advantage of the sure reverse in momentum to connect with the Red Wedding (F5) finisher, but she doesn’t get to pin, rather forearming Jade out of the ring. All this because of ill intentions of course, because once Rosemary is out of the ring with her contender, she connects again with Red Wedding onto the floor. Rosemary waits for Jade to get onto her feet and charges towards her, though Jade escapes the oncoming assault in time, leading to Rosemary meeting the ring post head first. Jade hydrates herself with a bottle of water left by the apron, and puts it to good use, spitting that in Rosemary’s face. As Rosemary struggles, Jade hauls her into her arms and powerbombs her onto the steel steps. The count begins on the floor for a fallen Rosemary, though she gets up before a potential count out, only to be caught in the arms of Jade, who starts leading her up the ramp. Jade delivers knees high up on the ramp to Rosemary, going for a powerbomb after though Rosemary utilizes her mist again, blowing it in the face of Jade who loosens and releases Rosemary. Rosemary takes advantage of Jade struggling to find her way around at the top of the ramp per the Mist to the eyes to execute the Red Wedding one more time onto the hard ground. Jade doesn’t manage to get up and is counted out, thus Rosemary wins, retaining her Knockouts title in their final ever showdown.

In other Knockouts Developments, McKenzie Mitchell is around the backstage area when she ends up finding a still broken hearted and messed up Laurel Van Ness. Still downing champagne and in her wedding dress, Laurel is in tears and cant get over the actions of Braxton and Allie as to ruin her wedding, and if her actions couldn’t hint enough, she hates Braxton and Allie.

(Jade vs Rosemary; Last Knockout Standing Match for the Knockouts Championship)

(Laurel Van Ness Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
The Stipulation of Last Knockout Standing has always worked wonders for Last Knockout Standing Matches, capitalizing on heat and intensity produced in the particular women’s angles. Every Last Knockout Standing Match has been good, capitalizing on that very element and Rosemary and Jade not only took it to the limit, but have proved that they are capable of carrying a division with their veteran expertise. But now this is where the bad news comes in, because one of those able to help take the division to the next level in its rebuild, Jade, is gone from the company as of this week, leaving holes in a list of babyfaces able enough to challenge for the championship outside of Allie and Gail Kim. Having known of Jade before she came into the company, her vs Gail Kim was a match id been wanting to see for years that the company allowed to happen, and its sad that the Knockouts title reign that she had is the only one to remember, the one that was underwhelming due to being a filler for the Gail/Maria feud, with Jade unable to get back the title since Slammiversary. While its appropriate timing that Jade was written off through one last spectacle with Rosemary instead of being off TV for weeks or months then disappearing, meaning she got her one final bow, Jade vs Heel Gail would have been a feud i would have loved to see before she departed. Its an incredible shame considering she appeared to be the next top star in the Knockouts Division, Gail’s upcoming equal and i will truly miss seeing her on TV. I’m not sure what lead to Jade not renewing her contract but i wonder what Gail thinks of the departure, considering the amount of respect the two shared on and off of Television. Thank You Jade/Mia/Stephanie for everything.

– Catherine


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